MP SI Syllabus 2024

MP SI Syllabus 2024
MP SI Syllabus 2024


In the Madhya Pradesh Police, a Sub-Inspector’s (SI) activity is hard and critical to upholding peace and order. Candidates hoping to land a coveted slot must recognize the cloth because the recruitment method for this role entails an aggressive examination. To provide potential applicants with a thorough guidance manual, we shall examine every subject matter within the big MP SI Exam syllabus in this submission. Here, we are talking about MP SI Syllabus 2024.

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We are discussing MP SI Syllabus 2024:

General Information and Current Events

Current Events: Important country-wide and worldwide occasions are protected in this segment. Aspirants must remain knowledgeable about contemporary events in politics, sports, the financial system, and different regions.

History of Madhya Pradesh and India: It is crucial to have a stronghold close to Indian records, spanning from prehistoric intervals to the present. Furthermore, information on Madhya Pradesh’s records is vital for knowledge of the nearby context. 

Geographical knowledge: Candidates are required to have geographical expertise in Madhya Pradesh and India. This expertise must include knowledge of US states, mountains, and rivers. This segment would no longer be entire without discussing Madhya Pradesh’s geography and varied landscapes. 

Indian Polity and Governance: This phase revolves around the Indian Constitution, political gadgets, and governance frameworks. Candidates must be informed about how government groups function.

Economic and Social Development: Recognizing social issues, economic principles, and developmental applications is crucial. The monetary problems that the United States and the Kingdom of Madhya Pradesh are currently confronting must be understood by candidates.

Environmental Studies: The subjects protected in this element are sustainable development, environmental issues, and conservation projects. Candidates should be informed about environmental legal guidelines and regulations.

Science and Technology: A foundational expertise in chemistry, biology, physics, and technological traits is required. The reason for this portion is to evaluate the applicants’ knowledge of scientific advancements.

Mental Capacity and Reasoning

Analogies: Candidates need to be capable of understanding connections and parallels among numerous components.

Similarities and Differences: The potential of candidates to become aware of traits and variations is evaluated in this region. 

Candidates are evaluated on their capacity to perceive and paint with spatial aspects. Understanding how matters are oriented in space is important to information in this segment. 

Problem-Solving: This region evaluates logical thinking and hassle-fixing abilities. 

Analysis: The capacity to assess statistics and reach relevant judgments is checked. 

Making selections: Candidates must show top judgment, especially in law enforcement. 

Visual Memory: In this section, memory and not forgetting skills—mainly those touching on visual factors—are evaluated.

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Ability with Numbers

Number Systems: Applicants should own solid information on fractions, decimals, and integers.

Fractions: A prerequisite for this lesson is the capacity to comprehend and control fractions. 

Decimals: The capability to paint with decimals is vital for mathematical computations. 

Percentages: Candidates must locate solutions to demanding situations involving probabilities and how they’re used. 

Ratio and Proportion: The comprehension and application of ratios and proportions are the primary topics of this section. 

Profit and Loss: This phase covers the finance fundamentals, calculating profit and loss. 

Simple and Compound Interest: Candidates must know the fundamentals of simple and compound hobbies. 

Time and Work: An important focus of this segment is trouble-fixing on time and painting settings. 

Time and Distance: Candidates must possess sturdy problem-solving skills regarding time, velocity, and distance.

Data Interpretation: This segment offers the evaluation and interpretation of statistics. This is proven in several methods, consisting of graphs and tables.

Hindi in standard

Hindi vocabulary, consisting of synonyms and antonyms, must be properly versed so that you can perform this project.

Grammar: Applicants have to be gifted in all factors of Hindi grammar, which includes verb tenses, sentence production, and verb forms.

Comprehension: This section assesses your capability to read, comprehend, and analyze written passages.

Idioms and Phrases: It is vital to apprehend the often-used idioms and phrases in Hindi.

Standard English

Comprehension: This part evaluates the candidate’s ability to realize and examine written texts in English, similar to the Hindi component.

Grammar: Applicants ought to possess stable expertise in English sentence structure, punctuation, and parts of speech.

Strong English vocabulary is essential, and this includes knowing synonyms and antonyms.

Sentence Structure: This section assesses your ability to assemble grammatically sound sentences.

Synonyms and Antonyms: Identifying words with similar or contrary meanings is crucial to this section.

Writing Ability: Candidates may be required to write down essays or paragraphs to assess their writing abilities.

Law and Constitution

Candidates must possess a radical expertise of the Indian Constitution, its provisions, and its amendments. 

Criminal Laws: Candidates must possess a radical know-how of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and other criminal laws. 

Civil Laws: Candidates must comprehend civil legal guidelines, such as contracts and assets laws.

Evidence Act: Candidates should comprehend the Indian Evidence Act and its numerous provisions.

Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC): Candidates need to comprehend criminal technique laws and court techniques. 

Code of Civil Procedure (CPC): Candidates should have a radical know-how of the Indian Constitution, its provisions, and its amendments.

Legal Maxims: Candidates must thoroughly know legal maxims and their utility in felony contexts.

General Science

Physics: This element covers the fundamentals of physics up to the tenth widespread degree.

Chemistry: Included are simple chemistry standards, as much as the tenth trendy level. 

Biology: This section covers the basics of biology, consisting of human anatomy and body structure. 

Computer Expertise

Computer Basics: Applicants must understand the hardware, software programs, and functions of computer systems. 

Internet: This phase assesses your expertise in common internet apps, online protection, and net usage. 

MS Office: It’s crucial to be acquainted with Word and Excel, among other Microsoft Office applications. 

Networking: This section covers the basics of computer networking, network sorts, and communique protocols. 

The pattern of the MP SI Exam 

Numerous common steps within the MP SI Exam selection technique, each intended to evaluate a selected set of abilities and concern count. The essential phases encompass:

Written Examination:

  • The written test is frequently administered in many examinations, every one of which covers a distinct challenge pertinent to the responsibilities of a Sub-Inspector. 
  • General Knowledge, Reasoning and Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Law and Constitution, General Science, General Hindi, General English, and Computer Proficiency are some viable paper topics. 
  • Every paper may incorporate a one-of-a-kind amount of questions and have a one-of-a-kind length. 
  • Typically, the questions are a couple of deep, objective questions. 

Test of Physical Efficiency (PET): 

  • It is generally important for applicants who pass the written check to take a Physical Efficiency Test.
  • The PET aims to assess candidates’ bodily health through bodily sports such as an 800-meter race, lengthy jump, shot placement, and different exercises. 

Medical Assessment: 

Upon passing the written and PET assessments, candidates usually must go through a clinical test to confirm that their fitness requirements are met. 

Interview/Individual Assessment: 

  • Those who made the fast list after the written exam may be invited for a personality check-up or interview. 
  • During this section, the candidate’s conversation talents, in shape for the location, and different factors no longer protected within the written examination are evaluated.


What is the best way to prepare for the Main Examination’s General Studies paper?

Attention to good judgment, vast information, and cutting-edge activities. To improve your preparation, study newspapers daily, keep up with local, countrywide, and international happenings, and practice answering goal-kind questions.

Is the final advantage list dependent on Paper II from the initial examination?

Paper II is qualifying in character; hence, no. The last merit list does not consider the grades earned in Paper II. Although passing this paper is required, the outcomes are not used to decide the final ranking.

What is the Main Examination’s marking timetable?

In the Main Examination, a correct response is worth marks. False responses do now not result in a failing grade. When attempting the questions, take note of precision.

How can I prepare for the PPT or Physical Proficiency Test?

Make physical hobbies like walking, leaping, and other workout routines part of your habit. Regular exercise will help you attain the desired tiers by increasing speed and endurance.

Can I use a dictionary while taking the Main Examination’s General Hindi paper?

The dictionary usage isn’t accepted for the General Hindi paper since it’s far descriptive. It evaluates your command of the language regarding comprehension, syntax, and vocabulary.


The MP SI Exam Syllabus thoroughly compares candidates’ knowledge and capabilities across many topics, from laptop talent to law, from preferred cognizance to specialized expertise. Prospective candidates should method their guidance methodically, emphasizing improving their comprehension of each problem. Furthermore, training with mock exams and preparing for cutting-edge events will substantially increase one’s chances of passing this competitive exam. Becoming a Madhya Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector involves dedication and careful planning.

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