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Nikki Bella Net Worth
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The American wrestler Nikki Bella. Nikki Bella Net worth is estimated to be $10 million. The main reason that Bella is well-known is that she was a long-time professional wrestler for the WWE. She was one half of the wrestling duo known as The Bella Twins, along with her sister Brie Bella.

Nikki Bella Net Worth
Nikki Bella Net Worth

She made her “Smackdown” debut in 2008, and eventually went on to win the WWE Divas Championship twice. The longest-lasting reign of this title belongs to Nikki. She is one of the top female wrestlers in the world, according to many wrestling publications. Throughout her sporting career, she received various honors.

Bella has had numerous film and television appearances in addition to her work in professional wrestling. The Bella Twins also have their own wine label, apparel lines, and YouTube channel. Additionally, the twins have started their own podcast. Bella has appeared in 11 different WWE titles and is a regular character in wrestling video games.

Nikki Bella Overview

NameStephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace “Nikki Bella”
Date of birthNovember 21st, 1983
Place of BirthSan Diego, California in the United States.
Age39 years old.
Height168 cm (5′ 6″)
Weight57 Kg (125 lbs)
EducationGrossmont College
ProfessionWrestler, Entrepreneur, TV Personality
Net worth 2022$10 million
Annual Salary$1 million
Last Updated2022
Nikki Bella Overview

Nikki Bella – Early Life

On November 21st, 1983, Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace was born in San Diego, California. Nikki, who is 16 minutes older than her identical twin sister, was born and raised on a farm in a Scottsdale, Arizona, suburb. She and her twin were both keen soccer players from an early age, and Nikki was initially focused on a professional soccer career until she sustained a leg injury that ended her career. 

Stephanie returned to San Diego after receiving her high school diploma to enroll in Grossmont College. She only stayed for approximately a year, though, before moving to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment sector. She initially worked as a waiter while looking for an agency.

Nikki Bella - Early Life
Nikki Bella – Early Life

Bella found it quite simple to find modeling, acting, and promotional work once she acquired representation. She had one of her very first significant TV appearances on the reality program “Meet My Folks.” After that, she and her twin sister appeared in a Budweiser commercial during the World Cup, raising the illustrious soccer trophy.

She and her identical sister started taking part in the 2006 “International Body Doubles” twins competition. The Bella twins took part in the WWE Diva Search in 2006. The twins’ endeavors failed in both cases.

Nikki Bella – Career 

Before they were signed to the WWE in 2007, the twins only had to wait one more year. Quickly given the name “The Bella Twins,” Nikki and Brie made their debut in Florida Championship Wrestling. Nikki participated in bikini competitions during this time. In 2008, Brie made her “Smackdown” debut before Nikki was formally introduced. The twins were now well-known for participating in tag team matches.

Nikki won the title of Divas Champion for the first time between 2011 and 2012. Although the two briefly left the WWE before coming back in 2013, this was the beginning of Nikki’s lengthy reign. Nikki retired in 2019 after holding the record for the longest reigning Divas Champion. The twins were admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2020.

Television and film: 

The twins have made appearances in a variety of movies and TV shows in addition to professional wrestling. They had a cameo on MTV’s “Ridiculousness” in 2012. The television programs “Psych” and “Total Divas” are two others of significance. They voiced characters in the animated film “The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown” and made an appearance in the 2014 film “Confessions of a Womanizer.” Additionally, they have made appearances at the Teen Choice Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and Miss USA 2013 pageant.

The pair launched a YouTube account together in 2016. Nikki took part in the 2017 season of “Dancing with the Stars.” The twins have also made appearances in several WWE video games and started their podcast in 2019.

Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella – Net worth

Nikki withdrew from professional wrestling on 24 March 2019, thus she is no longer a part of the WWE company, but her time there surely laid the groundwork for her current net worth.

Nikki Bella, the best American professional wrestler in the world, has a $10 million net worth. Nikki Bella is the most well-known American professional wrestler, and Forbes, IMDB, and Wikipedia all estimate her net worth to be about $10 million. 

As we have already talked about. 10 million dollars are the value of Nikki Bella. Her time in the WWE has contributed to half of her net worth, while Brie, Nikki Bella, and her business career have contributed to the other half. Bella owns a highly recognized clothesline. They make two million dollars from the clothesline company each year. Instead of pursuing her failed pro wrestling career, she is devoting all of her attention to her fashion line. Watch this space for more celebrity news.

Nikki Bella – Relationships

At age 20, Nikki wed her high school sweetheart; however, the union lasted barely three years before being annulled. Bella started dating John Cena, a fellow professional wrestler, in 2012. The two got engaged five years later. After they competed in a tag-team bout together at WrestleMania 33, Cena proposed to her. After that, Bella and Cena abruptly called off their engagement and postponed their 2018 wedding.

Bella started dating Artem Chigvintsev after she competed in “Dancing with the Stars.” In 2019, the two began dating, and in 2020, they declared their engagement. Nikki announced that she was expecting her first child later in 2020. In the summer of 2020, she and Artem gave birth to their first child.

Nikki Bella – Real Estate

Nikki is a fully-licensed real estate agent in addition to being a WWE legend and a public figure. According to rumors, Bella sold her Arizona house in August 2020 for little under $2 million. Only three months earlier, they had made the property purchase, which led observers to surmise that Nikki and her then fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev, never planned for this to be their actual home. She asked $1.995 million for the 10,000-square-foot house. There are three fireplaces and five bedrooms in the house.

It was revealed that Nikki and her identical twin sister were relocating to Napa Valley in October of 2020. Before deciding to move, the twins claimed that they were “always in California” and that they conducted a great deal of business there. Both women said they intended to downsize and go to their “favorite state” in an interview. Nikki added that this was the reason she had marketed her Arizona house. The brothers also disclosed plans to increase Napa Valley wine production.

Nikki Bella – Investments

On March 24th, 2019, Nikki announced her retirement from professional wrestling. Nikki is still a popular actor, model, and entrepreneur even if she has ended her wrestling career. The star of the popular reality series Total Divas and Total Bellas on E! is Bella. Nikki is the proud co-owner of their brand, which includes the Belle Radici Wine company and the Birdiebee clothing line with her sister Brie.

Over the years, the twins have started a variety of businesses, including a body and beauty brand called Nicole + Brizee, a clothing line called Birdiebee, and a wine label called Belle Radici.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella, who is she?

On November 21, 1983, Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace was born. By the moniker of Nikki Bella, she is an American professional wrestler and television personality. She currently serves as a WWE ambassador. Bella joined WWE in 2007. She and her identical sister Brie were assigned to the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) developmental region, where they earned the moniker “The Bella Twins.”

Is Nikki Bella retired?

Yes, earlier this year during the Total Bellas Season 4 finale, Nikki Bella declared her retirement from the WWE.

Nikki Bella and John Cena: Still dating?

No, in April 2018, John Cena and Nikki Bella ended their six-year union.

Has Nikki Bella found love?

Yes, Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are engaged.

What is the net worth of the Bella Twins?

The Bella Twins are American models and professional wrestlers who have a combined net worth of $10 million, according to celebrity net worth.

What is Nikki Bella’s age?

Nikki Bella is currently 38 years old (21 November 1983).

How much money does Nikki Bella make?

Nikki Bella makes an estimated $1 million per year in compensation.

What is Nikki Bella’s height?

Nikki Bella is 1.68 meters (5′ 6″) tall.


Nikki Bella, formerly known as Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, is a former professional wrestler who was signed to WWE. With her twin sister Brie Bella, Nikki made her WWE debut in June 2007. Together, they created the musical combo The Bella Twins. Bella has won the WWE Divas Championship twice. She has also held that title for the longest period.

Nikki Bella, one of the renowned Bella Twins, had a $10 million net worth. She is well-known for her engagement with John Cena. She has held the title of WWE women’s champion several times. Along with her sister, Brie Bella, she has achieved superstardom in the WWE.

The anticipated value of Nikki Bella’s net worth in 2022 is $10 million. Given that Nikki is only 37 years old, it’s an amazing accomplishment. The majority of Nikki Bella’s earnings come from her work with WWE. She was one of the most accomplished and successful Divas in the WWE. She is currently retired, and she and her twin sister Brie Bella have been managing the “family company”.

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