Artificial Intelligence Engineering Salary in India 2024

Artificial Intelligence Engineering Salary in India
Artifaicial Intelligence Engineering Salary

The concept of intelligence, a quintessentially human trait, revolves around the capacity to think, gather information, and apply it judiciously in various situations. In the realm of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) mirrors this cognitive ability by endowing computers and robots with similar capabilities. Through intricate technological advancements and programming, software that can emulate human intellect has been devised. 

While distinct in their applications, machine learning, deep learning, big data, and artificial intelligence are often used interchangeably. Recent times have witnessed a surge in robust automation facilitated by artificial intelligence. 

This transformational technology has assumed pivotal importance for its ability to delve deep into data analysis, achieve remarkable accuracy, and, notably, breathe life into otherwise inanimate objects.

Who are Artificial Intelligence Specialists, and What Do They Do?

Artificial Intelligence Specialists, primarily Computer Engineers, emulate human decision-making processes based on historical data and parameter understanding. They bring diversity to systems by introducing cognitive behaviors into machines through rigorous testing.

Responsibilities of Artificial Intelligence Specialists:

  • Develop and create AI models, elucidating their uses and benefits.
  • Comprehend client or company requirements through personal interactions, surveys, and data collection, focusing on viable ones.
  • Translate machine code into an Application Program Interface (API) to facilitate seamless AI integration by application teams for data display.
  • Strive for automation of tasks necessitating data processing and cognitive reasoning.
  • Conduct statistical analyses and transform results into human-readable language.
  • Manage and enhance pre-existing AI models.
  • Comprehend administrative capabilities and align models with company standards.

Roles in the Field of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Research Scientists: Design and conduct data analysis.
  2. Software Engineers: Develop software and manage databases.
  3. Information/Security Engineers: Protect organizational data from breaches.
  4. Quality Assurance Analysts: Run test cases to ensure software integrity.
  5. Software Development Managers: Organize work and facilitate problem-solving.

Skills Required Becoming an AI Specialist:

A career in Artificial Intelligence necessitates a spotless academic record, a robust programming background, a compelling project portfolio reflecting one’s interests, proficiency in computer system management, analytical and mathematical expertise, as well as strong communication skills.

  • Programming Language: Proficiency in programming languages like C++, Python, Ruby, Java, etc., is paramount for AI specialists.
  • Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Probability: Strong mathematical foundations are crucial for analyzing and interpreting data-driven models.
  • Big Data: Proficiency in data management technologies such as MongoDB, Apache Spark, Cassandra, etc., is invaluable.
  • Problem-Solving: AI specialists must excel in troubleshooting various challenges.
  • Communication Skills: Effective oral and written communication is essential for conveying AI findings to non-technical stakeholders.

Artificial Intelligence Salary in India 2024

Artificial Intelligence has remained a prominent topic of discussion, not only in India but worldwide, in recent years. With advancements in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence is taking monumental strides. Across India, educational institutions are offering dedicated streams in Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Salary – Based on Experience:

Salaries in the field of Artificial Intelligence vary according to experience levels. Entry-level candidates can anticipate an annual package of INR 6,00,000. Renowned companies like Google, Amazon, and Flipkart may offer up to INR 12,00,000, contingent on the candidate’s skillset. With 2-4 years of experience, salaries can range from 7-20 Lakhs INR annually. Senior-level specialists with 5+ years of experience can earn a median salary between 30-50 Lakhs INR per year, with the highest salaries exceeding one crore INR annually.

Artificial Intelligence Salary-Based on Location:

Tech hubs like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai harbor the majority of Artificial Intelligence Specialists in India. These cities host the national headquarters of companies like Google and Amazon.

  • Bangalore boasts the highest average salary for AI specialists, at 8.80 LPA.
  • Chennai follows closely with an average of 7.32 LPA.
  • Mumbai offers a relatively lower average salary of 6.44 LPA.
  • Other cities across the nation provide ample opportunities, with an average salary of 5.5 LPA.

Artificial Intelligence Salary- Based on Job Roles:

Artificial Intelligence encompasses diverse roles, each accompanied by varying salary packages.

  • Principal Data Scientist: 17,11,180 per annum
  • Computer Scientist: 16,24,615 per annum
  • Machine Learning Scientist: 9,50,000 per annum
  • Data Engineer: 8,35,755 per annum
  • Data Scientist: 6,99,928 per annum
  • Research Engineer: 6,52,230 per annum
  • Algorithm Engineer: 5,40,220 per annum
  • Data Analyst: 4,97,550 per annum
  • Computer Vision Engineer: 4,50,000 per annum
RoleArtificial Intelligence Salary Average Salary(per annum)
Principal Data Scientist17,11,180
Computer Scientist16,24,615
Machine Learning Scientist9,50,000
Data Engineer8,35,755
Data Scientist6,99,928
Research Engineer6,52,230
Algorithm Engineer5,40,220
Data Analyst4,97,550
Computer Vision Engineer4,50,000

Artificial Intelligence Salary – Top Companies Hiring Artificial Intelligence Specialists in India:

  • Google: A pioneer in AI, Google recruits a significant number of software engineers and machine learning scientists in India.
  • Apple: Apple competes fiercely in the AI domain, hiring data scientists, machine learning scientists, and related engineers.
  • Accenture: Known for its rapid solutions, Accenture actively hires AI specialists.
  • Amazon: Amazon is at the forefront of AI technology and recruits engineers for various roles.
  • IBM: IBM seeks data scientists and AI specialists to build models and provide solutions to clients.
  • Microsoft: Leading its AI team through Azure, Microsoft hires computer vision engineers and data scientists.

Artificial Intelligence Salaries in Other Countries:

AI professionals are in demand worldwide, with varying salary levels.

  • United States of America: 110K American Dollars per annum
  • Canada: 85K Canadian Dollars per annum
  • United Kingdom: 60K Great Britain Pounds per annum
  • Germany: 85K Euros per annum
  • Australia: 110K Australian Dollars per annum
  • Singapore: 75K Singapore Dollars per annum
CountryAverage Salary(per annum)
United States of America110K American Dollars
Canada 85K Canadian Dollars
United Kingdom 60K Great Britain Pounds
Germany85K Euros
Australia110K Australian Dollars
Singapore75K Singapore Dollar


Artificial Intelligence is poised to become the next major revolution in the tech world. Acquiring extensive knowledge and skills is imperative for those interested in automating tasks and finding enjoyment in their work. If you possess a passion for harnessing the power of AI to innovate and transform industries, then Artificial Intelligence is the ideal field to pursue in 2024.

FAQs about Artificial Intelligence Engineering Salary in India 2024

Q1: What do you understand by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What’s its importance in 2024?

A1: Artificial Intelligence is ability of computers or robots to think, gather information, and apply knowledge in various situations. In 2024, AI is crucial because it enables deep data analysis, achieves high accuracy, and brings life to non-living products, driving significant advancements in technology.

Q2: What do Artificial Intelligence Specialists do, and why are they important?

A2: Artificial Intelligence Specialists, often Computer Engineers, simulate human decision-making processes based on historical data. They are essential because they introduce cognitive behaviors into machines, improving automation and efficiency.

Q3: What are the responsibilities of an AI Specialist in 2024?

A3: AI Specialists in 2024 are responsible for creating AI models, understanding client requirements, converting machine code into APIs, automating data-related tasks, performing statistical analysis, improving existing AI models, and aligning models with company standards.

Q4: What are the key roles within the field of Artificial Intelligence?

A4: The field of AI comprises various roles, including Research Scientists, Software Engineers, Information/Security Engineers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Software Development Managers.

Q5: What skills are required to become an AI Specialist in 2024?

A5: To become an AI Specialist, one needs a strong academic record, programming proficiency (C++, Python, etc.), knowledge of linear algebra and statistics, expertise in handling big data, problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills.

Q6: How does salary in Artificial Intelligence vary based on experience in 2024?

A6: In 2024, AI salaries vary by experience. Entry-level candidates can expect around 6,00,000 INR annually, while senior-level specialists with 5+ years of experience may earn between 30-50 Lakhs INR per year.

Q7: How does location affect AI salaries in India?

A7: Location significantly impacts AI salaries in India. Bengaluru offers the highest average salary at 8.80 LPA, followed by Chennai at 7.32 LPA, while Mumbai offers a relatively lower average of 6.44 LPA.

Q8: What are some of the top companies hiring Artificial Intelligence Specialists in India?

A8: Prominent companies hiring AI specialists in India include Google, Apple, Accenture, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, each recruiting professionals for various roles within the AI domain.

Q9: How do AI salaries in India compare to those in other countries?

A9: In 2024, AI salaries in India are competitive globally. While the United States and Australia offer higher salaries, India provides attractive compensation, with an average of around 8-9 lakhs INR per annum for experienced professionals.

Q10: Why is Artificial Intelligence considered the next big thing in the tech world?

A10: Artificial Intelligence is hailed as the next big revolution in technology due to its potential to automate tasks, solve complex problems, and drive innovation across industries, making it an exciting field for those seeking transformative careers in 2024.

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