Why Use a Professional Cleaning Company?

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Well-being at work notably involves cleaning offices, as we have seen (cf. the article entitled ‘When a clean environment rhymes with well-being at work’). It is therefore a necessity to take into account. But then, should one or more employees be seconded to maintenance or go through an external cleaning company? We will explain why the second solution is the most optimal.

Cleaning is a profession

First reason to outsource the maintenance of your premises: it is a profession in its own right. And if you’re reading this article, it’s because it’s not yours! Indeed, each branch has its own area of ​​expertise. You don’t improvise as an accountant or bodybuilder, any more than you become a cleaning professional in the blink of an eye.

A window cleaning company will therefore first bring you its expertise. She will help you assess your needs and the appropriate services, such as, for example, additional containers for waste, high-pressure cleaning of the floor, periodic or exceptional washing of the windows, etc. She is able to explain to you why she recommends such or such hygienic consumable product, such or such sweeping machine.

The maintenance company offers you a tailor-made solution with specific monitoring. It manages the recruitment and training of personnel, the choice of equipment and products, the supervision of construction sites, etc.

You don’t have to administer all these aspects, just enjoy the result!


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Outsourcing a service, whether cleaning or otherwise, allows for great flexibility. This flexibility has many advantages. They differ a little depending on the type of company:

  • For a VSE or SME: you assess with the cleaning service provider what your recurring and occasional needs are. You define the best time for this service. You do not have to bear the cost of a permanent employee.
  • For a service company: you use an office cleaning company for a few hours a week on your premises. You do not have to hire an employee for this mission, which would weigh too much on your financial balance sheet.
  • For a large structure: you can modulate the services according to your constraints. If you are organizing an important event and need a “boost” in a specific area, it is possible very simply. For example, end-of-construction cleaning, storage or another kind of industrial cleaning. If, on the contrary, your company experiences a seasonal closing period, the cleaning services are suspended at that time, with ease.

Even if you are a private individual, you can hire a cleaning company to relieve you of certain tasks. For example window cleaning, or the refurbishment of an apartment or a house.

The cost

Finally, the last significant aspect of this system is the overall cost of the operation. Certainly, the hourly rate may seem a little higher than that of an employee. But, in reality, it is not.

Indeed, everything is included in the price charged by the cleaning company: the salary of the maintenance staff, their training, products, equipment, monitoring and managerial costs. If you had to bear all these aspects internally, the real cost would be much higher for your company.

Thus, using the services of a professional cleaning company allows you to refocus on your core business, while benefiting from a pleasant working environment. The company you use takes care of everything.

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