Why You Should Always Buy Cat6 Shielded Plenum Cables

Cat6 Shielded Plenum

Plenty of people still buy the Cat5e ethernet cable while a large number of users use the Cat6a. But the Cat6 shielded plenum cable remains the most popular and truly the best option to buy on the market. Every wired networking expert recommends buying the Cat6 shielded plenum. Why? That is the question we will answer today. Why do you always need to buy the Cat6 bare copper shielded cable? Let’s begin without further ado. Be sure to read till the end to get the whole truth.

What is Cat6 Shielded Cable?

Cat6 cable is the 6th category of twisted pair ethernet cables. These cables are called twisted pairs because the conductors within them are twisted into pairs to keep the EMI and crosstalk at a minimum.

Cat6 shielded cable not only has twisted pair conductors but also has an extra layer of protection against EMI and crosstalk. This shielding can be a metal foil or a braided wire mesh that is wrapped around the cable conductors. The 23 AWG conductors are 8 in total which is twisted into 4 pairs.

Made from bare copper and protected by shielding, these cables relay data at blazing speeds. At up to 100 meters, you can easily reach a maximum of 1 GBit/s data transfer rates with 550 MHz bandwidth. The data transfer rate increases 10 times to up to 10 GBit/s over 50 meters of run length.

Why Cat6 Plenum Shielded?

Ok, well there are 5 reasons why you need to buy the Cat6 shielded plenum. First, it is a high-performing cable. Second, it is easy to install, use, and maintain. Third, the cable is highly affordable. Fourth, it is future-proof. And last but not the least, the cable is safe and durable for indoor and outdoor use.

Let’s explore the 5 reasons why you need to always go for the Cat6 plenum shielded in detail.

High Performing Cable

To reiterate, the Cat6 shielded bulk cable is a high-performing solution. It features tightly twisted pair conductors that ensure minimum EMI and crosstalk. The conductors of the cable are made from bare copper which makes them even more efficient at transferring data.

If you need to use heavy-duty applications, this cable is the best option you can get. It supports all high-speed ethernet applications including PoE.

Easy to Install

The cable allows quite a simple installation procedure. Its thick plenum jacket is easy to handle and you do not have to worry about kinks and blemishes while running it.

This cable can also be pulled through ducts without much trouble. It is smooth and flexible. If you buy the easy-pull box bulk Cat6 cable, installing it will become even easier.


The latest generations of twisted pair ethernet cables such as the Cat7 or Cat8 cost a lot. They are almost twice as expensive as these cables. Cat6 shielded cables on the other hand are very affordable.

A 1000ft shielded Cat6 plenum can cost anywhere between $250 to $310. On the other hand, the latest category of cables will cost far more than that.

Now, you also need to take into account the fact that this cable is offering a foolproof networking solution.

Its shielding protects the signal transmission from EMI and crosstalk whereas the bare copper ensures highly efficient signals. Similarly, the plenum jacket makes it safe, easy to install, and whatnot.


One of the greatest benefits of using this cable is that it is future-proof. And that is also a great reason always to buy the shielded Cat6 cable.

If 10 years from now you install a new device, this cable is guaranteed to be compatible with it and that is what makes it future-proof.

This cable is also guaranteed to be compatible with and support all kinds of internet-enabled devices in a LAN network. So if you are worrying whether you can use it long-term or not is uncalled for. Cat6 plenum shielded will go a long way in providing you with unparalleled performance. You should buy it.


Safety is the most important feature. If you are buying this cable, you need to make sure that you are getting the original Cat6 shielded with the plenum jacket. Because the jacket is the safest of all ethernet cable jackets out there.

What happens is that this cable is used for PoE applications because of its bare copper conductors. And in PoE use, Ethernet cables can overheat because of high voltages. But this cable’s bare copper conductors first ensure that the cable does not overheat. Then the jacket makes sure that in case of a fire hazard, just in case, it does not carry the flame.

Even if it does carry the flame, it will not emit toxic smoke which is the dangerous thing about fire hazards.


So, why should you always buy the 1000ft Cat6 plenum shielded cable? Because it is a high-performing LAN solution and is easy to install. You also get the luxury of safety and future-proofing, and it is affordable. If you think this blog was helpful, consider sharing it.

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