Why You Need AC Duct Cleaning

You may not need ac duct cleaning until you've had a major construction or remodeling project.

ac duct cleaning

You may not need ac duct cleaning until you’ve had a major construction or remodeling project. This is because a major renovation or construction project will leave a lot of dust and dirt in the ducts. This is the perfect time to get a professional service to clean them.

Identifying if duct cleaning is necessary

Regularly cleaning your air ducts is important for the efficiency of your HVAC system, just as you should get an oil change for your car. Dirty air ducts reduce the efficiency of your system and can result in expensive repairs. Cleaning them regularly can protect your system and your health.

There are a variety of methods to clean HVAC ducts. The process used depends on the type of duct and its contents. If there are a high amount of mold, biocides can be used. You should always be sure to keep pets out of the area while biocides are applied. Sealants should be applied only when mold growth is a significant issue.

Dirty air ducts make your air conditioner and heater work harder, which means higher energy bills. Even if your utility companies haven’t changed their rates, you can check your air ducts to see if there’s any dirt or dust trapped inside.

Identifying the root cause of mold growth

The first step in controlling the growth of mold in your AC system is to identify the source of the problem. Mold growth is usually caused by excess moisture within the ductwork. For example, when you drink a cool beverage, the water beads can condense within the air vents. The moisture is ideal for mold growth. There are several other ways to introduce mold and mildew to your ductwork, and a qualified AC repair specialist can help you determine what the exact problem is.

Some types of mold are more likely to grow in your AC system than others. For instance, black mold grows in homes with leaky pipes, and it can affect your HVAC system. If you suspect a water leak, repair it with the help of a professional mold remediation service. A DIY mold test kit might help you identify whether you have mold, but you should always hire a professional mold removal company for a safe and effective removal.

Eliminating allergens

A professional air duct cleaning service can help you reduce the allergen levels in your home. Not only will it eliminate dust, mold, and pollen, but it will also keep your air clean, which will benefit anyone who suffers from allergies and asthma. It’s also a good idea to dust your home regularly to minimize the accumulation of dust and other allergens. In addition to dusting, you should also clean your carpet, curtains, and upholstered furniture.

Dust mites and other allergens are two major causes of allergies and can be dispersed through unclean ductwork. Dust mites live in most homes and feed on dead skin cells and can cause allergic reactions. Mold can also grow anywhere in your house and is another culprit in causing allergy symptoms.

Keeping biological contaminants away from ducts

There are several ways to keep biological contaminants from invading your air conditioning ducts. One way is to avoid letting any moisture enter your system. Moisture can cause mold and other contaminants to grow. Normally, moisture gets into your duct system when there are leaks or if it is poorly installed or serviced.

Another option is to use a biocide. Biocides can kill bacteria and fungi and prevent future growth. Some air duct cleaning service providers may also suggest sealing the ducts to keep mold and other biological contaminants from coming in. When choosing a biocide, ask your provider to explain the pros and cons of each. Chemical biocides are often appropriate for certain situations, but you should be cautious about their use and possible side effects. Read more on OctoPus.

Biological contaminants in ducts can cause breathing problems. It is important to have your HVAC system maintained annually to avoid any issues.

Cost of duct cleaning

The cost of duct cleaning varies from one service provider to the next. You can compare the cost of different services to see which one is best for your needs. Also, you must consider the area you live in and the number of rooms and vents you have in your house. Various regions have different cost of living and business, so the price of duct cleaning services will also vary.

Many companies advertise the lowest prices and these are typically based on the most basic jobs. For instance, if you have only one furnace and eight or 12 vents, the price will be lower. But, if you have a second furnace, it will cost more because it has additional vents.


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