IPS Officer Salary, Allowances, and Perks

IPS Officer Salary
IPS Officer Salary, Allowances, and Perks


 IPS is abbreviated as Indian Police Service and it is one of the arms of all of India it includes IAS and IFS. It was replaced by the Indian Imperial Police in 1948. An IPS Officer Salary has to ensure the safety of the citizen and they should care about that outlaw and order. 

They also provide and command leadership to CAPF forces(SSB, CRPF, CISF, BSF, AND ITBP), state and UTs National Security Guards, police forces, etc… IPS Officer Salary and they also provide services to the youngsters where many of the youngster’s dream jobs are to become an IPS. Their wish actively serves the nation and its people.

They lead a force with dedication, courage, and uprightness, as well as their sense of service to the people. They also hold the office of DGP, DIG, SSP, ASP, IGP,  ADGP, DIB, SP, etc… A person who seeks to become IPS officers in the future IPS Officer Salary faces many new challenges which bring them to exposure during service, and the respect and prestige towards the jobs and it commands in society.

IPS salary is based on the pay scale and  7th pay commission which can differ based on the services they have, or on the division or subdivision. Many civil services aspirants are to become IPS salary officers at the same time they have a curiosity to know the IPS salary structure and its perks. Let us see briefly the salary of an IPS officer in the upcoming paragraph.

IPS Officer Salary:

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For an IPS officer, the entry-level salary will be Rs 56,100 and the highest pay will be Rs 2,25,000. The IPS Officer Salary will be the same but it increases with tenure, the experience they have, and seniority. The salary of   Rs. 56,100 will exclude DA, TA, and HRA.

Level Basic pay per month.
Maximum salary of IPS officerRs 2.25000
Entry level salaryRs56100

IPS Salary Per Month in Hand:

The gross salary of an IPS officer per month is Rs.64000, In A certain reduction will be done and the hand-in IPS Officer Salary will be Rs.54000.The reduction from gross salary such as health service contribution insurance scheme insurance tax, NPS contribution, etc.

IPS Salary complementIPS Salary per month with a reduction
Pay bandRs.56100
Grade payRs.0
Dearness allowanceRs.1000
Transport allowanceRs.3000
House rent allowanceRs.4000
Gross salary Rs.64000
Reduction Rs.10000
Total hand in salaryRs.54000

IPS Salary As Per the 7th Pay Commission:

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The new structure is introduced for the IPS officer salary and the pay scale is decided along with TA, DA, and HRA. In this new structure, the pay grades for the civil service have been removed and the consolidated pay level has been added to this new structure for an IPS Officer Salary. The new structure of  salary for an IPS officer as per the 7th pay commission is as follows:

IPS ranksPosition in Delhi  police IPS  salary as per the 7th pay commission
Director General of Police/Director or IB or CBICommissioner of policeRs.2,23,000
Director general of police Special commissioner of police Rs.2,05,400
Inspector general of policeJoint commissioner of policeRs.1,44,200
Deputy inspector general of police Additional commissioner of police Rs.1,31,400
Senior superintendentDeputy commissioner of policeRs.78,800
Additional superintendent of police Additional deputy commissioner of policeRs.67700
Deputy superintendent of police Commissioner of policeRs.56100

IPS Salary During Training:

Generally, IPS officers get a salary during the training. The IPS Officer Salary during the training period as per the 7th pay commission in the  10th level of the pay is around  55000 and more. The salary for the IPS training varies from state to state if they once get into their cadre. The introduction of the 7th pay commission increased the IPS officer’s salary. Before the 7th pay commission for an IPS salary was around Rs.30000. 

IPS Salary As Per the 6th Pay Commission:

The IPS salary as per the 6th pay commission is as follows:

ScaleRankPay scaleGrade pay
Above super time scale Director General of  Police(DGP)Rs 75500 to Rs 80000NIL
Above super time scaleAdditional Director General of  Police(ADGP)Rs.67000 to Rs.79000NIL
Super time scaleInspector general of police(IG)Rs.37400 to Rs.67000Rs.10000
Super time scaleDeputy Inspector General of Police(DIG) Rs.37400 to Rs.67000Rs.8900
Selection gradeSuperintendent of Police (SP)Rs.37400 to Rs.67000Rs.8700
Junior administrative gradeSuperintendent of Police (SP)Rs.15600 to Rs.39100Rs.7600
Senior scaleSuperintendent of Police (SP)Rs.15600 to Rs.39100Rs.6600
Junior scale Superintendent of Police (SP)Rs.15600 to Rs.39100Rs.5400

IPS Officer Salary Allowance and Perks:

IPS Officer Salary image
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For an IPS officer, there are many benefits in their IPS Officer Salary. Any new candidate will get a handsome salary along with allowance and facilities. The following are the allowance and the facilities:

  • Residential quarters (type 4 and type 8) or HRA
  • CGHS Medical facilities 
  • Provident fund (for IDA Applicable)
  • Leave encashment
  • Dearness allowance(DA)
  • Travel allowance (TA)
  • Official vehicles
  • House rent allowance (HRA)
  • Personal assistant
  • Driver
  • Domestic servant
  • Peon
  • Gratuity
  • Leave travel allowance or tour allowance

IPS Officer Eligibility and Attempt:

For an IPS officer, the physical qualification is important as well as the educational qualification. The following are the physical qualification required for males and females:           

CategoryEligibility for maleEligibility for female
Eyesight6/6 or 6/9 distant vision for good eye6/12 or 6/9 for worst eye
Height165 cm for the general category, 160 cm for other categories150 cm for the general category, 145 cm for other categories
ChestMinimum 84cm, Expansion 5cmMinimum 79cm, Expansion 5cm

IPS Officer Nationality:

To become an IPS officer the person should be a citizen of India.

IPS Officer Education and Other Qualifications:

IPS Officer image
(Image Source: thebalancecareers.com)

All UPSC aspirants can apply for the IPS Officer Salary, but they must have a minimum qualification of  the following:

  • The aspirant should have a minimum qualification of a  bachelor’s degree or any degree which is equivalent to any of the streams but the degree should be recognized by the university.
  • Candidates who have completed their bachelor’s degree but waiting for the exam  results  can also appear for the UPSC exam 

IPS Officer Age Limit:

  • The aspirant must be at least years old on the 1st of  august of  the  year of the examination
  • The maximum age limit to apply for the IPS Officer Salary is 32 years and the minimum age to appear for the exam is 21years.
  • There is xation based on the reservations that are based on the community like OBC/SC/ST and PH groups.

IPS Officer Attempts:

To become an IPS officer the number of attempts that the candidate can take as follows:

Category of  candidates Number of attempts 
OBC Category9
SC/ST  category Unlimited  till 39 years of age
General category 6

IPS Officer Exam Pattern:

To become an IPS officer the candidate must learn the three stages of examination. The three stages of amination are:

 Prelims Exam Pattern:           

UPSCTotal  no of  questionsDurationMaximum marks


In the main exam, there are 9 papers. I, this you should choose one subject as your optional subject. The main thing in this is you should choose the IPS Officer Salary subject wisely, it should be from your interest and you should get a good score in choosing the subjects.

IPS Officer Interview:

The interview contains 275 marks. The candidate will be tested by the following test such as the presence of mind, critical thinking, etc. IPS Officer Salary The daily news will play a major role in UPSC exams. Once they have passed with main exams they have to be connected with the newspaper the duration of the interview will of 15mins-45mins.

FAQs about IPS Officer Salary, Allowances, and Perks:

What is the gross salary of an IPS officer?

 The gross salary is Rs64000 after reduction it will be Rs 54000.

What will be the DGP monthly salary?

The Director General of Police will of Rs 223000 per month as per the 7th pay commission.

What are the benefits given to the IPS officer?

Residential quarters (type 4 and type 8) or HRA, CGHS Medical facilities, Provident fund (for IDA Applicable), Leave encashment, Dearness allowance(DA), etc.

What will be the salary of the commissioner of police according to the 7th pay commission?

The salary for the commissioner of police according to the 7th pay commission is Rs 223000.

What is the maximum payable amount?

The maximum amount is Rs225000.

What are the three stages of exams in UPSC?

The three stages of the exam are as follows prelims, mains, and interview.

What are deductions made in gross salary?

The following are the deduction made in the gross salary insurance scheme,  health service contribution, NPS contribution, etc.

What will be the salary during the training period?

The salary during the training period will be Rs 15600-39100.

When the physical test will be conducted?

When the candidates complete all the examinations the next steps will be clearing of physical tests.

Does any relaxation is given to SC&ST?

The attempts can be till the age of 39 years of age.


Throwing above is clearly explained about the salary for an IPS Officer Salary that is for entry of a new officer to a maximum amount of salary. It is clearly explained about the reduction of salary such dearness allowance, transport allowance, and house rent allowance. It is also explained the salary allowance and perks. There was a new structure that is the 7th pay commission to an IPS officer where in this structure many of the IPS officers benefited and earned more advantages. 

Sai Sandhya

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