Why should you install an EV charging station at your home?

EV charging station at your home

Technology has stunned the world again with its new face – electric vehicles – and many still can’t believe it. However, the world is enjoying a fuel-less ride with these technological products, and you should also taste it. An electric car can have multiple perks, but what about the charging system? Do you have a dedicated charging station at home, or is it the case of driving to a station? The former case would be more feasible, and this post will explain why you should install an EV charging station at your home. Keep walking with us to learn more!

EV charging stations at home:

You never want to wait in a long queue at public charging stations to charge your electric vehicle. The frustrating thing has probably forced you to switch to electric cars, but what if you do the same as you did in filling stations? The best way to avoid it is to opt for an EV charging station at home, and we have compiled a few reasons for this. Let us dive deep into the list!

1. Convenience is the primary thing:

Charging an electric car at home is similar to charging your cell phone. You don’t need to wait for a long line to end as you can plug it in to charge as soon as you enter your house. The best time to charge it is at night when you don’t have to unplug the car back to go out. Isn’t it more convenient than charging your car at a public station?

Installing an EV charging station at home saves you time and energy. You don’t need to travel to a far charging station and get back home with some charged used again. Why not opt for at-home services?

2. Cost-effective option:

Electricity charges are different during the day than at night, and you can save money on charging your car. How? Installing an EV charging station at your house will allow you to charge your car at night. Since electricity costs are lower at night, you can save an extra penny. Moreover, it would be a one-time investment, and your electric car will find a recharger for a lifetime.

Public charging stations include their building rent and other expenses in the overall bill. It will make the charging cost higher than an at-house station. Do you want to install an EV charging station at your house? Consider contacting EV chargers Dubai companies and let them help you!

3. Predictable range:

You are always curious about determining the miles per hour in your electric car, especially after refilling the batteries. Recharging your car at a public station will never give you a vivid range picture. However, charging at home allows you to predict the miles per hour and range in the morning. It helps you avoid traveling long distances if you are low on charge.

An EV charging station at home will give you a better idea of mileage and range. Using a level 1 charger can give you about 5 miles per hour, which is adequate for your daily commute. Opting for a level 2 charger will give you even more mileage!

4. Enhances battery life:

Overcharging or fast charging your car too often will degrade the battery performance, and you must be mindful of it. Charging at a public station can expose you to these risks as they often use a level 3 charger which supercharges the cars. It does not mean you should avoid fast charging, but only go for it when necessary.

On the other hand, using an at-house charging station means adjusting the charging levels to optimize the battery performance. Knowing your battery type, you can use an efficient charger to keep your batteries in good shape.

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5. Increase property value:

How about new tenants knowing that your property has an EV charger installed? They will never refuse your offer if they have an electric car. You can attract new tenants to your rental property or enjoy high prices if you want to sell it. Do you want to differentiate your property? Consider contacting EV chargers Dubai companies and increase your property value!

The trend is coming fast to society, and tenants will demand an in-house EV charging station soon. Why not capitalize on the opportunity and go for the investment while others are still thinking about it? Since the demand for electric cars will escalate in the coming years, you can install chargers at your house now.

Equip your property with EV charging stations today!

Electric cars are fast penetrating the industry, overtaking the fuel-based classic cars. Riders are more inclined towards the new trend, and you must be mindful of it. Since these cars are nothing without EV chargers, you must install them at your house. Consider contacting Integrated Solutions for EV chargers companies and installing them at your building!

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