UP NHM CHO Exam: A Comprehensive Guide



Now, you had set your aim to work as a health officer? Look no other than the UP NHM CHO [Community Health Officer] exam!  The UP NHM CHO program, under the National Health Mission (NHM), selects qualified professionals to cover the gap between healthcare services and remote areas. CHOs are responsible for:

  • Providing basic medical care and preventive services
  • Raising awareness about hygiene, sanitation, and healthy living practices
  • Identifying and managing common illnesses
  • Referring patients to higher-level healthcare facilities when needed
  • Implementing government health programs and initiatives

UP NHM CHO Eligibility criteria:

  • Educational Qualification-> B.Sc. (Nursing) or Post-Basic B.Sc. (Nursing) from a recognized university or institute
  • Age Limit-> Minimum 21 years, maximum 40 years (relaxation applicable as per UP government norms)
  • Domicile-> Resident of Uttar Pradesh

Exam pattern for UP NHM CHO:

The UP NHM CHO exam is computer-based and consists of two parts:

  1. Online Written Exam-> Objective type, with questions from General Knowledge, General Hindi, and Nursing/Paramedical Science. Duration: 2 hours; maximum marks-> 100.
  2. Practical Test: Assessment of basic clinical skills and knowledge application in a simulated setting. Duration: 30 minutes; maximum marks: 50.

UP NHM CHO Important dates:

  • Application Period-> January 29th to February 7th, 2024
  • Exam Date-> To be announced (generally within a few months of application closure).
  • Admit Card Download-> To be notified after the exam date announcement

How to prepare for UP NHMCHO?

Understand the syllabus and examination pattern-

It is very essential step, to make a clear concept regarding “what to study?” & “How it will be asked?”

Create a study plan-

Once you have get the perfect materials, you need to create a study plan. This will assist you to remain on track and make sure that you covers all of the crucial topics. Your study layout has to be realistic and achievable, and it is necessary to plan practical time for every analysis of a new topics and revising what you have already learned.

Self-Study or Coaching-

The most common question in students’ minds is how to prepare for the CHO exam and whether to take  coaching or not. The best decision will be a combination of both. Now,  CHO  is not something  you have included in your school curriculum. Therefore, coaching will guide you  in your preparation by providing you with relevant study materials and tests. Then you can  solve exercises and review materials to study on your own.

Work on fundamentals-

Developing fundamental concepts should be given top priority before moving on to  CHO exam level questions. So focus on studying basic concepts and practice easy questions  first. Then gradually move on to higher level questions.

Practice lots of questions-

After completing a topic, practice asking as many questions as possible on that  topic. Move from lower to higher difficulty  questions. Just reviewing the concepts a few times through practice can help you prepare for the CHO exam.

Analysis of test-

A practice test is a simulation of the real test. So, as the exam approaches, taking practice tests regularly should be a part of your CHO preparation strategy. Additionally, it is equally important to analyze the simulations you perform and identify your weaknesses.

Practice regularly-

One of the best approaches to put together for the CHO examination is to practice answering questions regularly. You can do this by solving exercise papers and taking mock tests. There are many special exercise papers and mock tests available on the Internet and also in books.

Stay motivated-

It is essential to be stable, active and motivated throughout your preparation.

Focus on your weak areas-

As you start answering questions, you will perceive your weak areas. Once you are aware of your weak areas, you can focus your research on these topics. You will additionally need to get additional exercise material for these topics.

Stay up-to-date on current affairs-

The CHO examination also asks for current affairs. Therefore, it is essential to be updated on modern events. You can use newspapers, observing information channels, and following information websites and social media pages to be updated.

About the syllabus of the UP NHM CHO exam

Section I

  • Anatomy and Physiology-> Understand the human body’s structure and functions, focusing on systems relevant to community health and primary care.
  • Community Health Nursing-> Delve into concepts like community assessment, health promotion, disease prevention, and primary healthcare delivery.
  • Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing-> Equip yourself with skills in maternal and child health, including pre-natal care, childbirth management, and neonatal care.
  • Child Health Nursing-> Understand child development, immunization schedules, common childhood illnesses, and nutritional needs.
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing-> Grasp fundamental nursing principles in caring for patients with medical and surgical conditions.
  • Health Education and Communication Skills-> Hone your ability to educate individuals and communities about health issues and effectively communicate health messages.
  • Environmental Hygiene-> Understand the importance of sanitation, safe water supply, and waste management in promoting community health.
  • Mental Health Nursing-> Gain basic knowledge of mental health disorders, their management, and the role of CHOs in mental health promotion.
  • Nutrition-> Master the principles of balanced nutrition, which are essential for preventing malnutrition and promoting healthy living.
  • First Aid-> Be prepared to handle emergencies and provide basic first aid care in various situations.
  • Administration and Ward Management-> Understand administrative procedures and the basic principles of ward management in healthcare settings.

Section II

  • General Aptitude-> Sharpen your reasoning and analytical skills through logical puzzles, number series, and word problems.
  • Reasoning-> Strengthen your ability to identify patterns, relationships, and logical deductions.
  • General Awareness-> Stay updated on current affairs, national and international events, Indian geography, history, polity, and basic science.
  • Basic Computer Knowledge-> Be familiar with operating systems, internet usage, and basic applications.

Which books to prefer for the UP NHM CHO exam?

Nursing/Paramedical Science

  • Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine
  • Essentials of Community Health Nursing by AP Geetha
  • Textbook of Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing by P. D. Ghodake
  • Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing by Brunner & Suddarth

General Aptitude and Reasoning

  • A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by R. S. Agarwal
  • Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey

General Awareness

  • Manorama Year Book by Mammen Mathew
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge by Dr. Binay Karna

Basic Computer Knowledge

  • Computer Fundamentals by Anita Bose

Common mistakes to avoid in UP NHM CHO

  •  Not analysing the examination pattern, questions and syllabus-> it is important to make a clear concept regarding study programme and which type of topics to be focused. 
  • Not managing time effectively-> Time management is very essential in any competitive exam.
  • Not practicing regularly-> One of the excellent methods to put together for the CHO examination is to practice answering questions regularly.
  • Making common mistakes-> In any competitive exam, it is crucial to be concentrated and keep away from making careless mistakes.
  • Not focusing on weak areas-> As you practice answering questions, you will become aware of your weak areas.

FAQs About UP NHM CHO Exam:

Is there a physical health check or interview round in the CHO selection process?

No, the UP NHM CHO selection method entirely depends on the performance in the written exam. You do not want to think about bodily health checks or interviews.

What is the salary and profession development for UP NHM CHOs?

The revenue for UP NHM CHOs relies on their skills and experience. As per the latest updates, the beginning salary falls within the range of ₹25,000–₹35,000 per month. There are possibilities for profession development via promotions and extra education programs, leading to greater salaries and positions like senior CHO, block clinical officer, and even greater administrative roles.

Can I apply up for the UP NHM CHO examination if I have performed my B.Sc. nursing via distance learning?

Unfortunately, no. The eligibility standards for the UP NHM CHO examination presently specify a regular B.Sc. nursing diploma from a diagnosed college or institute.

What are some extra sources or ways to learn about  beyond the books and websites?

Joining on-line boards and communities devoted to UP NHM CHO aspirants can be profitable for good learning, sharing information about materials, and staying up-to-date. Participating in mock tests presented with the aid of reputed teaching institutes can provide in addition exercise and insights into your performance.

What are some key traits or abilities that make a profitable community fitness officer?

Apart from educational expertise and scientific skills, profitable CHOs possess better conversational and interpersonal capabilities to efficiently engage with numerous communities. They are additionally empathetic, patient, and culturally sensitive, capable of building trust and work with community members.


Your journey to be a community fitness officer in Uttar Pradesh culminates in the UP NHM CHO exam. To triumph over this essential step, you want a complete approach that tackles each and every aspect, from learning the syllabus to warding off common mistakes. Remember to equip yourself with the proper resources, exercise diligently, and hold unwavering confidence.

By staying focused, well-informed, and believing in your ability to succeed, you can open the door to a pleasurable profession in public fitness and make a lasting impact on the lives of those who want it most. So, future healthcare heroes, step forward, accept the challenge, and ace the UP NHM CHO exam—your gateway to making a difference!

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