Computer Science Salary in the USA

Computer Science Salary in the USA
Computer Science Salary in the USA
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In the United States, salaries for computer scientists range from 73,900 to 249,000 dollars per year. The median annual salary for Computer Science Salary in the USA is 167,000 USD, which implies that half of those employed as Computer scientists make less than 167,000 USD and the other half earn more. In general, you want to be on the right side of the graph, in the group with the highest median income.

According to the graph, 25% of computer scientists make less than $108,000, while 75% earn more than $108,000. According to the graph, 75% of computer scientists (s) earn less than $220,000 USD, while 25% earn more than $220,000 USD. This is the average annual wage, which includes housing, transportation, and other benefits. Computer scientists’ salaries vary greatly depending on their experience, talents, gender, and location. A complete breakdown based on a variety of parameters is provided below.

Applied Computer Science in the USA:

The master’s degree in computer science is designed to offer advanced programming, problem-solving, and leadership abilities that will help you stand out from the crowd and progress in your profession. To build an impressive portfolio of work, you’ll need to construct your software programmer and do graduate-level research.

computer science’s main focus:

Foundations of Computer Science:

  • Research Approaches.
  • Advanced Software development.
  • Extended Reality and Data Visualization

Artificial Intelligence entails:

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Software Development:

  • Software Project: Research, Planning, and Design
  • Software Project: Deployment and Professional Presentation

Undergraduate students in the discipline of applied computer science can choose to specialize in computer software engineering, game design, or computer programming. You could work in video game development or computer system design to help businesses achieve their objectives using information technology. As a computer information systems manager, you may also be responsible for overseeing the implementation of information technology that benefits businesses.

B tech computer science salary in the USA:

  • Job Title: -Software Engineer.

Range: -$68k – $131k

Average: -$95,856

  • Job Title: -Senior Software Engineer.

Range: -$82k – $146k

Average: -$110,134

  • Job Title: -Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer.

Range: -$82k – $154k

Average: -$113,867

  • Job Title: -Data Scientist.

Range: -$69k – $150k

Average: -$105,479

  • Job Title: -Software Developer.

Range: -$56k – $117k

Average: -$81,565

  • Job Title: -Software Development Engineer (SDE).

Range: -$69k – $146k

Average: -$101,287

  • Job Title: -Technical Architect.

Range: -$84k – $165k

Average: -$120,389

  • Job Title: -Lead Software Engineer.

Range: -$76k – $150k (Estimated *)

Average: -$108,481

  • Job Title: -Machine Learning Engineer.

Range: -$78k – $155k (Estimated *)

Average: -$112,611

B.E computer science salary in the USA:

In May 2018, the national median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $86,320, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Furthermore, this occupation’s median compensation is $38,640 higher than all others.

Your pay will be determined by several factors, including your job title, experience, and education. However, due to the increasing demand for qualified IT candidates, earnings for applied computing graduates are generally high across the country.

Which jobs in applied computing pay the most?

Your applied computing salary will be heavily influenced by your position. See the list below for job titles, median salaries, and projected growth based on Emsi and data. You will be qualified for the following positions with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Computing:

Sr.No.Job TitleMedian SalaryProjected Growth
1Software Engineer$110,01112.4%
2Application/Full Stack Developer$103,62627.2%
3Database Developer$90,08512%
4Project Manager$85,90013.6%
5Systems Administrator$82,0568.9%
6Business Analyst$75,46210%
7Video Game Developer$72,5303%
8Web Developer$69,43015.5%
9Systems Analyst$61,65210%

B.E computer science salary in the USA:

Computer scientists use technological applications to solve problems. They write programs, including computer software, as well as websites and mobile applications. They are experts in computer hardware and software systems, and they are fluent in a variety of programming languages and skills. They frequently find novel applications for existing technologies and investigate complex issues and problems in computing to find appropriate solutions in business, science, medicine, and other technologically mandated fields.

In the United States, the national average salary for a Computer Scientist is $1,06,012. To see Computer Scientist salaries in your area, sort by location. Computer science graduates earned an average of $68,600 in their early careers and $114,700 in their mid-career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer scientists in the United States earned an average of $127,460 per year, or $61.28 per hour, in May 2019. However, the lowest-paid 10% earned $69,990, or $33.65, while the highest-paid 10% earned $189,780, or $91.24.

B.Sc. computer science jobs salary in the USA:

One of the fastest-growing job fields in the United States is computer science. With high incomes and lucrative careers, this field is frequently regarded as one of the greatest and most profitable in America. Piedmont University’s computer science curriculum equips students with the technical skills needed for employment. Our professors help students acquire the skills they’ll need to succeed in the workplace, such as collaborative teamwork, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

While computer scientists may engage in ordinary “coding” activities, the field has a more profound and gratifying goal: solving complex interdisciplinary problems. Computer science is a challenging yet rewarding field to study. We understand at Piedmont that our curriculum can assist students in developing important computer science skills. Small classes dedicated and supportive staff, a liberal arts curriculum, and passionate Division III athletics make the undergraduate student experience here truly unique.

  • Job Title: -Software Engineer.

Range: -$62k – $119k

Average: -$85,745

  • Job Title: -Software Developer.

Range: -$52k – $97k

Average: -$71,202

  • Job Title: -Senior Software Engineer.

Range: -$90k – $156k

Average: -$118,720

  • Job Title: -Developer / Programmer.

Range: -$78k – $139k

Average: -$104,401

  • Job Title: -Lead Software Engineer.

Range: -$86k – $156k

Average: -$117,288

  • Job Title: -Associate Software Engineer.

Range: -$57k – $93k

Average: -$73,282

Computer And Information Sciences and Support Services Salary in the USA:

With an average annual salary of $102,521 for Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services majors, software developers, computer & information systems managers, and Computer jobs, all others are the most common jobs. The average Information Systems Entry Level salary in the United States is $65,017 as of April 26, 2022, with a salary range of $57,660 to $72,664.

Salary ranges are determined by your education, certificates, supplemental abilities, and the number of years you’ve worked in your field. features the most accessible, real-time wage data of any website, allowing you to determine your ideal salary.

Best Computer Science University In USA:

Top 5 U.S. Universities for Computer Science.

  • Stanford University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Princeton University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of California (Berkley)

Stanford University:

Stanford University
Stanford University

Stanford University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, Minor’s, and Joint Major Computer Science programs. Finally, there are doctoral programs. Under each of these programs, there are several courses listed. The fundamental goals of these programs are to apply scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles to analyze data, solve engineering problems, and build hardware and software components. Analytics, artificial intelligence, network security, mobile computing, and other areas of specialty are among them.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, computer science is studied through the EECS program or the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program. This is the most popular and largest curriculum at the undergraduate level.

The program’s curriculum emphasizes hands-on experience with solving analytical problems as well as modeling techniques. Students who graduate from MIT with a bachelor’s degree in EECS can expect to earn well over $100,000. Students are encouraged to try their hand at engineering approaches to experience the joy of discovery.

Princeton University:

Princeton University
Princeton University

Princeton University is proud of its Computer Science department, which has housed luminaries such as Alan Turing, Alonzo Church, and John von Neumann. This is due to the 47 tenure-track and 12 teaching faculty members who have a strong focus on network security, graphics, programming languages, machine learning techniques, and computational biology.

In fact, this is the only department in the university that allows students to earn either an A.B or a B.S.E degree. Furthermore, because the university believes in doing practical work, every student completes at least one design or research project to gain hands

Carnegie Mellon University:

Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is well-known for its Department of Computer Science. This university has seven departments that offer undergraduate degrees in computer science. The university’s seven degree-granting departments in the school of computer science manage graduate admissions on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, the department hosts regular seminars and events to encourage student involvement in their fields of study. These include things like the CyLab Student Seminar and the Computer Science Thesis Proposal.

University of California (Berkley):

University of California
University of California

The University of California-Berkley, like MIT, provides a Computer Science program called EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). Few names can compete with the University of California-Berkley when it comes to instructional computer science programs or research programs. The Undergraduate Program offers two courses: a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

The former is concerned with computer science theory, hardware, and software design, and data management, whereas the latter is concerned with computer science engineering applications. Graduate programs might be industry-focused or research-focused.

FAQs about Computer Science Salary in the USA:

What is the salary for computer science in America?

How much does a Computer Scientist make? The national average salary for a Computer Scientist is $1,06,012 in the United States.

Is computer science a good career in the USA?

Aside from being one of the best-funded and most internationally renowned fields of study within US academics, careers in computer science are among the most in-demand, lucrative, and stable options for today’s college graduates.

Does computer science earn a lot of money?

NACE estimates that the average grad could pull in a cool $80,000. Those who earn computer science degrees are also raking in the dough. And, this year’s grads can expect large starting salaries. Over the course of a lifetime, computer grads who work in management occupations earn the most — a whopping $3.7 million.

What is the salary after doing computer science?

The average computer science salary in India is INR 18,06,881 per year. The starting pay for this skill is INR 4.85 Lakh per annum, which is quite impressive.

What is the highest-paying computer science job?

  • Security Engineer.
  • DevOps Engineer.
  • Computer Scientist.
  • Mobile Application Developer.
  • Android Software Developer/Engineer.
  • Software Development Engineer (SDE)
  • Senior Software Web Developer.
  • Software Development Engineer, Test (SDET) Average Annual Salary: $83,070.

Why should I study computer science in the US?

There are many great reasons to study computer science at university, such as career opportunities, high earning potential, and the opportunity to make the world a better place. Studying for a computer science degree will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to step into an exciting, ever-developing industry.

Where can I work if I study computer science?

  • Application analyst.
  • Applications developer.
  • Cyber security analyst.
  • Data analyst.
  • Forensic computer analyst.
  • Game designer.
  • Games developer.
  • Machine learning engineer.

How can I become a computer scientist in the USA?

A master’s degree in computer science or a master’s degree in computer engineering builds on the fundamentals and gives aspiring computer scientists advanced knowledge of programming, discrete mathematics, and computer systems.

Are computer engineers rich?

Computer engineering graduates are some of the top paid workers in the country, Brookings finds. Computer engineering majors are some of the highest-paid workers in the country, according to new data analyzed by the Brookings Institution.

Which degree is best in computers?

  • Information Technology and Information Systems.
  • Computer Science.
  • Information Science.
  • Systems & Network Administration.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Cybersecurity.


We all know that higher education leads to a higher salary, but how much more can a degree add to your earnings? To make a comparison, we divided Computer Scientist’s salaries by education level. A Computer Scientist earning a bachelor’s degree earns an average annual salary of 109,000 USD. A master’s degree earns you 168,000 USD per year, which is 55% more than a bachelor’s degree. A Ph.D. earns its holder an average salary of 224,000 USD per year, which is 33% more than a master’s degree

A computer scientist with ten to fifteen years of experience earns 204,000 USD per year, which is 22% more than someone with five to ten years of experience. If you have fifteen to twenty years of experience, you can expect to earn 215,000 USD per year, which is 6% more than someone with ten to fifteen years of experience. Finally, employees with more than twenty years of professional experience earn 235,000 USD per year, which is 9% more than those with fifteen to twenty years of experience.

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