Ranveer Singh Net Worth 2022: Incomes, Assets, Brands, Earnings and more

Ranveer Singh Net Worth
Ranveer Singh Net Worth 2022: Incomes, Assets, Brands, Earnings and more
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Ranveer Singh is an actor, model and a very phenomenal dancer. His net worth is estimated to be around $42 million. He is an Indian actor who was born in the year 1985 on 6th July in Mumbai. He is a very popular actor and he also comes to the list of highest-paid actors in Bollywood. Ranveer Singh’s annual income is estimated to be more than 25 crores. His father had a construction business since he was an engineer. He is also the most stylish actor of Bollywood, he has a whole different personality. He is also the most energetic actor in Bollywood. He used to belong to a middle-class family earlier but now he is one of the highest-paid actors.

Ranveer Singh loves cars and has a glamourous collection of cars and the worth of his cars is more than 25 Crores. Also, his part of the income is through the brands that he endorses. He is part of many big advertisements from which he earns more than crores of rupees. Here, in this article, we will now discuss the net worth of Ranveer Singh in detail and many more other things about him.

Ranveer Singh Net Worth:

Ranveer Singh is one of the highest-paid actors. His net worth is around $42 million which is equal to Rs. 307 Crore INR. His annual income is estimated to be around 25 Crores. He gets around 10-12 crores per movie he does. Most of his income is through the movies that he does and through brands that he endorses. He also earns through his social media accounts by doing paid promotions. He gets more than 10 lakhs per promotion on social media. He has a crazy amount of fan following, therefore the brands love to hire him as their brand ambassadors. During the time of IPL when he is more demand by the brands, at that time he charges money around 20-25 lakhs of rupees for each brand. None of the Bollywood actors gets this much amount for endorsing brands, but due to the immense popularity of Ranveer Singh, he gets paid the highest amount.

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Ranveer Singh’s Net Worth:



Ranveer Singh


Actor, dancer and model
Net Worth


$42 million
Net Worth in Indian Rupees


307 Crores
Annual Income


25 Crores
Monthly Income


2 Crores
Net Worth Sources


Movies, brand endorsements


Net worth growth of Ranveer Singh in the last few years:

Net Worth in the year 2018


$10 Million
Net Worth in the year 2019


$20 Million
Net Worth in the year 2020


$25 Million
Net Worth in the year 2021


$38 Million
Net Worth in the year 2022


$42 Million


Ranveer Singh’s Career:

Ranveer Singh was born in Mumbai in the year 1985 on 6th July. His parents are Jagjit Singh Bhavnani and Anju Bhavnani. His father works in real estate and his mother is a housewife. Ranveer was passionate about acting since his childhood. He used to even perform in college acting functions a lot. He then decided to make his career in this field. Soon, in the year 2010, he got an opportunity that changed his life. Aditya Chopra selected him for a role in one of his movies Band Baja Baarat in which her co-star was Anushka Sharma. Ranveer gathered huge limelight after that movie and the movie was a hit. Then, he got another role in the year 2011 in the movie Ladies vs Ricky. Even that movie did well in the cinemas and again his acting was loved by many. Soon, Ranveer started getting many offers and got a very good identity worldwide.

Ranveer has worked in many super hit movies like Dil Dhadakne Do, Gunday, Kill Dil, Bajirao Mastani, Ram Leela and many more other super hit movies. He has won many awards. People love and admire his acting skills also he is a great dancer and people love to watch his performances. He performs in many award shows. He has a very stylish and energetic identity as an actor in our country. He has a huge amount of fan following worldwide.

Car collections of Ranveer Singh:

Ranveer Singh has a huge and expensive collection of cars. He loves cars and also he loves gifting them to himself on his birthdays. In the year 2017, he gifted himself an Aston Martin Rapide S whose worth is more than 3 crores. He also owns Mercedes Benz Gls, Jaguar XJL and many more other expensive cars. The worth of his car collection is more than 20 Crore of rupees. Here is the detailed list of his car collections and also the worth of those cars.

Mercedes Benz GLS


1 Crore
Jaguar XLJ


1 Crore
Lamborghini Urus


5 Crore
Convertible Ferrari


4 Crore
Aston Martin Rapide S


3 Crore

Ranveer Singh Wiki:



Ranveer Singh


36 year old


Acting, Model and Dancer


5’10”, 1.78 m, 178 cm


75 kg
Eye Colour


Dark Brown
Hair Colour




Deepika Padukone


Jugjeet Singh


Anju Bhavnani




Ritika Bhavnani


Favourite Sport


Favourite Sports Club


Arsenal Football Club
Net worth


$42 million


Ranveer Singh’s Social Media:

Ranveer Singh’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/ranveersingh?utm_medium=copy_link

Ranveer Singh’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/RanveerOfficial?t=djsEPYwb-uS8k3tiU4pKiA&s=09

Ranveer Singh Wealth Dependency:

Ranveer Singh has huge earnings and he does not depend upon anyone. His major source of income is through his movies and the brands that he endorses. He also invests in many real estates and in stocks too. He owns many expensive properties. He has a huge name in Bollywood and hence he earns a lot from movies themselves. His recent net worth is estimated to be around $42 million. He is one of the richest actors of Bollywood whose annual income is more than 25 crores of rupees. Many brands first choice is Ranveer Singh due to his immense popularity in the nation. His earning potential is very huge.

Facts about Ranveer Singh:

  • Ranveer Singh consumes alcohol but he does smoke.
  • He is from a Sindhi family and his hometown is in Mumbai.
  • Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor are his maternal cousins.
  • He was passionate about acting as a child and he use to participate in school and colleges events.
  • He use to work as a copywriter before he became an actor.
  • He loves to write.
  • He became the first-ever actor whose 4th movie crossed Rs. 100 Crore mark.
  • He also loves to rap and in one of the super hit movies, Gully boy he got a chance to showcase that talent as well.
  • He loves collecting shoes and cars, he has 200+ shoes and 100+ hats in his collection.
  • He tied the knot with the superstar actor Deepika Padukone in the year 2018.


Ranveer Singh is a very great artist. His net worth is around $42 Million which is 307 crores INR. His annual income is also estimated to be around 25 crores of rupees. He makes around 2 Crores of money per month. He is one of the highest-paid actors of Bollywood. Also, due to his immense popularity, the brand owneloveves to make him an easier ambassador. From the brands to he earns goa od amount of money. Every year, during IPL he makes a huge amount of money as he is the only actor who is more demanded at that time of the year. He has a huge fan following in the country which makes him a listed star of the Bollywood film industry. The directors love the fact about him that he can mould in any role due to his capabilities. His style, his energy and his talent are loved by the whole country.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ranveer Singh and his net worth:

What is the total net worth of the actor, Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh’s total net worth is estimated to be around $42 million which is around 307 Crores INR.

What is the monthly income of Ranveer Singh?

His monthly income is around 2 Crores of rupees.

How much money does Ranveer Singh make annually?

He makes more than 25 Crores of rupees annually.

What is the age of the actor Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh’s age is 36 years old.

Who is the wife of Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh’s wife is the actor Deepika Padukone.

What is the height of the actor Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh’s height is 1.78 m, 5’0”.

What is the real full name of Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh real full name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani.

What are the nicknames of Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh’s nicknames are Bittoo and Bamboo.

What is the eye colour of the actor, Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh’s Eye colour is dark brown.

What are the hobbies of the actor Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh’s hobbies are collecting shoes, hats, playing football, videogames and watching sports.


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