Winner Medical: The Leading Manufacturer of Premium Surgical and Medical Solutions

Winner Medical offers a wide range of medical products which includes advanced wound care, surgical packs, surgical consumables, and advanced wound dressing. The products of Winners Medical have been widely used by hospitals and clinics all around the world.

Core Value of Winner Medical: Provide the World with Great Medical Disposables

Winner’s mission is to provide the best possible products like surgical packs and services to healthcare agencies. Winner Medical is committed to providing quality products and outstanding customer service. Winner Medical manufactures cotton-based medical dressings, disposable medical products, and consumer products under our own “Purcotton” brand.

Winner at a Glance: China-Based International Medical Solutions Provider

With the leading position in the medical industry in China, Winner Medical has also received wide acknowledgment from overseas. With many local and international honors, awards, and recognition, medical solutions like high exudate wound dressing, advanced wound care and surgical packs have continuously been recognized by society and the industry with favorable regard.

WINNER MEDICAL: Established in 1991, Winner Medical’s mission is to offer high-quality surgical and medical solutions for medical agencies all over the world. Winner Medical has continuously provided disposable medical products for over 20 years. Winner Medical is the leading manufacturer of the medical packs such as wound care supplies and surgical packs in China and has gradually been recognized by clients over the world.


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