Why should you upgrade to Logitech mouse g502?

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The responsiveness and precision of Logitech’s G502 X mouse have been improved thanks to a recent software update. Logitech has released a new firmware update for their phenomenal G502 gaming mouse, which adds a third layer to the design. Logitech began selling a new G502 X gaming mouse line on the 30th of August. This range will comprise three different models, one of which is wired, one of which is wireless, and a premium wireless version with RGB illumination.

Reasons to buy Logitech mouse g502

The appearance of the first generation G502 mouse has been replicated in each of the three mice that are included in the G502 X series. This features the programmable DPI shift key, which enables on-the-fly increases in pointer speed and may be customised to your preferences.

Better sensor

A Hero 25K game sensor and an improved version of Logitech’s Lightforce electro-optic switch technology provide these mice a reaction rate that is 68% faster than that of other mice. This is down to the fact that they were designed by Logitech (in a nutshell, these switches are optical but they have the feel of mechanical switches).

Light weight

The G502 type mice that were initially accessible weigh substantially more than the improved mice that range anywhere from 89 to 110 grammes, which is a significant reduction. In comparison, the weight of the first-generation Logitech G502 was 114 grammes. This new model is far lighter.

The G502 X Plus is the costliest model in the G502 X family of mice, and it can be purchased for a price of $160. It comes with customizable 8-LED lights that can be controlled using the software that Logitech supplies called G Suite. This software is included in the package.

The best value for price

The Logitech G502 X Lightspeed, which can be purchased for $140, is functionally identical to the more costly Plus variant, with the difference that it does not feature RGB lighting. (Because the Lightspeed model does not employ RGB, it is reasonable to presume that its battery life is significantly longer than that of the other models.)

A further possibility is the wired G502 X, which can be obtained for the price of $80. It offers a compelling value proposition, which is really intriguing. It is priced at one-half of that of the G502 Plus, however it delivers the same capabilities; the only differences are that it does not support RGB or wireless networking. To me, that sounds like an offer that can’t be beat at all!


You have the option to buy Logitech mouse g502 from the official Logitech website. They are also promoted on Amazon, although at the time this article was published, the online store did not have any G502 X mice in stock. However, you may find them on Amazon.

It is essential to take note that the bluetooth G502 X mouse is compatible with the wireless charging mousepad offered by Logitech. This may help address some of your questions about the battery life of the RGB model, so keep it in mind if you have any concerns about that.

Ali Hyder

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