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There are a lot of people who love the smell and taste of wood. Wood humidors have been around for centuries, and many still believe that the best way to store cigars is in one. But what if you are not looking for the traditional wood humidor? What about an electric humidor that can keep your cigars fresh for up to 2 years away from sunlight or high humidity levels? Check out this article to see which type of cigar storage is best for you!

Types of Humidors

There are many types of humidors available on the market, but which is the best option for you?

Wood Humidors: These humidors are made from wood and typically have a wood panel on the front that allows you to see your cigars. They are also often cheaper than other humidors and can be used at home. However, they do not hold a lot of cigars and may not be suitable for large groups.

electric humidors: These humidors use electricity to maintain a constant humidity level. They are often more expensive than wood humidors, but they tend to last longer and can hold more cigars. They also allow you to control the humidity levels, so you can ensure that your cigars are always fresh.

Which Humidor Is Right For You?

If you want a humidor that is easy to use and will hold a lot of cigars, then an electric humidor is the best option. If you only plan on using your humidor occasionally, then a wood humidor may be more suitable.

The Benefits and Use of a Humidor

A humidor is a great way to store cigars. They help keep your cigars fresh and provide a nice, moist environment for them. There are many different types of humidors, but the most common are wood and electric. Here are the benefits of each:

Wood Humidors

Wood humidors are the oldest type of humidor. They’re made from wood that has been soaked in water and then sealed. This causes the wood to become saturated with moisture, which in turn helps to preserve your cigars.

One downside to wood humidors is that they can get dryer over time. To keep them moist, you’ll need to add water twice a month or so. Another downside is that they can’t hold as many cigars as an electric humidor.

Electric Humidors

An electric humidor is a newer type of humidor. It’s typically smaller than a wood humidor and can hold fewer cigars, but it’s more versatile. You can use it with both tobacco and cigarillos.

One downside to electric humidors is that they don’t work as well as wood humidors when it comes to keeping your cigars fresh. They also require regular maintenance, including adding water

How to Care for Your Humidor

If you’re like most cigar smokers, you probably keep your cigars in a humidor to keep them at the right moisture level. But what kind of humidor should you buy, wood or electric? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each.

Wood Humidors

Wood humidors are traditional and have a number of advantages. They’re strong, beautiful, and can last a long time. They also tend to be more expensive than electric humidors, but they’re worth it if you care about your cigars.

One downside to wood humidors is that they can be difficult to clean. If your humidor gets dirty, you’ll need to take it apart and clean it carefully with soap and water. Also, be sure to seal the seams of the humidor well to prevent moisture from seeping in.

Electric Humidors

Electric humidors are becoming increasingly popular because they’re easier to use and maintain than wood humidors. You simply plug them into an outlet and let them do their job. They also tend to be cheaper than wood humidors, but there are some disadvantages.

Wood Humidors

Wood humidors are often seen as more attractive options, as they look more like traditional cigars. They’re also typically cheaper than electric humidors since you need to buy the wood itself. However, wood humidors can be less reliable, as the humidity can fluctuate over time. Additionally, if your wood humidor is damaged, it may not be possible to repair it.

Electric Humidors

Electric humidors are typically more reliable than wood ones. They use an internal pump to maintain a consistent humidity level, which is why they’re often preferred for storing cigars that are high-quality (like Cuban cigars). Electric humidors can be larger than wood ones, so they’re better suited for groups of cigars. However, they can be more expensive than wood models.


If you’re looking for a humidor that will keep your cigars in perfect condition, you might want to consider an electric one. While wood-based humidors can also be effective, they tend to require more maintenance and are not as easy to use. If you’re looking for a classic and traditional look in your cigar collection, go with a wood-based humidor.

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