You Will Love These Acrylic Keychains!

Acrylic Keychains
Acrylic Keychains

You Will Love These Acrylic Keychains!

A DIY modified Acrylic Keychain makes a great present for Christmas or any season. We’re making them for our educators and mates this season! They’re super-simple to make with a Cricut, and you can change them with a monogram or other modified plan. If you have heaps of additional vinyl scraps from greater Cricut projects, this DIY is moreover a mind blowing strategy for using them up!


To begin, open up Cricut Design Space and make your arrangement. I made a 2” circle to match the 2” Acrylic Keychain spaces. Then, I installed the Cricut picture Brushed Background (#M9A10A80) and resized it to fit inside the circle. Finally, I used the Aldine text style to make monograms on top of each Brushed Background. Attempt to pick different assortments for the establishment and the monograms with the objective that they cut on different shades of vinyl. Eradicate the primary circles and send your arrangement to your Cricut for cutting!

By and by, cut out all of your Brushed Background shapes one (or two!) shades of vinyl, and your monograms on another. I used red and turquoise vinyl for my encounters and shimmer gold vinyl for my monogram letters. I’m using Smart Vinyl with the objective that I don’t have to use a Cricut mat (subsequently this errand is really speedy)!

Weeding and Applying the Design:

  • At the point when all of your pieces are cut, dispose of any overflow vinyl on the establishment shapes and the letters.
  • Then, at that point, put move tape on your experience pieces and your monogram pieces.
  • As of now, take out any protective covering on the acrylic clear round expecting there is any.
  • Then, put your experience anticipate the round, smooth it warily, and take out the trade tape.
  • Flip the acrylic round got done and dispose of any protective covering.
  • Then, apply the monogram vinyl to this side. Putting the establishment and the monogram on backwards sides makes an exquisite, layered influence.

Before Starting:

  • Start with your Acrylic Keychains clear. Make sure to dispense with the protective cover on the different sides! If you’re using an acrylic letter, try to manage the opposite side from what you keep up with that the front ought to be.
  • Assuming you want to add additional craftsmanship you can paint on your keychain setup, use acrylic paint and apply 2 coats for an even finish.
  • While the paint is at this point wet, add the polymer soil cuts. I used two or three tweezers to make position significantly more clear.
  • At the point when the paint is dry, add a slight layer of Mod Podge over the polymer cuts.
  • Finally add your keychain key ring and enrichment using pliers and as of now you have a magnificent acrylic keychains.

Amelia Noah

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