John Travolta Net Worth in 2022, Income, Assets, and Interesting Trivia

John Travolta Net Worth
John Travolta Net Worth in 2022, Income, Assets, and Interesting Trivia
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John Joseph Travolta is a singer and actor from the United States. He rose to prominence in
the 1970s, after starring in the films Carrie, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Urban
Cowboy, as well as appearing on the television series Welcome Back, Kotter. His acting
career dwindled in the 1980s, but he reemerged in the 1990s with his appearance in Pulp
Fiction (1994) and has subsequently appeared in several well-known films.
John Travolta is worth around $250 million

John Travolta Net Worth

Name:                          John Travolta
Alias:                            John Travolta
Date of Birth                 18th February 1954
Birth Year                     1954
Age (as in 2022)           67 years old
Height                           1.88m
Marital Status                Married
Weight                           unknown
Zodiac Sign                   Aquarius
Birthplace                      Englewood, New Jersey
Hometown                     New Jersey
Nationality                      American
Ethnicity                         White
Religion                         Scientology
Father Name                 Salvatore Travolta
Mother Name                 Helen Cecilia
Brother Name                Joey Travolta, Sam Travolta
Sister Name                   Ann Travolta, Ellen Travolta, Margaret Travolta
Hobbies                          Painting
Education                       Junior School Dropout
Net Worth                       $250 million
Instagram Account          johntravolta
Intagram                         Followers 3.7 million
Tik Tok                            Followers johntravolta
You Tube                        Account unknown
Eye Color                        blue
Hair Color                       black
Favourite                        Color white
Favourite Actor              Bruce Lee
Favourite Actress          Margaret Travolta

John Travolta Early Life:

Travolta grew up in Englewood, New Jersey, as the youngest of six siblings. Salvatore
Travolta, his father, had been a semiprofessional Football player who later became a tire
dealer and shareholder in the Travolta Tire Exchange. Helen Cecilia, his mother, was an actor
and vocalist who acted and produced before going on to teach high school theatre and
He was educated in an Irish-American area and claimed that his family’s culture was
primarily Irish. He was raised Catholic, but in 1975 he turned to Scientology. Travolta went
to Dwight Morrow High School but quit school as a junior in 1971 when he was 17 years old.

John Travolta Early Career:

Travolta traveled over the Hudson River to New York City after leaving school and got roles
in the touring group of Grease and on Broadway in Over Here! performing the Sherman
Brothers’ number “Dream Drummin’.” For career reasons, he then relocated to Los Angeles.
In September 1972, Travolta had his first appearance on TV in Hollywood as a fall victim in
Emergency! (S2E2), but his first major film part was in the horror thriller Carrie as Billy
Nolan, a troublemaker who was pressured into committing a trick on Sissy Spacek’s character
(1976). Around this time, he earned the part of Vinnie Barbarino in the ABC series, Welcome
Back, Kotter

New Heights of Fame in the 1970s:

In July 1976, Travolta had a hit record called “Let Her In,” which made it to number 10 on
the Billboard Hot 100 list. In the following years, he appeared in the television film The Boy
in the Plastic Bubble, as well as two of his most well-known film characters: Tony Manero in
Saturday Night Fever (1977) & Danny Zuko in Grease (1978).
Travolta rose to worldwide prominence as a result of these films, which have been among the
most financially successful of the decade. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best
Actor for Saturday Night Fever, making him one of the youngest actors ever to be considered
for the Best Actor Oscar Award.

The Decline In Popularity And Return:

After the acclaim he had during the 1970s, the 1980s proved to be a string of failures that had
a negative influence on his career. His movies Two of a Kind as well as Perfect were critical
and commercial flops, and despite the economic success of Staying Alive, the 1983 follow-up
to Saturday Night Fever, reviewers were disappointed.
Despite these difficulties, Travolta made a remarkable comeback in 1989 with Look Who’s
Talking, his most profitable film after Grease, grossing $297 million. With his Academy
Award-nominated performance in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, he validated and
entrenched his resurrected A-list reputation (1994). The 1990s were a fruitful decade for
Travolta, with a surge in movie offers. Get Shorty and Face/Off are some of the movies he
appeared in during this period.
Travolta’s acting career continued to flourish in the 2000s, with roles in films such as
Swordfish (2001), Be Cool (2005), Lonely Hearts (2006), Wild Hogs (2007), and Old Dogs
(2009). He also had his first musical appearance since Grease, playing Edna Turnblad in the
2007 adaptation of Hairspray in drag.

Travolta also sought new sorts of ventures at this time, ones that were not related to his past
performing appearances. He performed the narration for the 2005 documentary picture
Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D and voiced the title character in the
animated picture Bolt in 2008. In 2000, he also worked on a personal project, starring in and
co-producing the science thriller picture Battlefield Earth.
The film is based on L. Ron Hubbard’s novel of the same title, and this has remained one of
Travolta’s dream endeavors since the story was originally published in 1982 when Hubbard
directly contacted him asking for assistance in adapting the novel to the cinema.
After 2010, Travolta’s professional efforts have been focused on the thriller and action
genres. Savages, Killing Season, as well as In a Valley of Violence are some of his works
from this period (2016). He has also maintained his producing career, appearing in the
movies Criminal Activities (2015) and Gotti as both a performer and an executive producer

John Travolta Personal Life:

Travolta wedded actor Kelly Preston in 1991, and the family had three kids together. Jett,
their oldest, died on January 2, 2009, while on holiday in the Bahamas at the age of 16. The
formal explanation for demise was determined to be a seizure. Travolta said that his son had
been autistic and suffered from seizures daily. Travolta founded the Jett Travolta Foundation
in honor of his son, which is committed to helping kids with special needs.
Kelly Preston passed away on July 12, 2020, at the age of 57, following a long battle with
breast cancer.
Despite growing up in a Catholic home, Travolta turned to the Church of Scientology in 1975
and has remained a member ever since. He has thanked both his close relatives and
Scientology for supporting him in coping with his child’s loss.

John Travolta Sexual Assault Charges:

In May 2012, an unnamed masseur filed a complaint against Travolta, accusing him of sexual
harassment and abuse. After Travolta’s legal representatives stated that the charges were
“total fiction and fabrication,” a second masseuse filed a complaint alleging the same thing.
The accusers later abandoned and withdrew both complaints.

John Travolta Real Estate:

The Travoltas bought a 2.35-acre mansion in LA’s Brentwood district for $3.5 million in
1993. The main home is 8,100 square feet and has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, as
well as a tennis court, playground, and a big swimming pool. They sold the adjacent house to
Scooter Braun, the super-producer and manager, for $18 million in January 2020. In 2014,
Braun and his spouse Yael Cohen paid $13.1 million for the property next door. John and
Kelly own a $2.65 million property in Calabasas, which they bought in September of 2019.

John Travolta Flying:

Travolta is a licensed pilot who owns four planes, one of which, an ex-Qantas Boeing 707-
138B (Ex-VH-EBM), was gifted to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) close
to Wollongong, Australia, in 2017.
His home in Ocala, Florida, is located at Jumbolair Airport, which has its airstrip and tarmac
leading directly to his home, as well as two sheds for sheltered aircraft accessibility. Travolta
was accepted by the American Academy of Achievement in 1984, and General Chuck
Yeager, USAF, honored him with the Golden Plate Award

John Travolta Trivia:

1. Kelly Preston wedded John Travolta twice. Their first wedding, officiated by a French
Scientologist priest on September 5, 1991, was deemed unlawful. The pair met during
the shooting of the movie The Experts (1989).
2. Three Gulfstream planes, a Learjet, and a Boeing 707 are among the airplanes
Travolta has flown or possessed. His most remarkable flying achievement was a
flawless touchdown in a Gulfstream IIB at Washington National Airport despite
complete electrical failure. The weather at the time was dark, IMC, and icing.
3. He struggled with sleeplessness during filming Blow Out (1981), something he
experienced since he was a boy waiting for his parents to get back home after late
acting gigs. To soothe his anxiety, he learned to play the violin.
4. Following the popularity of “Grease,” he published “Travolta Fever,” a deluxe twodisc collection in 1978.
5. A Man and a Woman are his best-loved film (1966). Yankee Doodle Dandy was his
beloved movie as a kid (1942).

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

1. What is John Travolta’s net worth?

John Travolta’s wealth is estimated to be approximately $250 million.

2. What is John Travolta’s age?

John Travolta is currently 67 years of age (18 February 1954).

3. What is John Travolta’s annual salary?

John Travolta’s annual income is believed to be $20 million.

4. What is John Travolta’s height?

John Travolta stands 1.88 meters (6 feet 1 inch) tall.

5. What is John Travolta’s spouse’s name?

Kelly Preston (m. 1991–2020) is John Travolta’s partner.


John Travolta is a very famous Hollywood actor, who has been around in the entertainment
industry for a long time. He has seen considerable success and is responsible for making
many actors the superstars that they are today, like Richard Gere. He is not only a talented
actor but also has a swoon-worthy voice.
With so many eminent charms and an endless amount of talent, John Travolta is a force to be
reckoned with. His net worth is believed to only grow in the future because is both empathic
and talented.

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