You Can’t Miss These Healthcare App Development Trends In 2022!

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Healthcare app development companies all over the world are leaving no stone unturned to bring impactful transformation to this ever-expanding industry.

Innovation in healthcare goes hand-in-hand with technology. We now have multiple digital trends that can be integrated to attract whopping investment and boost health equity worldwide.

Today, with this blog, we will present you with some of the latest trends that would empower the world to enhance health equity. But before we move on any further, it is important that we understand what health equity is all about!

Health Equity- A Brief Introduction!

Health equity is when we focus on delivering affordable healthcare to people all across the world. Just a few decades ago, it was impossible to deliver medical attention to communities living in remote locations. But with technology, we now can reach, diagnose, and treat people from any part of the world. However, there are two prerequisites; the internet and smartphones.

There are so many challenges involved in rolling out a full fledged plan at this instant. For example government stakeholders, social determinants, network services, and much more.

Even if the developments are yet to take place, we can still explore the technology trends that have already triggered the transformation.

If you are interested in learning what the future of healthcare will look like, then keep reading further.

Digital Health Trends You Can’t Miss!

The pandemic gave the digital transformation of healthcare a much-needed push. As the stakeholders initiate the innovative advancement, we are here to spill some tea about the latest trend.

Take a look!

1. Telehealth

This trend promotes the use of digital communication tech like mobile phones, tablets, and computers to facilitate the delivery of medical services to patients worldwide.

It helps reduce the in-person visits to the hospitals and is expected to grow to more than $185 billion in 2026.

It delivers the following advantages to the users-

– Expanded healthcare access

– Care for urgent non-COVID-19 conditions

– Continuity of care

– Reduced contact

It will be able to help patients that want to access hassle free and remote medical care. This trend is undoubtedly here to stay as it can efficiently deliver essential and instant medical attention to the patients.

2. Testing, Tracking & Monitoring Applications

Covid 19 pandemic exposed the preparedness of the worldwide healthcare system to handle a situation like that. But within a few weeks, the mobile app development industry presented the world with solutions to combat the spread of viruses.

As a leading healthcare app development company, we observed multiple governments’ and private authorities’ attempts to build testing, tracking, and monitoring applications for the masses. With one covid tracking app launch, we had another one lined up.

But the saddest part is that it took a tragedy for us to innovate these applications. Since then, there have been tremendous breakthroughs, and the trend of sequencing technologies is not slowing down any time soon.

Some of its benefits include-

– Containing the spread of the deadly virus
– Delivering treatment at a lower cost
– Boosting casualties

3. Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is an expanding and connected network of electronic gadgets containing sensor technology. The technology also enables data exchanges with connected devices and systems. The use of this tech in healthcare can be witnessed via wearable monitors, devices, and mobile applications.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, medical IoT can deliver improved versions of conventional medical devices through a healthcare mobile app.

Some of the benefits of medical IoT include-

– Remote monitoring
– Improved convenience
– Lower costs for patients
– Lower costs for hospitals

4. Lifestyle & Wellness Apps

Social distancing during the pandemic definitely triggered mental health issues for many of us. However, while it initiated the development of apps like Calm, Liberate, and Headspace, the trend is still observing a significant surge.

We also have applications like Thea that help women to focus on their personal health. From allowing them to track their periods to reaching out to the mental health professionals.

Communities are increasingly realizing the importance of mental health wellness, and the rise in the development of wellness apps is a testament to the same.

Some of the benefits of wellness apps include-

– Increased personal satisfaction
– Reduced costs
– Personalized healthcare
– Destigmatization of mental health issues

5. Augmented & Virtual Reality

A few decades ago, AR and VR technologies were considered novelties best suited to the gaming industry. But now, they offer a wide range of day-to-day usage that industries beyond entertainment can utilize.

Healthcare is now getting hold of AR and VR technologies for delivering surgical training and planning to both surgeons and patients. They help both parties to get comfortable with the surgical procedure. In addition to that, VR is also being used for chronic pain management and mental health treatments.

These technologies are being used to create simulations of real-life to treat mental illness. These are also used to build the efficiency of medical students.

It is still a developing technology, but it indeed presents us with stunning opportunities in healthcare consisting of-

– Training medical professionals
– Treatment of mental illness
– Helps in treating chronic pain

Wrapping It Up!

These are the top 5 viral trends in the healthcare industry. Did we miss out on any trend? If yes, then make sure you share in the comment section or write to us. Now that you are up-to-date with the trends in digital healthcare, it is time to explore opportunities that will define your healthcare brand. If you want to deliver medical and wellness service via a mobile app, then it is best to connect with the expert app strategists. They would be able to help you envision the sustainability of your healthcare app idea and share the best digital trends to be integrated. This will not only boost the chances of your product’s success but will also deliver better care to your global user base. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the professionals for more insights. But until then, stay tuned to this space for more information. Happy innovating!

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