Unveiling the Landscape: CA Salary Trends in India for 2024

CA salary trends based on location, experience, skills etc
CA salary trends based on location, experience, skills etc

In the ever-evolving economic landscape in India, a profession that has constantly held its ground as a cornerstone of financial stability and expertise is that of a Chartered Accountant (CA). As we step into the fiscal year 2023-2024, the realm of CA Salary in India beckons us with its intriguing dynamics. 

Beyond the numbers and figures, the CA Salary trends across various industries and experience levels offer a profound glimpse into the nation’s financial health and its businesses’ resilience. This article delves into t he depths of CA salary trends, unraveling the factors that shape the salary packages of CAs, and shedding light on what the current scenario foretells for aspiring and practicing chartered accountants across the country. 

Join us as we embark on a journey through the labyrinth of CA Salary in India, where financial acumen meets the professional aspiration against the backdrop of India’s economic narrative.

CA Salary – An Overview 

Chartered Accountants stand predominantly among the elite echelons of well-paid professionals in India, with the CA salaries often scaling the multi-lakh mark. This robust CA salary structure owes its ascent primarily to the burgeoning financial sector, which has catalyzed a surge in demand for the expertise of these professionals. 

The mean annual salary of a CA in India hovers around INR 8.5 lakh, spanning a range from 3.6 lakh to 12 lakh per annum. Furthermore, the upper echelons of CA salary can ascend to an impressive 50 to 60 lakh annually, contingent upon the intricate interplay of skill sets and experience.

Predominantly, major players like the Big 4 conglomerates and expansive multinational corporations (MNCs) are at the forefront of employing Chartered Accountants within the Indian context. Expanding horizons lead to even more substantial packages assignments potentially commanding lucrative CA salary amounting to 70-80 lakh per annum. 

However, the path to the potential CA salary earnings necessitates a rigorous commitment to diligence and discipline. Gaining invaluable practical experience through comprehensive CA articleship, alongside accomplishing a successful first attempt in clearing the rigorous CA examinations, includes high All India Rank (AIR), become prerequisites for securing these generous monetary rewards. Thus, if the realms of accounting, taxation, and finance pique your interests, the domain of CA emerges as a compelling, high-income career avenue.

CA Salary in India 2023

Given below is the detail of the average CA salary in India for the year 2023 – 

ParticularsPer Annum SalaryMonthly Salary
FreshersINR 698.3kINR 58,200
Average Salary for FreshersINR 804kINR 67,000
Lowest salaryINR 437kINR 36,500
Experienced (2-3 yrs)INR 1100kINR 91,000
Highest SalaryINR 6000KINR 500,000

Starting Salary of CA in India 

The starting of CA salary in India is around INR 67000 per month. Moreover, the monthly income of a Chartered Accountant will depend on the rank secured by the candidate in CA Final, articleship experience, job role and the company in which they are working. 

CA salary is higher for the freshers who have cleared the exam in their first attempt and salary of CAs in such cases ranges from INR 12-13 lakh per annum. Moreover, the salary of CA topper in India is INR 15-20 lakh per annum.

CA Final cleared in many attemptsINR 8-9 Lakhs
CA Final cleared in 1st attemptINR 12-13 Lakhs
CA Final ToppersINR 15-20 Lakhs

CA Salary in India based on Skills

Proficiency in overseeing budgets, strategic-financial management, conducting managerial audits, meticulous financial analysis and control, and the art of crafting comprehensive financial reports are competencies that command substantial compensation within the professional realm.

The table below outlines the skill-based CA Salary in India – 

Skills in Chartered AccountantAverage Salary of CA Per Annum 
Budget Management9.5-11 lakhs
Strategic Accounts8.9-9 lakhs
Management Auditing and Evaluation8.5-9 lakhs
Financial Analysis8.5-8.8 lakhs
Financial Advisor8.5-8.75 lakhs
Accounting and Control Software for SAP8.10-8.25 lakhs
Financial Reporting8-8.2 lakhs
Auditing7-7.5 lakhs
Account Management 7-7.25 lakhs
Internal Audit7.25-7.35 lakhs
Accounting7.25-7.35 lakhs
Tax Consulting 7.10-7.25 lakhs
Tax Compliance7-7.1 lakhs

Chartered Accountant (CA) Salary in India based on Experience

In evaluating one’s worth to the organization, expertise is a decisive element alongside skill. Practical exposure significantly contributes to gauging the upper echelons of monthly earnings, while a zealous commitment to ongoing education augments the value of this expertise. 

For those with under a decade of experience, the mean yearly CA salary begins at INR 7 lakh. Conversely, those with over a decade of seasoned experience command a starting CA salary exceeding INR 20 lakh.

The table given below highlights the Experienced-based CA Salary – 

Year of ExperienceAverage CA Salary Per Annum 
0-57 lakhs
5-1012 lakhs
10-1520 lakhs
15-2024 lakhs
20 years and Above 37 lakhs and above

Chartered Accountant (CA) Salary in India based on different Sector

The domain of a Chartered Accountant’s career transcends beyond corporate enterprises and encompasses the public sector as well. Their expertise finds application in diverse establishments, ranging from financial institutions to government ministries. 

Take a glance at the ensuing tables that outline the scenarios within the public and private sectors, respectively.

 Public Sector CA Salary in India

Job Profile CA Average Salary 
SAIL8-14 lakhs
GAIL7-17 lakhs
State Bank of India7-18 lakhs
Ministry of Finance6-15 lakhs

 Private Sector CA Salary in India

Job Profile CA Average Salary 
Reliance Industries6.80-9 lakhs
KPMG4-7 lakhs
ICICI Bank 6-8 lakhs

CA Salary in India Based on Profile 

The below table outlines Profile-Based Chartered Accountant Salary – 

Job Profiles in Chartered AccountantAverage Salary Per Annum 
Finance Officer35 lakhs
Account Executive8.9-9 lakhs
Accountant 8.5-9 lakhs
Finance Controller8.5-8.8 lakhs
Finance Manager8.5-8.75 lakhs
Chartered Accountant8.10-8.25 lakhs
Financial Analyst8-8.2 lakhs
Assistant Account Manager7-7.5 lakhs
Senior Account Executive7-7.25 lakhs
Senior Accountant7.25-7.35 lakhs
Business Analyst7.25-7.35 lakhs
Account Assistant7.10-7.25 lakhs

CA Salary in India Based on Location 

The expenses tied to one’s livelihood fluctuate in accordance with their geographical location, prompting each company to structure CA salary packages based on regional demand and the associated cost of living. Metropolitan hubs, known for their higher living costs, often offer enhanced pay scales to account for the financial demands and to retain the skilled workforce required to meet escalating needs.

In the spectrum of remuneration, cities like Jaipur and Ahmadabad emerge as less lucrative options, where the average earnings linger around the 5 lakh phase. Conversely, Gurugram and Chennai take the lead in providing the most substantial compensations to Chartered Accountants, maintaining the average income above the 8 lakh threshold.

The below table outlines Location-Based Chartered Accountant Salary – 

CityAverage Salary Per Annum 
Gurgaon9.5 lakh
Chennai 8.50 lakh
Mumbai11 lakh
Delhi7 lakh
Guwahati6.20 lakh
Pune6 lakh
Bangalore9 lakh

FAQs about  CA Salary Trends in India for 2024:

1. What is the significance of Chartered Accountants (CAs) in India’s economy? 

Chartered Accountants play a vital role as experts in financial stability and proficiency within India’s dynamic economic landscape. They contribute to various industries by providing financial insights and expertise, making them a cornerstone of the nation’s financial well-being.

2. How do CA salaries in India vary across different industries and experience levels?

 CA salaries exhibit variations based on industries and experience levels. Major players in the financial sector, such as Big 4 conglomerates and multinational corporations, often offer higher salaries. Experience also matters, with fresher averages around INR 804k, and those with 2-3 years of experience commanding approximately INR 1100k annually.

3. What are the factors that contribute to the high salaries of Chartered Accountants in India? 

The flourishing financial sector’s demand for expertise drives the high salaries of Chartered Accountants. Major conglomerates and multinational corporations are major employers, with potential earnings touching impressive figures, even exceeding 70-80 lakh per annum based on experience and skill sets.

4. What is the significance of practical experience and exam performance for lucrative CA salaries? 

Practical experience gained through comprehensive CA articleship and successful clearing of rigorous CA examinations, often with high All India Ranks, are crucial prerequisites for securing higher CA salaries. These achievements reflect the commitment and dedication of professionals to their field.

5. How do CA salaries in India differ based on skills and areas of expertise? 

Different skills and competencies lead to varying compensation for Chartered Accountants. Skills such as budget management, strategic finance, auditing, and financial analysis command different salary ranges. Proficiency in these areas adds value to the profession and contributes to higher salaries.

6. How does the geography of one’s workplace influence CA salaries in India?

 Geographical location significantly impacts CA salaries due to differing costs of living. Metropolitan areas like Gurugram and Chennai, with higher living costs, offer more substantial compensations compared to cities like Jaipur and Ahmadabad, which have lower average earnings.

7. What is the starting salary for a CA in India and how does it change with experience?

 The starting salary for a CA in India is around INR 67000 per month. Salaries increase with experience, with freshers witnessing an average of INR 804k annually. For those with 2-3 years of experience, the average salary climbs to approximately INR 1100k.

8. What is the salary ranges for Chartered Accountants based on different job profiles in India? 

The salaries of Chartered Accountants differ based on their job profiles. Finance Officer Positions can command up to 35 lakhs, while roles like Financial Analyst, Assistant Account Manager, and Business Analyst fall within the range of 7-7.5 lakhs.

9. How do CA salaries in India vary between the public and private sectors? 

CA salaries exhibit variations between the public and private sectors. Public sector roles like those in SAIL, GAIL, State Bank of India, and the Ministry of Finance offer different salary ranges compared to private sector giants like Reliance Industries, KPMG, and ICICI Bank.

10. How does the profession of a Chartered Accountant reflect the evolving financial landscape of India?

 The CA profession’s intricate salary dynamics reflect the changing financial landscape of India. The profession’s roles, skills, and compensation patterns mirror the evolving needs of businesses and the nation’s economic progress, making CAs an integral part of this narrative.


In India’s dynamic economic landscape, Chartered Accountants (CAs) stand as pillars of financial expertise. As we enter the fiscal year 2023-2024, exploring the nuances of CA salaries reveals insights beyond numbers. These trends across industries and experience levels mirror the nation’s financial well-being. The CA profession thrives due to the financial sector’s demand, yielding mean annual salaries of around INR 8.5 lakh, possibly reaching 50 to 60 lakh, or even 70-80 lakh. This path demands commitment, with rigorous exams and high ranks for generous rewards. The CA Salary in 2023 shows fresher averages at INR 804k, 2-3 years’ experience at INR 1100k, and the highest at INR 6000k. Skills and experience shape salaries, along with public/private sectors. Geographical diversity also matters, with cities like Gurugram and Chennai offering higher averages than Jaipur and Ahmadabad. In conclusion, CA salaries reflect a complex interplay of skill, experience, industry, and geography, embodying the evolution of India’s financial landscape and the dedication of its professionals.

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