Yellow Sapphire Price Guide

Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Ring, Image Via Navratan

Yellow Sapphires, also referred to as Pushkaraj stone, is a shiny lemony yellow-coloured gemstone that comes from the corundum family of minerals. The Pukhraj stone is most suitable to be worn by people born in September as it is their birthstone. Also, people belonging to Saggitarius and Pisces zodiac signs are benefited from wearing this healing stone. As per astrology, this stone is suited for people with weak Jupiter in their birth chart. The appealing colour of this stone is due to the presence of iron in its chemical composition. Apart from its shiny appearance Pukhraj is also well-known as a gemstone that symbolizes success and happiness. 

To avail of the astrological benefits of the Yellow Sapphire stone, it is necessary to buy a natural and certified Yellow Sapphire that hasn’t gone through any treatments, as synthetic or treated gemstones do not hold the same horoscopic importance as natural gemstones. Generally, Yellow Sapphires cost around 5000 INR to 15000 INR per carat; however, the price of a premium grade golden yellow Pukhraj can reach over 50000 INR per carat. There are various parameters due to which variation in prices of Yellow Sapphires can be seen, such as mining location, transparency, size, color and treatments applied.

Important parameters to determine the worth of Yellow Sapphires are mentioned below:

Mining location

The place from which the stone is mined is a big factor in determining its worth of that stone. The most significant producer of high-quality Yellow Sapphires is Sri Lanka (Ceylon), as they produce extraordinarily colored Yellow Sapphires that have good transparency and are of high value. Ceylon Yellow Sapphire cost around 30000 INR to 80000 INR per carat. Other important mining locations for Yellow Sapphires are Bangkok and Thailand, but most of their Yellow Sapphires are heat treated to improve color and clarity, which reduces their worth. Thai Sapphires aren’t priced very high as they cost approximately 6000 INR per carat.


The color of the gemstone is also an important parameter when determining the price of the gemstone. Usually, Yellow Sapphires with uniform color is priced higher than Yellow Sapphires with variable color patterns.


Yellow Sapphires without any internal flaws are priced handsomely because of their magnificent transparency, as gemstones with good clarity are very rare. However, Yellow Sapphires with less transparency are worth less due to the presence of internal flaws or inclusions.


Generally, large-sized Yellow Sapphires are hard to find, making their price sky-high; however, small-sized Yellow Sapphires with appealing colours can also be priced highly.

Treatments applied

There are various kinds of treatments applied to gemstones to improve color or transparency. Some of these treatments include applying heat to the gemstone, fillings of glass to fill gaps and color improvisation to offer alluring color to the gemstone. However, even small enhancements to the Yellow Sapphires can decline their value as they are of less astrological significance. 

When considering Yellow Sapphire price these stones can be divided into four major groups that are mentioned below:

Normal Yellow Sapphire 

These Yellow Sapphires have an orange-red color and are comparatively cheaper as they cost around 800 INR to 1000 INR per carat.

Good Grade Yellow Sapphire 

Such Pukhraj stones contain fewer inclusions and flaws than standard ones, due to which they have an appealing colour. These gems cost around 2500 INR to 4000 INR per carat.

Premium Quality Yellow Sapphire

These gemstones are superior in terms of all the quality parameters and are priced between 10000 INR to 15000 INR per carat because of the absence of flaws in the stone.

Super High-quality Yellow Sapphire

These super-premium Yellow Sapphires are the rarest Yellow Sapphires available as they do not include any inclusions and are priced between 30000 INR to 50000 INR per carat.

If you are looking to purchase Natural Yellow Sapphires, Navratan, the online gem bazaar, is the best place to go, as we sell premium quality Certified Yellow Sapphires that can be delivered all over the world. Also, the Pukhraj stone available on our website comes with authenticity certifications from the most trusted gemological laboratories around the world. Another important advantage of buying Yellow Sapphires from Navratan is that we, as a brand, try to uphold the trust put in us by our customers by not applying any treatments on the gemstones that negate their worth and offering untreated Yellow Sapphire gemstones.

Asees Mehtab

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