BIHAR BSTET Exam: A Comprehensive Guide

BIHAR BSTET Exam: A Comprehensive Guide


The Bihar Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test (BSTET) is a state-level eligibility test performed by the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) for candidates aspiring to teach in secondary government schools in Bihar. The BSTET is obligatory for all candidates searching for educational positions in government authorities schools and private schools identified by the BSEB.

Eligibility criteria for BIHAR BSTET

  • Educational qualification: Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with at least 50% marks in the relevant subject (e.g., for teaching science, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in science with at least 50% marks in science subjects).
  • B.Ed. qualification: Candidates must have a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree from a recognized university.
  • Nationality: Candidates must be Indian citizens.
  • Age: Candidates must be between 21 and 35 years of age as of the date of notification.

Exam pattern for BIHAR BSTET

  • Paper I: This paper is compulsory for all candidates. It assesses candidates’ general awareness, teaching aptitude, and pedagogical knowledge.
  • Paper II: This paper is subject-specific. Candidates must choose one subject from the list of subjects prescribed by the BSEB. The paper assesses candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the chosen subject.

Each paper is worth 150 marks and has a duration of 2.5 hours. There is no negative marking for the BSTET.

Important dates for BIHAR BSTET

The important dates for the BSTET are as follows:

  • Notification: The notification for the BSTET is usually released in August.
  • Application: The online application process for the BSTET usually starts in August and closes in September.
  • Admit card: The admit card for the BSTET is usually released in September.
  • Exam: The BSTET is usually conducted in September and October.
  • Result: The BSTET result is usually released in October or November.

How to prepare for BIHAR BSTET?

Understand the examination syllabus and pattern-

Familiarize yourself with the examination syllabus and pattern thoroughly. This will give you a clear perception of the topics that will be asked in the examination and the layout of the questions.

Create a study plan-

Develop a practical study layout that allocates ample time for every topic. Break down the syllabus into manageable parts and normal study sessions.

Collect good study materials-

Collect ideal textbooks, reference books, and exercise papers. Utilize online assets such as mock tests, preceding-year question papers, and online tutorials.

Strengthen your weak parts-

Revise your weak sections thoroughly. Refer to textbooks, extra study materials, and online assets to increase your understanding.

Enhance your teaching pedagogy-

Focus on creating your educational abilities and perception of pedagogy. Read books and articles on educational methods, class management, and evaluation strategies.

Take mock tests-

Mock exams are one of the most important factors in BSTET preparation. They will assist you in checking your preparation and picking out any areas where you want to improve. You have to take at least 10–15 mock tests earlier than the proper exam.

Stay focussed and motivated-

Preparing for any competitive examination can be challenging; however, it is necessary to continue to be focused and motivated. Remember that your hard work will pay off in the end.

About the syllabus of the BIHAR BSTET exam

General Awareness:

  • Current affairs and important events
  • The geography of India and Bihar
  • Indian history and culture
  • Indian politics and constitution
  • General science and technology
  • Environmental education
  • Social issues and challenges

Teaching Aptitude:

  • Teaching-learning process
  • Teaching methods and techniques
  • Classroom management
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Educational psychology
  • Information and communication technology (ICT) in education

Pedagogical Knowledge:

  • Curriculum development
  • Lesson planning
  • Instructional strategies
  • Learning resources
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Inclusive education

Subject-Specific Content:

Syllabus of each subject can be found on the official website of the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB).

Which books should I prefer for the BIHAR BSTET exam?

For general awareness:

  1. “Lucent’s General Knowledge” by Manjul Tyagi (Arihant Publications)
  2. “General Knowledge Compendium” by Sanjeev Kumar (BSC Books)
  3. “Upkar’s General Knowledge” by Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh (Upkar Prakashan)

For teaching aptitude:

  1. “Teaching: Perspectives and Methods” by M.C. Mehrotra (New Age International)
  2. “Effective Teaching Methods” by Gary D. Borich (Cengage Learning)
  3. “Assessment in Education” by C.M. Charlesworth and R.P. Charlesworth (Allyn & Bacon)

For pedagogical knowledge:

  1. “Curriculum Development: Theory and Practice” by Michael Doll (Sage Publications)
  2. “Lesson Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide for Teachers” by Nancy Allen (Routledge)
  3. “Instructional Strategies: Teaching in the 21st Century” by Judith K. Musch (Cengage Learning)

For subject-specific content:

Refer to the textbooks and reference books prescribed by the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) for your chosen subject.

Common mistakes to avoid in BIHAR BSTET

Not having a best study plan-

Before you start getting ready for the BSTET exam, it is imperative to create a plan for preparation. This will aid you in getting geared up and in tune with your preparation. Your study plan ought to be realistic and achievable, and it has to be accordance with your person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Not preparing regularly-

The notable way to prepare for the BSTET examination is to exercise regularly. This includes to solves preceded last year question papers, taking mock tests, and becoming a member of online test forums. The more you practice, the better prepared you will be for the exam.

Not inspecting your performance-

 After every mock test, it is vital to analyze your performance-

This will assist you in becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses and focusing your preparation on the areas where you want the most improvement.

Not managing your time effectively-

The BSTET examination is a timed exam, so it is necessary to control your time effectively. This capability includes understanding how much time to spend on every section and being able to change between sections quickly.

Not staying calm and focused-

The BSTET examination can be a disturbing experience; however, it is essential to remain calm and focused. If you begin to feel anxious, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you are ready for the exam. 


Q. What is the best way to manage your time at some stage in the BIHAR BSTET exam?

Effective time management is critical for success in the BIHAR BSTET exam. Start by creating a time-management plan that works for you. Allocate time for every topic primarily based on its weight and your strengths and weaknesses. Practice fixing mock assessments below the timed prerequisites to enhance your speed and accuracy. During the exam, examine the guidelines carefully, keep away from difficult questions, and cross on to the subsequent question if you are not sure about it. Get back to the difficult questions later, if time permits.

Q. How can I overcome exam anxiety and stay calm during the BIHAR BSTET exam?

Exam anxiety is a frequent problem among candidates. To manage nervousness and remain calm all through the BIHAR BSTET exam, exercise relaxing methods such as deep respiratory workout routines and meditation. Get sufficient sleep, eat a healthy diet, and engage in everyday physical exercise to preserve your health. During the exam, focus on the present time and the questions present. Don’t let other thoughts or issues distract you.

Q. Can I prepare for the BIHAR BSTET exam on my own, or should I join a coaching institute?

Whether to prepare for the BIHAR BSTET examination by yourself or be a part of a teaching institute depends on your learning style and preferences. If you are self-motivated, disciplined, and have the capability to manipulate your time effectively, you can clearly put together for the examination on your own. However, if you choose structured guidance, personalized attention, and the right of entry for skilled teachers, becoming a member of a teaching institute can be beneficial.

Q. What are the career possibilities for candidates who qualify for the BIHAR BSTET exam?

Qualifying for the BIHAR BSTET examination opens doorways to quite a number of teaching possibilities in secondary colleges in Bihar. Successful candidates can apply for teaching positions in authorities schools, non-public colleges identified by way of the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB), and private recognized schools. Additionally, qualifying for the BSTET can enhance your employment possibilities in different teaching-related fields, such as teaching material development, trainer training, and academic administration.

Q. Are there any scholarships or financial assistance available for BIHAR BSTET aspirants?

The Bihar government and a range of educational institutions provide scholarships and financial help for talented school students pursuing teacher training courses. These scholarships can provide financial aid for course fees, study materials, and other educational expenses.


The Bihar Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test (BSTET) is an important exam for aspiring teachers ready for educating in secondary schools in Bihar. The examination assesses candidates’ knowledge and understanding in pedagogy, subject matter, and general awareness. To prepare successfully for the BSTET, candidates have to understand the examination syllabus and pattern, gather relevant study materials, solves mock assessments and previous year question papers, and continue to be prepared and motivated all through the preparation time. By following these guidelines and managing frequent mistakes, candidates can enhance their chances of success in the BIHAR BSTET examination and embark on a rewarding occupation in teaching.

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