YouTube Keeps Pausing, How To Fix It?

Youtube Keeps Pausing
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I’m willing to bet that the majority of YouTube users have experienced the annoyance of having the video they’re watching repeatedly pause and show a notification “The video has been put on hold for the moment. Keep looking, would you?” It is inconvenient that in order to continue the playing after you have been idle or while you have been listening to music in the background, you have to click the “YES” button.

How To Fix Youtube Keeps Pausing Error?

If you are still having problems, the following might help: here’s how to stop youtube from pausing and enjoying uninterrupted playback.

1. Using An Extension to End the Pauses

People have come up with a variety of inventive and adaptable solutions to get around this difficult circumstance. To turn off the “The video has been paused for the time being. Continue to pay attention.” A simple solution is to install a browser plugin such as YouTube NonStop to stop Youtube keeps pausing, AutoTube – YouTube nonstop, YouTube Auto Pause Blocker, YouTube – Don’t Stop, and so on. I’ll use YouTube NonStop as an example because it’s free and open-source, and it works with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

2. GitHub Website 

Open the GitHub website for how to stop auto-pause on youtube, at, and scroll down to the download links for Chrome and Firefox Add-ons. To install YouTube NonStop on Opera, first, install “Install Chrome Extensions” on Opera, and then go to the Chrome store and install it.

When the installation is finished, you won’t have to click the “YES” button any more than you already have. You are able to continue listening to music without being interrupted thanks to YouTube NonStop, which works by automatically clicking the “Yes” button on the prompt box so that it may proceed through the confirmation process. In the event that you are still interested, you should experiment with it on some further extensions.

3. Download the Video And Watch it Later.

There is no better option for mobile and TV users than to download for offline viewing. However, few tools or internet applications can accomplish this job of how to stop youtube from pausing due to the copyright claim.

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The Final Word

Why does YouTube keep halting at random intervals? One alternative is for YouTube to automatically pause videos after a user has not interacted with the platform for a predetermined amount of time; however, this is just one of several potential outcomes. It is not a secret that advertisements are YouTube’s principal source of money; in fact, most people are aware of this fact. On the other side, if users watch videos on YouTube while listening to music in the background, they won’t be able to notice the carefully prepared advertisements, and as a result, the website will lose money as a result of this behavior. That could be why they are taking steps to limit this conduct to stop youtube from pausing. But, in any case, you’ve worked out two separate ways to stop YouTube from halting.

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