How To Identify Good Office Space For 2023 

How To Identify Good Office Space For 2023 
How To Identify Good Office Space For 2023 

The post-pandemic hybrid work life has made office spaces emptier than before for most days of the week. And because of this, landlords are looking for more customers to utilize their empty rooms by offering the same space at a comparatively lower rate than before. This paves an opportunity to look for a better space if you’re currently struggling with your current one. 

A perfect office space is said to be one that contains productive and happy employees, but what “perfect” actually is varies for different industries. Thus, whenever you choose an office space, remember to keep your employee’s needs and business goals as a priority. It could be any of these: a traditional office, a flexible space, or a space designed for remote work. All that matters is the right location, well-designed interiors, and all the necessary perks. 

Coworking spaces play an essential role by providing what is flexible and necessary for employees and businesses—be it for a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a business owner. So, if it’s already time for your current office space to be renewed or you’re looking for an office environment with a completely new business, then this article is just what you need.

Determine an office space for small to large-sized businesses:

Anticipation plays an important role in assessing your business growth. Decisions regarding an office space are based on your business needs. When you’re on the lookout for an office space with a clear mindset on how large or small you’ve decided it to be, prepare a few questions. Firstly, think about your employees and then the work environment, for example: whether you need a large reception area or a smaller one? Additionally, ask yourself these questions:

  • How many people do I currently have the need to provide office space for? 
  • How much area do I want to actually cover?
  • Will I be adding more staff members and who will they be—from sales, executives or administrators?
  • How many private or public offices will I require?
  • What’s the duration of the lease period that I want to go for?

After you’ve estimated the count, you finally know the number of people to be employed and the required space you would need. This fresh approach expands your business without going through any costlier interruptions. 

Does your current office space allow downgrading or upgrading as you need?

No? Well, flexible office spaces don’t change your plans- they grow and downsize with them. It’s absolutely useless to lease a space with heavy money (mostly spent on lawyers or agents) that doesn’t fit all your requirements perfectly. Instead, saving that time to focus on your business growth is a wise decision to make. 

One of the ideas could be to switch to a flex office space that would give you the flexibility to downgrade or upgrade it as per your increase or decrease in the number of employees. For instance: say you employ around 15 people in your organization. You also take an adequate space for each one of them, but suddenly you realize that there’s a need to expand a team and take in around 30 more members. So, you plan to upgrade your office space. 

Coworking spaces allow you to upgrade your office space so that you are free of any hurdles in making a decision towards developing your business.

Is Coworking really the future?

Gone are the days when office spaces used to prefer keeping their business growth as the first priority. Currently, employee physical and mental health is given more importance to supporting the future of work. And coworking spaces are taking that to the next level.

To begin with, they provide a win-win solution for employees and employers by introducing the hybrid work model. In addition, they are growing with the latest trends and focusing on the expected growth with diversity from DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion). Furthermore, they offer excellent benefits for employees and growth to the job market of today. 

Cushman and Wakefield, a real estate research firm, found that the coworking industry flourished and expanded its portfolio by late 2021. However, in 2022, they saw an increase of around 21 percent more area in the coworking sector, which prepared a strong ground for building robust business.

Moreover, the coworking trends of 2023 highlight a prediction on the safety of the working environment of people from all backgrounds. Also, JLL stated that flexible spaces would hike up by 50 million square feet in the same year. 


That’s a lot to experience, right? Let’s summarize it all for you.

How would you like your office space to be? One that just supports your comfort or something way more than that? One thing is certain – no matter what your needs are you would require a workspace that’s fully functional to your changing business requirements.

And for that, you can explore coworking spaces because they’re flexible enough to accommodate both your business and your budget. Consider the inexpensive yet luxurious side of workspaces like Zioks which are best for both shared office and coworking spaces. Known for its flexibility and tech-integrated features, connectivity-centered designs, like-minded community and more make, it is one of the most sought-after shared office spaces in Kolkata. Still pondering about visiting a coworking space? Just grab a cup of coffee and check out their website, or schedule a meeting with them to clear your doubts and make the best possible decision to flourish your business.

Sai Sandhya

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