Why Pre-Planned Funeral Services Are Worth Considering

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Pre-planned Funeral Services can be a great way for individuals to ensure that their end-of-life wishes are respected. This type of service allows individuals to make decisions about their funeral arrangements in advance including selecting the type of service, selecting a cemetery or crematorium and making arrangements for the payment of funeral expenses.

Pre-planned funerals also provide families with peace of mind knowing that their loved one’s wishes will be honored. Not only does this give families the opportunity to grieve without worrying about making last-minute decisions but it also helps them save money by allowing them to plan ahead and make informed decisions about funeral costs.

Here are some detailed reasons why you should consider establishing a pre-planned funeral and cremation service in Rapid City, SD.

1) Relieve a major burden on your family

When someone dies, there certainly is incredible emotional stress on a family. However, on top of the anxiety and grief, the survivors are yanked out of their daily routines and forced to make a multitude of decisions. They must also make choices on burial or cremation, caskets, urns, flowers, music, etc. Other items to consider are what to include in the obituary? Who will be the pallbearers? Will there be a family gathering afterward?

By pre-planning a funeral, a person can sit down with a professional and make many of these decisions in advance. This way the family can grieve and concentrate on helping each other through the mourning process.

Pre-planning a funeral does take some time and effort. A licensed funeral director can easily walk you through the procedure. But that time and effort will be offset tremendously by the peace of mind one will experience knowing that in the future, their family will be relieved of this emotional and financial responsibility.

2) Arrange a funeral to your personal preferences

More and more people now want to arrange their funeral the way they want it arranged. They are taking control on how they want to be remembered. Today there are more choices than ever for consumers. A funeral director can present all the options available to you.

However, it is important to note that you want to be careful not to be too specific or extreme in your requests, because your family may not be able to fulfill your wishes. But if you make reasonable arrangements in advance with your funeral director, you will have the satisfaction of making those decisions yourself.

3) Save money by pre-paying for funeral services

There are many financial strategies available for you to pre-pay for funeral expenses. These options have two major benefits. First, you can lock-in the cost of most funeral services at today’s prices. This will cover inflation and the increased costs of a funeral service that will be held in the future. Check with your funeral director to determine which prices are guaranteed and which are not.

Secondly, if you pre-pay for a funeral, your family will be relieved of the burden of having to come up with the funds on short notice. With many life insurance policies, especially large ones, it may take weeks for the claim to be processed and the money sent to survivors.


Now you can see why there is this trend where consumers are choosing to sit down with a funeral director or pre-arrangement counsellor to pre-plan and pre-pay for funeral services.

Planning for your funeral can be an emotionally difficult yet important task for you and your family. By pre-planning and pre-paying for a funeral with best funeral home in Rapid city SD you can ensure that your wishes will be followed. And that your family won’t need to worry about the financial burden of the arrangements. To make it easier on them be sure to let them know all of the details including, which funeral home or financial institution handled the arrangements.

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