Planning to Purchase the New Tata Punch? Here are the Pros and Cons!

Planning to Purchase the New Tata Punch? Here are the Pros and Cons!
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When purchasing a four-wheeler, people often look to get a wide range of features at an affordable price. Focusing on that, Tata Motors launched the latest and unique Micro SUV, Tata Punch. According to records, this model has the highest-ever booking rate of any other Tata four-wheeler. Those planning to buy the new Tata Punch need to consider the pros and cons before making an informed purchase. 

Planning to Purchase the New Tata Punch? Here are the Pros and Cons!
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If you plan to buy this new Micro SUV from Tata, don’t miss securing it with a Tata car insurance policyEvery car owner must get an insurance policy to avoid unnecessary money outflow due to third-party or own damages. Therefore, choose your policy plans accordingly to ensure maximum benefits.

Keep reading to explore the all-new Tata Punch! Also, get to know the importance of getting your Tata Punch insured.

Pros of Buying a New Tata Punch

When Tata claims its Punch as a Micro SUV, it stands by what it states. Tata Punch is loaded with some amazing features. Here are some of the advantages that set this model apart from the other cars in this range:

  1. Similar to the HBX concept

As promised, Tata launched its Punch with a similar HBX concept to its previous models. This technology offers the robustness of an SUV with amazing driving comfort and on-road safety. Being loaded with such unmatched features, Tata Punch attracts maximum buyers.

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  1. Host of incredible features

Punch is rightly called the combination of a hatchback and an SUV. With a list of smart features, this model appears to be an unmatched option in this range. This model keeps you entertained during a long drive with a 7-inch touchscreen display connected to Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

It comes with a projector headlight, 16-inch diamond cut alloys, LED DRLs and more. Besides, it features auto headlamps and wipers, a multi-functional steering wheel and many more. 

  1. Comes in 4 trims or personas

Pure, Adventurous, Accomplished and Creative- these four personas describe the Tata Punch aptly. These custom packs include Dazzle, iRA and Rhythm. Tata provides these optional customised packages for Rs. 30,000 to 45,000 for all four personas.

  1. Features off-road credentials

Though this model is not a 4- Wheel Drive SUV, it bears some exceptional features of an off-road vehicle. The all-new ‘traction pro’ mode in the AMT variants optimises the car for enhanced performance on low-traction roads. Besides an excellent water wading ability, its incredible features count 20.3 degrees high approach and 37.6 degrees departure. The water wading capacity of this car is 365 mm.

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  1. Budget-friendly

The best part of this amazing car is its price range. Loaded with a broad list of exceptional features, this model is one of the most cost-efficient vehicles in this class. The price range starts from Rs. 5.49 lakhs for manual and Rs. 6.99 lakhs for AMT.

Cons of Buying a New Tata Punch

Despite the attractive features, this model also comes with some disadvantages. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. No turbo petrol engine

Though Punch comes with a refined motor of 1.2-litre Revotron, it lacks the comfort of a turbo petrol engine. Tata already offers a turbo petrol engine with the Altroz model. Such an engine, at least with the top-end Punch trim models, would have further made the model much more appealing.

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  1. No diesel engine

Although based on the Altroz platform, the Tata Punch does not come with and diesel option. Many buyers feel that since it doesn’t come with a turbo petrol engine, at least a diesel engine option should have been provided by the manufacturer

  1. Subpar automatic transmission

It is noteworthy that Tata Punch comes with an AMT option. Although it is capable of offering a clutch-less driving experience, the automatic transmission is not as smooth as offered by manual driving.

  1. Excessive use of plastic

This model showcases an aesthetic appearance; however, an excessively plastic-made cabin ruined the show. There should have been at least a premium fit or finish in the cabin area. The use of soft-touch plastic, at least in the higher-end variants, would have made the models more attractive.

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Get your Tata Punch Insured

Purchasing a car is a substantial investment. One must want to keep it secure against accidents and other unforeseen mishaps. Therefore, a car insurance policy is a foremost priority after purchasing a car. According to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, every car owner must get third-party car insurance. Third-party motor insurance covers the financial expense that one can incur due to third-party damages or losses. However, it’s the owner’s decision whether they would opt for a third party or comprehensive car insurance plan. 

Third-party car insurance covers the expenses for third-party liabilities, but a comprehensive insurance policy covers both owner and third-party damages. One can also include various add-ons to the comprehensive policies that will further extend the coverage.

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