Top 5 Questions that a job seeker should ask during an interview

Interview Questions For Job Seekers
Top 5 Questions that a job seeker should ask during an interview

A successful interview must always be a two-sided discussion. The job seeker is equally eligible to question the recruiters as the recruiters are to question the job seeker.


However, there are very rare cases when this happens. In most cases, job seekers tend to act submissive in the false hope of impressing the recruiters. However, the job seekers must take this fact into consideration that before agreeing to any job title, it is important to know the work culture and workplace culture.


It is the chance for not just the recruiter but also the job seeker to get direct answers to direct questions about the depth of the company or job profile. Whenever the interviewer asks you if you have any questions for them, that’s the part of the interview that gives you an opportunity to sniff whether the job is right for you or not!


Therefore, the next time you get a chance to directly question the recruiter during an interview, you can dig down the following questions directly from your head, especially if you feel that you are being underestimated or down looked at:

Q1. What skills, qualifications or type of experience are you looking for in a candidate applying for this job?

  • This question directly puts the company’s requirements for selecting a successful candidate in light.
  • Besides giving you an insight of what they are seeking from a successful candidate, this will also convey your interest in the job profile to the interviewers.
  • The question is very simple and straightforward without being offensive. This is what you must be asking during any of your interviews.
  • Not only will you know about the probability of your selection or rejection, you will also know where you lack and this information is very helpful for your future applications.

Q2. What would a typical workday look like for this job profile?

  • This particular question will help your mind to decide whether you yourself would want to work for the specific job profile or not if not anything else. This question will help you in understanding the workplace culture at the company and you will find it smoother to adjust after your selection.
  • A ‘typical work day is what you will be facing for a good amount of time on a daily basis after your selection. You must know how hectic or light it will be.
  • A workday can be hectic but it being unsatisfactory will surely kill your will to work.
  • Make sure to ask this question and check if you want to or are capable of spending your ideal day at the office that way or not.
  • This question would give you a brief about the workload, schedule and projects that you might have to work upon.

Q3. Can you show me some samples of projects similar to what I might have to handle after selection?

  • The question represents your eagerness, desire, and curiosity regarding the job profile’s tasks and workings. It will bring out the different aspects of the work culture of the job profile and help you in adjusting and getting familiarity with the work culture for the job profile.
  • The fact that you will be asking for a sample project also showcases your seriousness about the job in addition to your suitability for the job profile.
  • By observing their projects you will be able to formulate a blueprint of the type and method of work of your job.

Q4. Are there any special training programs available for the employees working here?

  • If you are applying for a job that is out of your comfort zone and field of specialization, you will definitely need to go through the special training session before being completely eligible for the job.
  • You must know if the company that you will be working with has the facility within its sphere, takes up the responsibilities of training its employees at its own cost or will you be spending for the training sessions out of your pocket.
  • This is a very important aspect of a job profile. It is not solely about the job profiles that are new to you or are new in general but also covers the aspect of old profiles that will be getting updated on the basis of the time sphere.
  • This question might even help you in attaining familiarity with the workplace culture at the company and help you in reaching heights in your career.

Q5. What will you expect from a new hire in their first 12 months of the job?

  • Another interesting and insightful question that you can ask is this. It will even earn you an insight into the work culture and workplace culture in the company.
  • It will give you a short summary of the company’s expectations if you are selected.
  • If you want to grow and get a promotion on the basis of your work, this question will help you get to know the level of effort that you would need to put into your job to achieve heights in your career.
  • To the interviews, it will represent the job seeker’s vision, goal, and stability in the job. You may also get considered as a serious candidate. Surely, this will help you in hitting upon several points in one go.


These were the five questions that any job seeker can ask in your next interview and get an insight into the minds of the recruiters. Being thought-provoking and influential, these questions will surely help a job seeker leave a good impression on the interviewers. These questions may even represent you as an ideal candidate for the job profile and help you get through the interview round easily.


Any job seeker must try to get enough information about the workplace culture, as it will be the motivating factor while working, and work culture, as this will be the determining factor of the amount of hard work that you will be willing to put on in your job.


Just understand that asking questions does not make you ineligible for the job, rather, it represents your interest and curiosity regarding the job profile and work related to it. Asking relevant and professional questions is the embodiment of your professionalism and seriousness about the company and job profile. Hence, a job seeker must hesitate less and explore more!


Do try asking these questions in your next job interview and feel the difference in your self-confidence level. Apply for jobs in Bryon IL


Niraj Kumar

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