Shiv Nadar Net Worth: Biography, Relationship, Lifestyle, Career, Family, Early Life, and many more

Shiv Nadar Net Worth
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Shiv Nadar net worth is $28.7 billion, as an Indian tech tycoon, the 3rd most prosperous Indian businessman. Over the previous three decades, Shiv Nadar, the founder and chairman of HCL, supervised the transition of the IT hardware industry into the IT business. He has been able to expand his company by frequently changing its goal. Shiv Nadar, an IT pioneer from India, co-founded HCL in a garage in 1976 intending to make calculators and microprocessors.

Shiv Nadar Net Worth
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HCL Technologies, with $10.2 billion in annual revenue, is currently one of India’s largest software service providers.

Net Worth:$28.7 Billion
Born:July 14, 1945
Height:1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Country of Origin:India
Source of Wealth:Industrialist

In July 2020, after resigning from the position, he gave his daughter Roshni Nadar Malhotra the chairwoman of HCL Technologies. and is the chairman of Emeritus at the moment. HCL Technologies, which has 169,000 employees across 50 countries, hires high school graduates. They learn while doing their jobs. Nadar, one of India’s best-known philanthropists, has given $662 million to the Shiv Nadar Foundation, which works to improve education.

Shiv Nadar net worth is $ 28.7 billion

Shiv Nadar Net Worth

Nara and Shiv One’s current net worth is believed to be $28.7 billion (USD 2,870 billion) (Rs. 2.09 Lakhs Crores). Shiv Nadar and his family jointly own 60% of the Indian software giant HCL Technologies. In addition, the family owns 50% of HCL Infosystems, a provider of computer hardware and services. Even though he is the head of the company, he is best known for the wealth of his family. His wife oversees the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, and the Nadar family also owns numerous works of art with a combined market worth of roughly $85 million.

Shiv Nadar net worth is $ 28.7 billion

NameShiv Nadar
Net Worth$28.7 Billion
Net Worth In Indian Rupees2.09 Lakh Crore INR
ProfessionIndian industrialist
Monthly Income And Salary$160 Million +
Yearly Income$2 Billion +

Shiv Nadar Net Worth Growth

Shiv Nadar Net Worth Growth
Image Credit- India TV News
DailyUSD 1,562,726
WeeklyUSD 7,813,631
MonthlyUSD 33,859,070
AnnualUSD 406,310,743

Shiv Nadar net worth is $ 28.7 billion

Shiv Nadar Early Life 

Shiv Nadar was born on July 14, 1945, in the Indian town of Moolaipozhi. His parents were Vamasundari Devi and Sivasubramaniya Nadar.

Nadar went to the Town Higher Secondary School in Kumbakonam. He also went to the Elango Corporation Higher Secondary School in Madurai.

Shiv Nadar Biography

Shiv Nadar Biography
Image Credit- The Hans India

Shiv Nadar is an Indian businessman who is worth a billion dollars. He started HCL Technologies Limited and the Shiv Nadar Foundation and used to run both. He was born in 1945 in the village of Moolaipozhi in the Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu, India. He is from an upper-middle-class household. His father, Sivasubramaniya Nadar, started the newspaper Dina Thanthi. His mother, Vamasundari Devi, was a sibling of Sivasubramaniya Nadar.

He finished his secondary studies at the Town Higher Secondary School in Kumbakonam. Later, Elango Corporation Higher Secondary School in Madurai accepted him.

Shiv Nadar net worth is $ 28.7 billion

He was admitted to the sixth grade in June 1995, and from that time until June 1997, he attended Town High School. Then, he went to Trichy’s St. Joseph Boys Higher Secondary School to keep going to college. He graduated from the American College in Madurai with a pre-university diploma and the PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore with a degree in electrical engineering.

Nadar married Kiran Nadar, an art collector, with whom he had a daughter. His daughter Roshni Nadar currently runs and directs HCL Technologies Limited as the company’s chairperson.

Net Worth$28.7 Billion
BornJuly 14, 1945 (Age – 76)
Identified asFounder of SSN College of Engineering, &Founder of HCL Technologies
StatusIndian Billionaire Industrialist
EducationPSG College of Technology
ResidenceDelhi, India
Spousal StatusMarried (Kiran Nadar)
Children1 (Daughter – Roshni Nadar)

Shiv Nadar net worth is $ 28.7 billion

Facts About Shiv Nadar

  • 1945 In a village in Tamil Nadu, Shiv Nadar was born.
  • Hindustan Computers was founded in 1976 with a $20,000 investment from partners.
  • 1978 The sale of microcomputers starts when IBM leaves India.
  • The Shiv Nadar Foundation was established in 1994 with a focus on education.
  • HCL Technologies raised $170 million in 1999 by way of an IPO.
  • Bought the Axon Group from the UK in 2008 for about $600 million.
  • VidyaGyan, which provides top rural children with free education, was established in 2009.
  • Roshni is the daughter and CEO of the holding company HCL Corp. in 2009.
  • 2010 saw the sale of 2.5% of HCL Technologies for philanthropic contributions.
  • HCL Technologies purchased Volvo’s external IT segment in 2016.

Shiv Nadar Career

Shiv Nadar Career
Image Credit- Outlook India

In a garage, Shiv Nadar founded HCL in 1967 to make microprocessors and calculators. He transformed his IT company from an IT hardware company to a software company in thirty years to help his company grow. Among the several persons who supported Shiv were his friends S. Raman, Subhash Arora, DS Puri, Yogesh Vaidya, Mahendra Pratap, Ajai Chowdhry, the previous chairman of HCL, and last but not least, Arjun Malhotra (CEO and Chairman, Headstrong)

To provide IT equipment on a global basis, HCL staked and launched its Far East computers in Singapore in 1980. In the same year, the company managed its Singapore operations and earned Rs 1 million. Over 150,000 individuals are currently employed by the HCL Corporation across 49 different countries. Although Nadar is still HCL’s largest shareholder, he has no managerial power. Since the middle of the 1990s, Nadar has made an effort to concentrate on strengthening India’s educational system through his foundation, the Shiv Nadar Foundation.

Shiv Nadar net worth is $ 28.7 billion

In 1996, Nadar founded the SSN College of Engineering in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for the benefit of the student’s future development. Nadar also gave shares of HCL worth Rs 1 million to the college in memory of his father.

In 2006, Nadar promised that the college would support research and make sure that students got the most out of partnerships with colleges from other countries. In 2005, he became a member of the Indian School of Business administrative committee. Nadar was the director of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) until 2014. IIT Kharagpur was the organization in charge of the technical institution.

In 2008, Nadar was awarded the Padma Bhushan in honor of his accomplishments in the IT industry. HCL makes $9.9 billion in sales every year and is India’s third-largest software services provider based on market capitalization.

Shiv Nadar Highlights 

Here are some of the best highlights of Shiv Nadar’s career:

  • Dataquest IT Man of the year (1995) – Won 
  • Madras University awarded him an honorary doctorate (2007)

Shiv Nadar net worth is $ 28.7 billion

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Frequently Asked Question

Who is Shiv Nadar?

Shiv Nadar is an Indian industrialist who is worth several billion dollars. He is the founder and chairman of both the Shiv Nadar Foundation and HCL Technologies Limited.

What is the net worth of Shiv Nadar?

The Indian industrialist Shiv Nadar, who is worth several billion dollars, is the founder and chairman of the Shiv Nadar Foundation as well as HCL Technologies Limited.

Where was Shiv Nadar born?

The multi-billionaire industrialist Shiv Nadar was born in 1945 in the village of Moolaipozhi in the Tamil Nadu district of Thoothukudi.

Who is the wife of Shiv Nadar?

Shiv and Kiran Nadar are married, and the two of them have a daughter.

Shiv Nadar net worth is $ 28.7 billion

How did Shiv Nadar become rich?

In the middle of the 1970s, Nadar founded HCL. He continuously adjusted the company’s focus over the subsequent three decades to turn the IT hardware industry into an IT enterprise. In 2008, Nadar was awarded the Padma Bhushan in appreciation of his work in the IT industry.

Which company is owned by Shiv Nadar?

Shiv Nadar launched HCL Enterprise, an $11.8 billion worldwide business with over 211,000 workers operating in 52 countries. and a group member.He is also the Chairman Emeritus and Strategic Advisor to the Board of HCL Technologies, which is the third-largest IT services provider in India and a member of the group.

What is Shiv Nadar famous for?

Shiv Nadar, an Indian industrialist, and millionaire, is well-known for founding the global information technology firm HCL Technologies as well as for his humanitarian endeavors and generous donations.

What do you learn from Shiv Nadar?

Nadar says that if you focus on your weaknesses, your self-confidence, excitement, and overall performance will go down. The results of trying to overcome one’s limitations are usually little. After that, you need to strengthen your areas of weakness through personal growth.

What is the age of Shiv Nadar?

77 years (14 July 1945)

Shiv Nadar net worth is $ 28.7 billion


An Indian tech tycoon named Shiv Nadar is the founder and chairman of HCL. In the last 30 years, he has turned his IT hardware business into an IT business by constantly changing the focus of his company.

HCL is now present in 42 countries around the world through its offices, delivery centers, and innovation laboratories, where more than 1,37,000 people work in different roles. Shiv Nadar has a $28.7 billion net worth.

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