From Rookie to Rising Star: Unveiling Joe Burrow’s Salary in the NFL

Joe Burrow's Salary in the NFL
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This article aims to explore Joe Burrow’s salary, examining the substantial earnings of this emerging star quarterback and the factors that contribute to the salary of Joe Burrow. From his initial rookie contract to lucrative endorsement deals, Joe Burrow’s financial journey provides a captivating glimpse into the realm of elite athletes and their potential for earnings.

Joe Burrow’s rise to stardom in the NFL has been truly miraculous. The incredibly gifted quarterback, Joe Burrow entered into the football world in 2019, leading Louisiana State University (LSU) to a national title and having a splendid season. Besides earning the prestigious Heisman Trophy, Joe Burrow’s spectacular performance cemented his place as one of the sport’s brightest personnel.

Joe Burrow’s salary is influenced by all these above factors making him switch to the professional level. As much as the fans are impressed by Joe Burrow’s physical prowess, they are also keen to know about the financial aspect of Burrow’s life. 

This comprehensive article will provide you an insight into the Joe Burrow’s salary and other financial accomplishments.

Exploring the financial aspect: An intriguing look at Joe Burrow’s salary

According to Celebrity Net Worth, currently Joe Burrow’s salary includes a net worth of around $10 million. Joe Burrow has recently agreed to a four-year contract worth $36 million, which includes a signing bonus of $23 million. 

Joe Burrow’s salary is still counted as a part of his rookie contract which he signed in 2020 NLF draft. Spotrac suggests that once his rookie contract expires, Joe Burrow’s salary and net worth has the potential to take him to the top 10 highest-paid quarterbacks in terms of salary earnings. Currently, Joe Burrow’s salary makes him the 19th highest-paid quarterback and 233rd overall in the NFL.

Joe Burrow’s Salary 

Following his signing with the Bengals, like all other NFL rookies, Joe Burrow’s salary is limited. In 2020, Joe Burrow’s salary included $610,000 as basic pay, with a total cap of $6.58 million as Joe Burrow’s salary. In 2021, Joe Burrow’s salary increased to $2.25 million, with a total cap of $8.2 million. In 2022, Joe Burrow’s salary rose to $3.9 million, with a total cap of $9.87 million. And per the estimation, in 2023 Joe Burrow’s salary is $5.5 million, with a total cap of $11.5 million.

Once his rookie contract expires, Joe Burrow’s salary could potentially earn him a lucrative contract extension worth an astounding $408 million over eight years. Joe Burrow’s salary is extension which includes $142.6 million in fully guaranteed money and a total of $240 million in guarantees. 

If this deal materializes, Joe Burrow would become the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history with Joe Burrow’s salary whopping up to $5.5 million annually.

Endorsement Deals and Marketing Strategy as a part of Joe Burrow’s Salary

Joe Burrow has garnered significant marketability, leading to endorsements with major companies such as Nike, Bose, Nerf, and Fanatics which is also a part of Joe Burrow’s salary 

Bose has entered into a contract with Joe Burrow, and he has also agreed to a multi-year deal with Fanatics. According to sports business reporter Darren Rovell, the price for a football with Joe Burrow’s official signature is $400, while his autograph on an LSU Tigers or Cincinnati Bengals jersey costs approximately $600. 

Not relying on Joe Burrow’s salary, he only bank upon his earnings generated through endorsement deals. He stated to reporters, “I don’t plan on spending any contract money. I’m just going to live off the marketing money and let that accrue in my bank account.”

Despite receiving numerous offers from various companies, Joe Burrow has chosen to enter into deals with only a select few.

Investment Ventures as a part of Joe Burrow’s Salary

As per CB Insights, Joe Burrow has made investments in Kodiak, a company specializing in food and beverage products. Additionally, the Bengals quarterback has also invested in a professional women’s volleyball team, in partnership with singer Jason Derulo. Notably, Joe Burrow’s parents, Jim and Robbin Burrow, are Blue-Chip investors in the Volleyball League Federation. Significantly, all these investment ventures are part of Joe Burrow’s salary generation. 

In contrast to notable figures like Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, who have invested in Pickleball, Joe Burrow has adopted a more traditional investment approach. He has chosen to invest his funds in farmland, leasing the land to farmers and earning returns at single-digit percentages.

Additional Revenue Streams adding to Joe Burrow’s Salary

In addition to Joe Burrow’s salary and endorsements, Joe Burrow derives income from various other sources. These include appearances, social media posts, licensing, memorabilia, and bonuses. Burrow reportedly earns an estimated range of $3,000 to $30,000 per post on Instagram.

Through his appearances, Joe has opportunities to participate in events, public appearances, and promotional activities, which contribute to his overall earnings. Furthermore, licensing deals allow his name, image, or likeness to be used for commercial purposes, generating additional revenue apart from Joe Burrow’s salary. 

The sale of Joe Burrow-related memorabilia, such as autographed items and collectibles, is another avenue for him to earn and thus a part of Joe Burrow’s salary. Fans and collectors are willing to pay a premium for items associated with the talented quarterback.

Additionally, performance-based bonuses are often included in player contracts, which can reward Burrow for achieving specific milestones or performance targets. These bonuses provide an extra financial incentive on top of Joe Burrow’s base salary.

Overall, Joe Burrow’s salary streams extend beyond endorsements and his income, encompassing appearances, social media posts, licensing, memorabilia sales, and bonuses, contributing to his overall financial success.

FAQs About Joe Burrow’s Salary:

Q: What were the details of Joe Burrow’s initial contract with the Cincinnati Bengals as a rookie?

A: Joe Burrow’s rookie contract with the Cincinnati Bengals spanned four years and had an approximate total value of $36.1 million. This figure includes a signing bonus of around $23.9 million.

Q: How much did Joe Burrow earn as his base salary during his first season as a rookie? 

A: Joe Burrow’s base salary for his rookie season in 2020 amounted to $610,000, which is the minimum salary for an NFL rookie.

Q: Were there any performance-based bonuses included in Joe Burrow’s contract? 

A: Yes, Joe Burrow’s contract featured various performance-based bonuses that provided him with opportunities to earn additional income. These bonuses are typically linked to statistical accomplishments and playing time.

Q: What endorsement deals has Joe Burrow secured? 

A: While specific details and figures regarding Joe Burrow’s endorsement deals are not publicly disclosed, his status as a high-profile quarterback and emerging star has attracted the attention of several major brands. It is common for successful NFL players to generate a significant portion of their earnings through endorsement partnerships.

Q: Can we expect Joe Burrow’s salary to increase in the future? 

A: As Joe Burrow’s rookie contract approaches its conclusion, there will likely be discussions about a potential contract extension. The Cincinnati Bengals have the option to exercise a fifth-year team option, and if a long-term extension is negotiated, it is anticipated that Burrow’s earnings will experience a substantial increase, considering his performance and value to the franchise.

Q: How does Joe Burrow’s salary compare to other top quarterbacks in the league? 

A: While specific details may differ, Joe Burrow‘s salary is projected to rise significantly as he establishes himself as a top-tier quarterback. When comparing contracts, notable examples include Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, and Dak Prescott, who have secured multi-year deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Q: Does Joe Burrow’s salary encompass any additional incentives or bonuses beyond his contract? 

A: Alongside his base salary, it is likely that Joe Burrow’s contract includes various incentives and bonuses tied to his performance and achievements on the field. These incentives can provide him with additional income beyond the guaranteed salary outlined in his contract.


Joe Burrow’s salary reflects the trajectory of his NFL career, starting with a promising rookie contract and paving the way for potential future earnings. As the first overall pick for the Cincinnati Bengals, Burrow signed a substantial four-year rookie deal, setting the foundation for his financial success. While Joe Burrow’s salary was initially modest, the inclusion of performance-based bonuses and lucrative endorsement deals added to Joe Burrow’s salary gradually. 

As Joe Burrow further cements his status as a burgeoning talent in professional football, talks of extending his contract loom in the near future. Comparisons to the lucrative deals signed by other premier quarterbacks suggest the possibility of a substantial financial gain on the horizon. Thus, predicting a significant increase in Joe Burrow’s salary.

Given his remarkable on-field abilities and the increasing demand for his presence, it becomes clear that Joe Burrow’s salary will mirror his invaluable contributions to the Bengals and his elevated stature among the league’s top-tier quarterbacks. 

As his journey unfolds, enthusiasts and experts alike will eagerly anticipate updates on his upcoming contract, anticipating a substantial boost in Joe Burrow’s salary. 

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