Why most marriages don’t last forever?


Marriage is an eternal bond that is tied for an eternal time period. But unfortunately, most marriages do not last forever these days. Some say that my wife yells at me behind the reason for separation and others have various reasons. Here we will try to analyze the cause behind the poor life of marriage these days. Why do couples part too soon after they tie the holy nuptial of marriage?

Is this true that the majority of marriages don’t last forever?

This is a very common fact to believe that the marriage system is not getting successful these days. The divorce rate is increasing day by day and people are not having trust the institution of marriage owing to this. Young couples are taking divorced within a few months of their marriage. So we can admit to the truth that marriages are really facing a tough time in society. There is something very wrong with this institution. That is why people are separating by showing distrust in such important relationships.

What things put a marriage to an end?

Marriage is an eternal bond that should last forever but it is very rare to see these days. There are several reasons which are causing the separation of couples too early. For example, there is a lack of mutual understanding between married people. Lack of trust, betrayal, and not taking responsibility for marriage are a few common reasons for the failure of marriages. It is very important for married life to have these things in a balanced form to run it smoothly. The lack of any of them can bring divorce-like situations.

Significance of self-respect in making a marriage successful

Self-respect and giving importance to each other’s self-respect both are very important when you are in a marriage bond. Yelling at each other, talking ill, and making your partner feel low esteem are very dangerous for a marriage. You will only have problems in your married life by doing so. Such relations do not last forever happily. So make sure that your marriage does not lack these important things if you want to make it eternal.

Should you accept disrespect to continue a marriage forever?

There are elders who push us into a quagmire to wear with disrespect to save a marriage. It is totally wrong to cherish such things which are anti to your self-respect. You must not sacrifice your self-respect just to save your marriage. There is no means to stay together if you are not happy to have that life. The entire purpose of being married is to stay happy and if you are not happy in marriage it is already a failure. Pushing your relationship to such chaos where you are constantly struggling to find your self-esteem is not worth it.

How to protect your dying marriage relationship?

If you are having big problems in your marriage just try to have some space from each other. The distance can help you to ponder on your mistakes. You can realize your faults and can work on them to reunite again. More try to save self-respect of each other in a relationship to make it successful forever and eternal. There are people who do not care about their marriage and continue to betray their life partner. Such people have to realize the truth behind marriage. They will get nothing in their life if their marriage ends. Taking responsibility for marriage equality is also important in a relationship. So this is how by taking care of all things listed above you can save your marriage from failure.


So these are the major reasons why most marriages do not last forever. People even after trying their best cannot make it possible to stretch their marital status forever. Marriage is a very important institution and one have to be very understanding to run such relationships. If any of the two partners fails to pull the vehicle of marriage it automatically gets away from its track. So make sure that you are showing equality in marriage to bring happiness and eternity to it. It is a good thing to live a life with your partner who is happy and has a healthy life.

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