What to See and do in London?

unique things to do in london
unique things to do in london

From the stone walls of an ancient castle, you can see the tip of Britain’s tallest building, like a sharp blade of glass reaching for the sky. This is London: it combines history and modernity like no other destination. And whatever you do, you’ll find something to do in London. The city has a never-ending list of museums, parks, architectural monuments, markets, historic sites, pubs and restaurants and citadines London. We recommend four days to see the main sights and a week for those who want to explore the museums, parks and at least one of the iconic districts. If you have a few extra days, all the better : you’ll be able to enjoy the city to your heart’s content, and maybe even come away with a strong accent.

Choosing the right time to visit London

England’s capital has four distinct seasons, and choosing the right time depends on the type of traveler you are. In late spring and summer, between May and September, temperatures rise, the sun sets later and the streets are full of people. On the other hand, the cold season can mean lower prices for accommodation and flights. 

It’s also worth noting that rainfall is well distributed throughout the year. It’s good to be prepared and to think like the British: don’t stop anything because of the weather, but adapt to it. 

Book your hotel well in advance

London has a vast hotel network, but rates are among the most expensive in Europe. That’s why it’s important to research and book well in advance to get the best prices. It’s a good idea to choose your hotel two months before you leave. 

You can stay in the city center in citadines london, where you can visit many of the sights on foot and get the most out of the London we’ve seen in the movies, or save money by opting for a hotel further away, near a subway station.

Listen, photograph, maybe even climb Big Ben

Going to London and not seeing Big Ben is worse than going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. The British Parliament Tower has been part of our imagination since childhood – Peter Pan and Mary Poppins are two of the characters who have walked through it.

It stands on the banks of the River Thames, in the Westminster district. There’s always a crowd taking photos or waiting for the chimes in front of the tower. We ended up calling the whole tower Big Ben, or the clock, which is the largest four-sided clock in the world. But technically, Big Ben is the largest bell inside the tower, the one that chimes at all hours.

A good place to see the tower is across the Thames from the Sea Life Aquarium. It’s also worth trying to buy a ticket for the Big Ben guided tour. Yes, tours inside the tower resumed in 2023, after 13 years. But it’s a very popular attraction.

Visit Tower Bridge and see the cars beneath your feet

Among London’s landmarks, the only one to rival Big Ben is Tower Bridge. Inaugurated in 1894, it’s the most beautiful of all the bridges spanning the River Thames. You can cross it on foot, carefully observing the details of the two neo-Gothic towers, or photograph it from the shore, where there are many pleasant promenades. Book one of citadines London on the spot to make your stay easier.

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