Why Sleep On Fibreglass Free Mattress?

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Do you know mattresses do have fiberglass inside? Yeah! That’s true, but not all mattresses have it. Is that toxic or risk-free. Using fiberglass is not like mattress manufacturers using pure glass in mattress layers. However, it is somewhat synthetic chemicals, typically partly plastics and, yes, in a small amount.

Why Does Mattress Have Fibreglass?

Mattresses with fiberglass are worth useful as they are inflammable. When accidentally homes/hotels catch fire, fiberglass in the mattress melts and coats the mattress, preventing the spreading of flame. It is good to make a mattress with the replacement of chemicals.

The chemical retardants in the mattress are harmful and toxic. There are as follows;

  • Boric Acid.
  • Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs).
  • Antimony Trioxide.
  • Decabromodiohenyl Oxide.
  • Vinylidene Chloride.
  • Organohalogen Flame Retardants (OFRs).

Other materials that are worthy alternatives to fiberglass are wool, plant fibers, and silica. These are healthy and safer fire retardant substances that prevent the mattress from spreading fire and escaping.

Is Mattress With Fiberglass Safe?

When it’s about fire safety at home, especially at night, fiberglass mattresses are an actual invention. It reduced the spreading of flame so that it could be safe enough. However, other issues can be common with long-term exposure to it, like coughing, sore throat, red eyes, skin allergies, itching, stomach pain, etc. So be careful with fiberglass mattresses when they are old and damaged.


Where Is Fiberglass Placed?

Mattresses are designed with fiberglass underneath the cover fabric. It is wrapped as an inner cover that helps in preventing the mattress from catching fire. It works as a barrier against spreading the flame and gives sleepers enough time to move away when the home catches fire. Cheaply made fiberglass mattresses often leak through the cover layer; this can be toxic. Therefore buy high-quality and branded fiberglass mattresses.


What To Do If Mattress Has Fiberglass?

Typically fiberglass in mattresses is non-toxic and keeps you safe. However, spreading can be toxic and dangerous if a leak is exposed. If you think your mattress with fiberglass is old, then, of course, the donation would be significant. It is good not to remove the mattress cover.


The Best Alternatives To Fiberglass Mattress:

Fiberglass is not always a fiberglass mattress, so brands do use other materials like;

  • Glass wool.
  • Glass fiber.
  • GRP; Glass-reinforce plastic.
  • GFRP; Glass-fiber reinforced plastic.
  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

The Types Of Mattress Have Fibreglass:

Memory foam and polyfoam mattresses have fiberglass, but not always; it depends on brand-to-brand. However, a natural latex mattress has an inner wool layer that resists the flaming of the mattress. Airbeds or waterbeds do not often have fiberglass, depending on the mattress brand.

The Bottom Line:

What is your choice, a healthy sleep or a toxic mattress? Of course, you want a chemical-free and risk-free mattress for your family. Taking your mattress buying a serious decision is important. Visit the authorized store for Sleepwell Mattress in Gurgaon and plan healthy sleep sooner. Hey! Don’t miss to check on Nexa Mattress Price. Explore for trustable and branded Mattress In Gurgaon and nearby NCR to make your sleep sound and risk-free.

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