You Can Stop Your Lenses From Fogging With Anti-Fog Spray

Anti-Fog Spray
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Wearing goggles is essential for protecting the eyes. One of the biggest drawbacks of wearing goggles is the fog that can occur. Fogging goggles can become a danger. Thankfully, there is Anti-fog spray. Learning ways to overcome fogging will help people who wear goggles on the job remain safe.

What Are the Common Causes of Goggle Fogging

Goggles fog for multiple reasons, including changes in the environment. The following are some of the most common reasons a pair of goggles may begin to fog.

  • When people sweat, moisture can build up inside the goggles, creating an overly moist environment. The condensation builds up and leads to intense fog. This issue can also occur because of breathing.
  • Temperature changes are also a common cause of goggle fogging. If the outdoor temperatures are cooler, and the goggles are against a warm face, fogging is likely to occur.
  • An improper fit can also cause fogging. When goggles do not fit the wearer precisely, they can leak air. Air leaks lead to problems with moisture because the moist environment inside the goggles clashes with the cooler air leaking into them.
  • Poor ventilation is also a frequent cause of condensation fog occurring inside goggles. Inexpensive goggles often do not feature ventilation systems which can lead to problems with too much moisture collecting inside.
  • Another reason goggles develop fog is because of a lack of anti-fog coating on the lenses. Some goggles feature an embedded coating. There are also coating sprays that can be applied by the wearer.

Essential Ways to Prevent Goggle Fogging

There are many ways individuals can prevent fogging from occurring. Wearing goggles that have become fogged can lead to risks and even put a person’s life in danger. Consider the following ways to reduce or even eliminate fog entirely.

  • It is wise to apply an anti-fog coating to any goggle lenses. These coatings are simple to apply and are highly effective. You only need to apply the spray as directed and then wipe the goggles with the included soft cloth. The application lasts up to 72 hours and can then be reapplied when it begins to wear off.
  • Wearing a headband or sweatband can also prove effective in preventing fog from developing inside goggles. This helps keep sweat from dripping down into the eyes where it can cause excess moisture inside goggles.
  • A proper fit is also essential for preventing moisture buildup inside goggles. When goggles do not fit appropriately, they will allow cooler air to enter and cause a buildup of moisture to develop.

Choose the Right Anti-Fog Spray

Coating your goggles with the right anti-fog spray is essential for the prevention of fogging. While there are many products available in the market, there is only one that stands out from the rest.

KleerVu works to prevent a buildup of moisture inside goggles. This spray is the easiest way to keep fog at bay and protect your vision so you are not in danger on the job. Check out the options today to learn more.

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