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WP Secure 2022 Review – Introduction

Luan Henrique has been running WordPress blogs and websites for many years, and all of his businesses revolve around the sites he uses to make money online. Unfortunately, some of those sites were hacked over time, causing him huge losses, headaches, and a lot of time and money to fix and recoup. As a result, he decided to create a completely new solution for those who want to protect themselves from hackers and theft. But he didn’t want it to be a high-cost recurring expense like so many others. Say hello to WP Secure Plugin, which is now completely ready and available for download.

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Did you know that over 170,000 WordPress blogs and websites were hacked last year? According to the statistics, 41 percent were hacked through their hosting provider, while 29 percent were hacked through a vulnerability in the WordPress theme they were using. 22 percent were compromised due to a vulnerability in a WordPress plugin. Because they used a weak password, 8% were hacked. 

If you own a WordPress site and have never been hacked, consider yourself fortunate. Hackers adore WordPress sites; they’re becoming smarter, and there’s always a plugin, a theme, a folder, or even a password that opens the door for them to exploit. That is why they created the WP Secure Plugin – a completely new solution that will make your sites safe immediately. So get your protection while it’s still on sale. Get it right now.

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WP Secure 2022 Review – Overview

Vendor:Trevor Carr
Product:WP Secure
Launch Date:2022-Jul-17
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$13
Recommendation:Highly Recommend
Home Page:https://www.phlos.net/wp-secure
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee

WP Secure 2022 Review – What is WP Secure?

WP Secure Plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin that will protect your sites against hackers and theft. This WordPress security plugin is comprehensive, user-friendly, dependable, and well-supported.

WordPress is a very secure platform in and of itself. Installing a security plugin that adheres to a number of good security standards, on the other hand, helps to add some additional protection and a firewall to your site.

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The WP Secure plugin will significantly improve the security of your website. Because it was created and written by experts, this plugin is simple to use and understand.

It reduces the risk of a security breach by scanning for vulnerabilities and applying and enforcing the most recent suggested WordPress security practices and approaches.

Furthermore, based on the security elements you have enabled, WP Security employs an unprecedented security point grading system to determine how effectively you are safeguarding your website.

You will not only be better protected, but you will also appear more professional and credible. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on developers to secure your website, read the rest of this WP Secure 2022 Review now!

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WP Secure 2022 Review – How does it work?

According to this WP Secure 2022 Review, the plugin is not as complicated as other products on the market. It provides one-click installation and will direct you to helpful tutorials if you run into problems. Those who are familiar with the WordPress platform will have no trouble installing the plugin.

  1. The zip file containing the WP Secure plugin.
  2. Put the WordPress plugin in place.
  3. Set the plugin to active on your WordPress website.

There is a guide on how to install and activate WordPress plugins if you’re unsure.


I had the opportunity to beta test the WP Secure plugin… The plugin performed admirably in terms of security; it conceals the fact that you own a WordPress site, protects your files from hackers, and even protects your sites from brute force attacks.

WP Secure is the way to go if you want to secure your WordPress sites. With a few mouse clicks, you can add multiple layers of security to your websites.

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The feature that I liked the best was the hiding feature, which allows you to conceal the fact that you own a WordPress site, so no one can tell that your site is powered by WordPress!

In my opinion, this is a very powerful feature and one of the features that will make all the difference when it comes to wordpress site security.

WP Secure is a comprehensive security plugin for all types of WordPress sites because it focuses on detecting plugin vulnerabilities, out-of-date software, and weak passwords.

Pros and Cons


  • Secures Your WordPress Sites with Only a Few Clicks of the Mouse
  • Hides all the Signals that You Own a WordPress Site
  • In a Click Secure Your Folders, Uploads, Themes, Plugins and Avoid Theft
  • Avoid hackers & keep your site safe today
  • One Time Low Fee Will Save You Thousands!
  • Relax in the Knowledge Your Site is Safe
  • Special Discounted Price For EarlyBirds
  • Buy Now – Even if You Haven’t Got a Site Yet
  • Future Proof Your Business – Become Secure Now
  • Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Indeed, I truly do not find any other issue with WP Secure software.

Who should buy it?

Generally, WP Secure is a MUST-HAVE item for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Marketers
  • Product vendors
  • Freelancers
  • Offline business
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Any other kinds of online business

Price and Evaluation

✅Front End ($12.95 / ds $7.95): WP Secure – WordPress Plugin

  • WP Secure is a powerful wordpress plugin that protects your sites against hackers and theft!

✅OTO 1 – Agency ($27)

  • Install and Use WP Secure on UNLIMITED client sites
  • Charge any price you want for it, can be a monthly fee or a hefty one time fee
  • Keep 100% of the profits you make by installing the plugin on client sites
  • Add this as a part of a package of services you have, so maybe you have a business and then you want to install the plugin as a BONUS for your client, you’ll be able to do that with the developers licence
  • Flip & Sell Sites with WP Secure installed
  • Protect your client sites instantly

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Get 3 essential tools for your wordpress sites today, you can install those tools in your own wordpress sites or client sites

  • Auto Content Creator – Creates unique content, original content with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Auto Traffic Plugin – It will drive 100s even 1000s of visitors to your wordpress site
  • Auto Ranker Plugin – It will rank all your wordpress sites on the top spot of Google

✅OTO 3 – RESELLERS ($97)  100% commissions on the whole funnel

✅OTO 4 – CASH FROM SCRATCH ($47)  Membership Area coaching replay program


I hope that my WP Secure 2022 Review can assist you in making a more informed and timely decision. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section of this blog post. Thank you for your time. Best of luck to you!

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