CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Cars, Salary, Houses, Assets, Relationships, Career and many more

CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Net Worth
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You can find out about CarryMinati Net Worth, his Girlfriend, his Age, Height, and Weight from this article. The total wealth of CarryMinati is $3.8 Million (Rs. 28 Crores). You must have been familiar with Carry Minati if you use YouTube.

For the last several days, CarryMinati, also known as Ajay Nagar, has been a popular subject on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Through one of his most recent Tiktok videos, Youtube vs. Tiktok: The End, he has gained public notice. He mocked Aamir Siddiqui, a popular Tiktok user, in this video.

The rate at which this video went viral on YouTube shattered all previous records. 


Real Name Ajey Nagar 
Nickname Carry Minati 
Profession Youtuber 
Net Worth Rs. 28 Crores 
Subscribers: 35 million (CarryMinati); 9.3 million (CarryIsLive) 
Total views: 2.62 billion (CarryMinati) 
Age 22 Years old 
Date of Birth 12th June 1999 
Wife Not Married 
Birthplace Faridabad, Haryana 
Height in CM 165 CM 
Nationality Indian 
Sun Sign Leo 
Caste Not Available 

Minati gained the distinction of being the most liked video in India with this video, which on the one hand caused controversy. The days of seeing two to three-hour movies in theatres or television programmes with five to six seasons have long since passed.

To keep themselves amused, people are increasingly turning to internet material like YouTube channels, Tik Tok videos, and IGTV videos, which may last up to 30 minutes at most. The majority of celebs are likewise using these platforms effectively and rising to greater fame. 

One such popular YouTuber is Carry Minati, often known as Ajey Nagar. Ajey Nagar, his profession, and his wealth will all be covered in this piece. We will talk about Carry Minati’s occupation, career, salary, and, most significantly, his net worth and income in this article.

Ajey Nagar was born in Faridabad, Haryana, on June 12, 1999. He is only twenty years old. He is a comedian, rapper, and gamer from India. Carry Minati is renowned for his unusual and animated comments in Hindi. He uploads videos of live gaming and humorous parodies. 

CarryMinati Net Worth 

Name CarryMinati 
Real Name Ajey Nagar 
Net Worth (2022) $3.8 Million 
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 28 Crore INR 
Profession YouTuber and streamer 
Monthly Income And Salary 16 Lakhs + 
Yearly Income 3 Crore + 
Last Updated 2022 
Official Twitter Click Here 
Official Youtube Click Here 

CarryMinati Net Worth 

CarryMinati is said to have a net worth of around $3.8 Million (Rs. 28 Crores). His revenue comes from commercial sponsorships, tie-in videos, and YouTube videos.

It is impossible to estimate his revenue from YouTube since profits rely on a variety of variables, including the number of views on his videos and the presence of adverts. 

His famous videos include: 

  • YouTube VS TIK TOK: The End 
  • Film the Flare. 
  • PUBG India: Life Battle Royale. 

In more than 5 days, his video, YouTube vs. TIK TOK, has received more than 65 million views and 10 million likes. He has spoken with several of the celebrities on the list, including adolescent campaigner Greta Thunberg, actress Tessa Thompson, Henry Cavil, and Tom Cruise. 


One of India’s emerging stars, Carryminati, enjoys purchasing pricey and luxurious vehicles. Owner of the “Toyota Fortuner,” he The automobile is priced at 35.81 lakh Indian rupees. He doesn’t have many automobiles on his list. But we anticipate that he will purchase some sports vehicles in the future. 


As one of the richest and number 1 YouTubers in India, Carryminati likes to live a luxurious lifestyle. He is the owner of a lavish house in his hometown Faridabad, Haryana. Carrminati lives with his family in this beautiful house. Ajey Nagar also invested in many other properties in India. 

CarryMinati YouTube Earning and Stats

Total Video uploads 176+ 
Subscriber 35+ million 
Video views 2.62 billion+ 
Last 30 Days views 35 M+ 
Estimated Monthly earnings Rs. 16+ Lakhs 
Estimated Yearly earnings Rs. 3+ Crores 

Carry Minati Biography 

On June 12, 1999, Carry Minati (Ajay Nagar) was born in Faridabad, Haryana. There is a sibling named Yash in the family in addition to his mother and father. Yash Nagar plays the guitar and produces songs. Carey attended Delhi Public School for her education. But he was not focused on his schoolwork. 

Favorites Things

Favorite Actor Tom Cruise, 
Favorite Actress Katrina Kaif 
Favorite Sports Cricket, Football 
Favorite Food Paneer 
Favorite Game Pubg 
Favorite Film Article 15 
Favorite Destination London 
Hobbies Playing Guitar, Rapping, Roasting, 


When he was barely 10 years old, he began his profession by uploading films on YouTube. He first imitated Indian star Sunny Deol. In 2014, he started the Addicted A1 YouTube channel, where he posted videos of recorded game footage and his responses to it.

The channel was later changed to Carry Minati, and as of right now, it has 35 million subscribers and 113.81 billion views. Carry Minati also runs the 4.63 million-subscriber, 46.28 billion-view Carry Is Live YouTube channel, which he launched in early 2017. 

Carry Minati Net Worth Summary 

Net Worth In 2022 $5 Million 
Net Worth In 2021 $4.5 Million 
Net Worth In 2020 $4 Million 
Net Worth In 2019 $3 Million 
Net Worth In 2018 $2.5 Million 

Awards and Recognition 

In 2019, TIME named him one of the top ten next-generation leaders. At such a young age, such a big advertising! 


What is Carry Minati’s net worth? 

Carry Minati is anticipated to have a net worth of $3.8 million (rs. 28 crores). 

Which actors have been interviewed by CarryMinati? 

Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Tessa Thompson, and other stars have all been interviewed by Carry Minati. 

Which of CarryMinati’s videos has the highest fame? 

As of right now, Carryminati’s most well-known video is Youtube vs. Tiktok. He released the video on May 8, 2020, and it has received 65 million views, 10 million likes, and over 8 lac comments. 

What is the carryminati age? 

Carry Minati is 22 years old at the moment (12 June 1999). 

What is Carry Minati’s salary? 

Carry Minati has an annual income of almost Rs 3 crore. 

What is the carry Minati height? 

Carry minati stand 1.65 m (5′ 5″) tall. 

How much money will Carryminati have in 2022? 

Carryminati is worth $5 million, which is equivalent to 37 crores of Indian rupees. 

What does Carryminati make in a month? 

Carryminati makes $30 million each month. 

What is Carryminati’s revenue? 

Carry Minati earns 3 crore rupees a year. 

What is Carryminati’s monthly income? 

Carryminati makes $30 million each month. 

Carryminati is it wealthy or not? 

Carryminati is wealthy, in fact, he is the wealthiest YouTuber in India. He also has an SUV and a fortuner. 

Where can I find Carrminati? 

His email address is workforcarry@gmail.Com. 

Is Carraminati a Christian? 

He is a devout Hindu Gurjar, however he consumes non-vegetarian food. 

How much money is made by Carryminati on YouTube? 

Carryminati makes $30,000 per month or $3,000,000 annually through YouTube. 

How much money does Carraminati make off of Yalgaar? 

He made Rs. 70 lakhs with simply his 250 million-view yalgaar video. 

Who is Carryminati’s girlfriend? 

Avneet Kaur is Carryminati’s rumoured girlfriend. 

How much money is made by Carryminati each stream? 

He makes more than one lakh each month from CarryMinati’s live streams and replays, which last about an hour. 

How old is Ajey Nagar? 

21 years old in 2022 


Many young people are being motivated by CarryMinati to develop and show off their talents on sites like YouTube, Tik Tok, IGTV, etc. He is renowned for his open and honest communication abilities, and he encourages his classmates to be fearless in expressing their opinions on any subject they choose. For more such articles go through our website.

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