Top 10 job consultancy in Nagpur

Top 10 job consultancy in Nagpur
Top 10 job consultancy in Nagpur


Job Consultancy
Job Consultancy

People always want better job profiles to lead a better life. There are plenty of job opportunities available in the world. But most of the people have no idea about the jobs and job-providing companies. Some organizations help candidates and companies to gain their objectives. It is called job consultancies. Job consultancies attract candidates for a job and pair them to client companies as per their needs. Job consultancies are popular these days because it helps thousands of people get handsome jobs. Job consultancies have active coordination with major companies from different industries. Job consultancies play a crucial role in sourcing talented applicants and connecting them to required companies. There are several leading job consultancies in Nagpur. In this article,we are going to discuss the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur.


IGNIRE has been a leading Nagpur-based job consultancy since 2012. They provide a customized solution to both companies and job seekers. IGNIRE offers the most suitable jobs for candidates according to their desires and caters to hassle-free hiring solutions for both full-time and part-time jobs.

IGNIRE has a team of expert consultants who combine candidates with the best job opportunities and deliver quality service and adaptable solutions. A variety of services are available in IGNIRE, including HR placement services, IT placement services, and management placement services to industries like marketing, finance, engineering, accounts, AdministrationAdministration, construction, and more.

In the initial stage, they will conduct the interview, and they will give 100% of the placement. IGNIRE has a tie-up with many reputed companies in India, and it is one of the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur.


MK Placement & IT services:

MK Placement & IT service is one of the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur, founded in 2013. They focus on all types of local and international companies of all sizes. MK placement ensures reliability and adaptability in their services. Many companies and candidates have got good results from this consultancy.

This job consultancy is led by a talented team equipped with the latest trends in different industries. MK Placement has a powerful data bank of prospective applicants of different talents and skills. They pick the right candidates from this for specific requirements. Mk Placement is hiring candidates in various sectors, including automobile, accounting, finance, IT, banking, pharmaceuticals, engineering, management, construction, call center & power plant, supply chain, and more.

Their services include training & internship, campus placement, lateral placement, job focus at the college level, and campus recruitment training. They carefully evaluate the skills, talent, and interests of their clients and accordingly advise them with the best companies and job profiles. They have rich experience in hiring & placement with a specialization in IT.

They have tied up with reputed engineering colleges in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh for placement activities. MK placement also provides services in Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Indore, Bangalore, Bhopal, and more.

MK Placement & IT services
MK Placement & IT services

ASK Pyramid Jobs:

ASK Pyramid jobs is one of the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur and most pioneering in job recruitment since 2012. They provide job placement in all sectors, including engineering, AdministrationAdministration, marketing, logistics, hospitality, data entry, finance & HR, and more. They specialize in hiring multiple businesses directly in India and abroad.

ASK pyramid jobs provide expert recruiting and sourcing for their operations. They have a team of committed consultants who deliver quality services conveniently to their customers. Ask offer high standard customized individual recruitments in jobs like receptionist, accountant, finance & HR executive, engineer, admin, clerk, etc.

They are serving more than 200 companies in Nagpur & working with manpower and staffing firms. ASK is well recognized as the top player in category placement services.

ASK Pyramid Jobs
ASK Pyramid Jobs

Mahima consultancy:

Mahima consultancy is one of the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur, established in 1995. They provide recruitment services, design engineering services, organizational development, training & development to candidates and client companies. They offer these services to industries including building construction, artifact, marine engineering, infrastructural construction, manufacturing, IT, health care, and more.

Mahima consultancy has a professional association with national and international levels to facilitate accurate & timely recruitment. Their talented team of consultants keeps up with the latest trends and keeps polishing skills.

They hire candidates in roles for interior designers, rivet operators, auto CAD, structural draftsman, audiovisual designer, electrical design, engineer, and more. They work with a vision to be a leading professional and reliable recruitment firm to serve professional organizations across PAN India.

Mahima consultancy
Mahima consultancy

Job axis India:

Job axis India is a Nagpur-based job consultancy ltd is the largest integrated stainless steel manufacturer founded in 2009. They provide high-class services, including job placement, career counseling, and interview preparation/tips, etc., to industries like manufacturing, production, finance, accounting, stockbroking, and more.

They have a talented team with all major placement industry operations, and they are committed to providing good quality placements to candidates. Job axis India maintains a healthy relationship with its clients. They are working with a mission to provide the best possible high-class services for placement. As a professionally managed executive search organization, job axis India is amongst one of the top 10 job consultancies in India.

Job axis India
Job axis India

Optima placement:

Optima placement is a leading job consultancy in Nagpur established in 2017 by two young industry professionals. It is one of the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur operated across PAN India and the United Arab Emirates. Optima placement is a professional HR solution provider that offers space to post ads to job seekers and employees across various categories for free.

They provide complete recruitment solution sourcing across multiple sectors, including media & advertising, IT, engineering, manufacturing, travel & tourism, automobile, banking, real estate, hospitality, and more. Candidates can register an account in optima placement. After that, they can specify and search for desired jobs and send resumes to employers.

They started to provide impressive and outstanding service to their partners and also to extend the best support to all job seekers. Optima placement work with a mission to become a world-class organization. They provide services including interview preparations, resume display, career management & advice, salary negotiation, courses/ certification/training, etc.

Optima placement
Optima placement

AUR Consultant:

AUR consultant is one of the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur, established in 2013. They primarily provide employees in IT, aviation, real estate, construction, retail, e-commerce, health care, and many more industries. AUR Consultant operates in India, UAE, and GCC regions.

It is one of the most preferred job consultancies in India, working with a vision to be recognized as the preferred, dependent, and most trusted HR partner for companies from all industries.

They serve their clients with talented search partners, temporary staffing, compliance support, employee engagement, employee branding, and more. AUR Consultant is applying a mix of traditional and innovative practices according to the client’s needs.

AUR Consultant
AUR Consultant

Adroit job placement:

Adroit job placement is a job consultancy headquartered in Nagpur founded in 2008. It is a leading and one of the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur. They have offered a number of suitable and capable candidates to a variety of organizations in India. They have good experience in offering domestic placements in Maharashtra.

Adroit job placement caters to various placement and recruitment requirements of candidates and client companies. They offer high-class placement services, including HR consultancy services, placement consultancy services, corporate training services, domestic placement services, career consultancy services, etc.

They offer these services to industries including construction, engineering, finance, banking, BPO, manufacturing, retail, export & import, media, health care, sales & marketing, technical, pharmaceutical, etc.

Adroit job placement
Adroit job placement

MR Placement:

MR Placement is a job consultancy in Nagpur designed to fulfill the vacant positions of all kinds of companies. It is one of the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur, founded in 2009. They are helping the organization to get the best candidates for a particular job.

They have a team of highly enthusiastic and efficient professionals dedicated o providing the right prospective employees for clients’ companies. They provide a wide range of services, including recruitment, career consultant, corporate training, career counseling, personality development, motivational talk resume writing software development, and DMIT test and placement solutions to varied industries.

They gave prime importance to client satisfaction more than anything. They work with a vision to be amongst the most admired consultancy of manpower recruitment, committed to helping individuals & organizations enhance their management effectiveness.

They serve industries including automobile, construction, engineering, manufacturing, sales & marketing, marine & shipping, media, export and import HR, tour & travel, hospitality, etc. Around 1800 students have got a placement through MR Placement.

MR Placement
MR Placement

Nagpur job consultant:

Nagpur job consultant is leading, and fast progressing job consultancy in Nagpur provides services to various sectors all over India. It is one of the top 10 job consultancies founded in 2012. Since its inception, it has become popular amongst companies & job seekers nationwide.

They have a dedicated team of consultants who have made a good reputation in every part of the country. Their services include placement& recruitment, manpower services, etc.This is one of the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur.

Nagpur job consultant
Nagpur job consultant

List of Top 10 job consultancy in Nagpur:

2MK Placement & IT service2013
3ASK Pyramid jobs2012
4Mahima consultancy1995
5Job Axis India2009
6Optima placement2017
7AUR consultant2013
8Adroit job placement2008
9MR Placement2009
10Nagpur job consultant2012
List of Top 10 job consultancy in Nagpur

FAQ’s about Top 10 job consultancy in Nagpur:

What is a job consultancy?

Companies those are provided job placements to job seekers and sufficient manpower to client companies. They also provide advice to their clients as per their requirements.

What are the benefits of choosing a job consultancy?

Advising on career opportunities
Negotiating with clients
Enhancing the resume
Matching specific candidates needs with suitable companies

Which is the popular job consultancy in India?

ABC job placement consultants
What are the five stages of the recruitment process?
Recruitment planning
Strategies development
Evaluation & control

What are the duties of a job consultant?

Screen individuals, interview them, run background checks, and the last match them to appropriate clients. They also provide advice to both clients & candidates on training requirements, salary levels, and career opportunities.

What are the skills needed for a job consultant?

Excellent interpersonal & communication skills
Sales & negotiating skills
Ability to handle multiple priorities
Problem-solving ability
The ability to meet deadlines & targets
Confidence & self motivation
Team working skills
Ambition & determination to succeed
Time management & organizational skills

Which are the top 10 job consultancies in Nagpur?

MK Placement & education service
ASK Pyramid jobs
Mahima consultancy
Job Axis India
Optima placement
AUR consultant
Adroit job placement
MR Placement
Nagpur job consultant


Job consultancies are continuously improving in India and play a crucial role in the country’s development. These companies provide employment to unemployed people and help them to stand handsome positions in society. There are several job consultancies in Nagpur, but here we have listed the top job consultancies in Nagpur. According to us, these are the top 10 job consultancy in Nagpur.

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