Xolo Mariduena Net worth 2022: Cars, Salary, Assets, Income Source, House and Lifestyle

Xolo Mariduena Net worth
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American actor Xolo Mariduena Net worth is $2 million dollars. His role as Miguel Diaz in the Netflix television series Cobra Kai is what made him most famous. In June 2001, Xolo Mariduea was born in Los Angeles, California. Additionally, he streams on Twitch.

Xolo Maridueña Net worth
Xolo Maridueña Net worth (Image Source: caknowledge.com)

From 2012 through 2015, Xolo Mariduena played Victor Graham on the television program Parenthood. He started playing Miguel Diaz on the TV show Cobra Kai in 2018. He also provided Zaid 2020’s voice for the animated television series Cleopatra in Space. In 2013, Xolo Mariduea made an appearance in the movie Dealin’ with Idiots. Additionally, he has made guest appearances in episodes of the TV shows Victor & Valentino, Mack & Moxy, Rush Hour, Twin Peaks, and Major Crimes. He played the lead in the 2020 film Goodnight America. In 2014, Xolo Mariduea received a Young Artist Award for Parenthood’s “Outstanding Young Ensemble in a TV Series.”

Xolo Mariduena Net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million as of 2022

Xolo Mariduea Overview

NameRomario Xolo Mariduena “Xolo Mariduena”
Date of birthJune 9, 2001
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Age21 years old
Height173 cm – 5’8”
Weight68 kg – 149 lbs
Zodiac SignGemini
ProfessionProfessional Actor
EducationCathedral High School
Net worth 2022$2 million
Monthly Salary $20,000 +
Annual Salary$250,000 +
Last Updated2022
Xolo Mariduea Overview | Xolo Mariduena Net worth

Xolo Mariduena Early Life

 Romario Xolo Mariduea, also known as Xolo Mariduena, is a very accomplished individual who has achieved great renown and achievement in his brief professional history. On June 9, 2001, Xolo Mariduena was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. He was up in Los Angeles, where his mother, Carmelita Sanchez, is a radio broadcaster and his father, Omar Ramirez, formerly worked as a music producer. His parents have always inspired him to pursue a career in acting. Since he was a little child, Xolo Mariduena has been pursuing his passion for being an actor.

Xolo Mariduena Early Life
Xolo Mariduena Early Life (Image Source: pinterest.com)

Mariduena was born in Ecuador, but his ancestry came from Mexico, Cuba, and Ecuador. He rarely discusses his personal affairs or his upbringing. He does, however, continue to use social media. During the first season of “Cobra Kai” filming, he got to know Hannah Kepple. Mariduea and Kepple then quickly began dating.

Xolo Mariduena Education

Xolo Mariduena completed his high school education at Cathedral High School. He went to Young Actors Space later and took acting lessons there. Since she began working on television programs when she was 11 years old, Mariduena has seldom had any time for academic pursuits. He worked towards his goal of becoming an actor.

Xolo Mariduena Career 

Mariduena made his acting debut in the comedy-drama series “Parenthood” in 2012. The Braverman family, which is an elderly couple, their four children, and their families, is the subject of the television series. The series was a big success and received numerous honors.

He made his acting debut the following year in a supporting role in Jeff Garlin’s written and directed picture, Dealin’ with Idiots. He also appeared as a guest star in the police drama series “Major Crimes” that same year.

In 2016, he had appearances in the television series “Rush Hour” and “Mack & Moxy.” He appeared in the television movie “Furst Born” that same year.

Xolo Mariduena Career
Xolo Mariduena Career (Image Source: thewikifeed.com)

In 2018, Mariduea made an appearance in the drama series “Cobra Kai,” which is based on the “The Karate Kid” film series. It earned favorable reviews and was nominated for numerous honors, including the Teen Choice Awards and the Emmy Awards.

He provided the voice for the mystery cartoon series “Victor and Valentino” in 2019. The program is broadcast on Cartoon Network. Additionally, he provided the voice acting for the animated series “Cleopatra in Space,” which aired on the “Peacock” streaming service. Xolo Mariduea’s net worth is anticipated to be $2 million as of 2022.

Xolo Mariduena Net Worth

Net worth (Per Year)Income
Xolo Mariduena’s net worth in 2022$2 Million USD
Xolo Mariduena’s net worth in 2021$1.75 Million USD
Xolo Mariduena’s net worth in 2020$1.5 Million USD
Xolo Mariduena’s net worth in 2019$1.25 Million USD
Xolo Mariduena’s net worth in 2018$1 Million USD
Xolo Mariduena’s net worth in 2017$0.75 Million USD
Xolo Mariduena Net Worth

In America, Xolo Mariduena is a very popular young actor. In his brief career to far, he has achieved some notable accomplishments. Mariduena is well renowned for her role in the Netflix series, which is well-liked all around the world.

Additionally, he has performed some of the most incredible lead and guest roles in numerous television programs. Mariduena is now filming for a future DC Extended Universe film, which will increase his notoriety. Mariduena now has $2 million in net worth.

Xolo Mariduena House 

Xolo Mariduena is an actor who is still relatively new to the business, but his popularity and success tell a different tale. He has been employed for the past ten years and has established a huge name. Mariduena owns a home in Los Angeles, where he resides. He has recently planned to purchase a few more as well.

Xolo Mariduena Car collection 

The talented actor Xolo Mariduena is a rising star in the business. He enjoys driving, and he frequently shares photos of his vehicles on social media. The stunning Ford Mustang, Range Rover, and Chevrolet Camaro GT are all owned by Xolo Mariduena.

 Xolo Maridueña
Xolo Mariduena (Image Source: thenewsweek.com)

Xolo Mariduena Personal Life/Relationships

Omar G. Ramirez and Carmelita Ramirez Sanchez are Xolo Mariduena’s parents. The father of Xolo Mariduena is Mr. Omar G. Ramirez, a music producer, and the mother is Mrs. Carmelita Ramirez Sanchez, a radio broadcaster.

Oshun, his younger sister, and Talia, his older sister, are both his siblings. The marital status of Xolo Mariduena is single. His co-star Hannah Kepple is the love of his life. They have been dating for around two years, and they frequently make their images and videos available to the public.

Xolo Mariduena Girlfriend
Xolo Mariduena Girlfriend (Image Source: otakukart.com)

Xolo Mariduena Physical Appearance

Young, attractive, intelligent, and dashing, Xolo Mariduena has a dashing and appealing demeanor. He has a muscular mesomorph body type, an appealing and robust physique, and outstanding body dimensions.

He stands about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 62 kilograms. In addition to having short, stylish dark brown hair, he also has stunning, mesmerizing dark brown eyes.

Xolo Mariduena Awards

Xolo Mariduena has won numerous accolades for his outstanding acting abilities. He was nominated for the “Young Artist Award” in 2019 for Best Performance in a Streaming Series or Film after winning it in 2014 for Outstanding Young Ensemble in a TV Series.

Xolo Mariduena Net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million as of 2022

Additionally, he received numerous nominations in various categories for both the “Imagen Foundation Awards” and the “Teen Choice Award.”

Xolo Maridueña Quotes

“Hopefully by now your readers will have had a chance to catch at least the 1st 2 episodes of Cobra Kai so they can get a feel of this hybrid dramatic-comedy which continues the story of the original Karate Kid.” – Xolo Maridueña 

“Absolutely! It was a daily 2-4-hour regiment of working with professional stunts, martial arts, boxing, strength and yoga instructor teams to get me in amazing shape. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Wasn’t just about learning martial arts, it was about the entire task of learning martial arts and then using it in a way that can be choreographed and filmed.” – Xolo Maridueña

Not really all that familiar with it at all except for seeing it as a younger person. Most of my familiarity came from the Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan Karate Kid, which came out when I was 9, so it was actually a big favorite of mine.” – Xolo Maridueña 

“Oh man, just everywhere. I am of course inspired by actors I see really being on top of their game, especially those that can have longevity and also are able to move from genre to genre without breaking a sweat.” – Xolo Maridueña 

“Xolo is named with Nahuatl origins, it’s an indigenous language, spoken by millions still to this day, mostly by people of Uto-Aztecan origin. The name is a form of the work for Dog Star, or “North Star,” Sirus. It’s the brightest star in the Orion belt.” – Xolo Maridueña 

Xolo Mariduena Video

Xolo Mariduena| Xolo Mariduena Net worth| Xolo Mariduena Career| Xolo Mariduena Income| Xolo Mariduena Assets| Xolo Mariduena Girlfriend

Xolo Maridueña on Social Media

Xolo Maridueña’s InstagramLink
Instagram Followers3.3 million
Xolo Maridueña’s TwitterLink
Twitter Followers121.5k
Xolo Maridueña’s FacebookLink
Facebook Followers77k
Xolo Maridueña’s TiktokLink
Tiktok Followers5.2 million
Xolo Maridueña on Social Media

Xolo Maridueña Favorites

Favorite ColorBlack and Blue
Favorite ActorWill Smith
Favorite actressJoey King
Xolo Maridueña Favorites

Frequently Asked Questions Xolo Maridueña

Xolo Mariduena: who is he?

Actor Xolo Maridue is American. For his roles in the Netflix series “Cobra Kai” and the sitcom “Parenthood,” Mariduea is well recognized. A number of nominations and awards had been given to the series. Based on the “The Karate Kid” movie franchise, “Cobra Kai” has received favorable reviews. He also had an appearance in the TV movie “Furst Born.” Xolo Mariduea’s net worth is projected to be around $2 million as of 2022.

What is Xolo Mariduena’s estimated net worth?

Xolo Mariduena has a $2 million total net worth.

What year was Xolo Mariduena born?

Xolo Mariduena is 21 years old at the moment (9 June 2001)

What does Xolo Mariduena get paid?

Xolo Mariduena makes an estimated $250,000 or more annually.

What is Xolo Mariduena’s height?

Xolo Mariduena is 1.73 meters tall.

What is the name of the wife of Xolo Mariduena?

At the moment, Xolo Mariduena is single. His co-star Hannah Kepple is the love of his life. They have been dating for around two years


Although Xolo Mariduena is a talented young actor whose career is still in its infancy, his accomplishments tell a different tale. Mariduena has been in numerous television programs and web series, which has helped him gain fame on a global scale.

Xolo Mariduena Net worth is approximately estimated to be around $2 Million as of 2022

In addition, he is connected to the 2023 release of Blue Blood, a DC Extended Universe movie. Mariduena has a big fan base, and everyone adores and respects him. Xolo Mariduena net worth is projected to be around $2 million as of 2022.

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