A Step by Step Guide on How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

A Step by Step Guide on How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency
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The cryptocurrency market is evolving, we can witness numerous new projects emerging there. With the development of this field, many people strive to be a part of it and buy cryptos. This article will provide a guide on buying and selling digital assets.

Cryptocurrency Buy and Sell

There are some options for purchasing crypto:

  • centralized exchanges;
  • decentralized platforms;
  • simple exchangers;
  • brokers.

The safest option is to buy cryptocurrency on a centralized crypto platform (CEX). The reason is that such exchanges are easy to understand and have user-friendly interfaces.

Furthermore, CEX ensures a high user security level and does not allow illegal actions to be committed. For that purpose, every user that strives to operate with large amounts of money and access all the trading tools must pass the KYC. A user verification process aimed at checking clients’ past for illegal schemes and activities. Usually, it takes a couple of days. Once your account is verified, you access all the functions on an exchange.

How to Buy Coin Crypto on WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT is the largest CEX in Europe. Over 2 million people use it. Beginner traders particularly appreciate this platform, for it has an easy-to-handle and intuitive interface, low fees, quality customer support, and a transparent policy. To buy cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT, you need to register an account and pass KYC. Then attach your debit card to your verified account and move the needed amount of cash from the card to the account. Then you will see the button “Trade”. Click it, and you will see a calculator where you can enter your data – the asset you want to sell, the amount, and the asset you wish to receive in return. Then pay the fee (0,10%), and you will receive crypto coins in your account in a couple of seconds.

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