Top10 Software Testing Companies in the USA

Top10 software testing companies in the USA
Top10 software testing companies in the USA
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Software testing companies are those companies that engage in analyzing and verification of application/software to meet the needs and requirements of software developing companies or other companies. Software testing companies have a huge demand, and it is a rapidly growing industry today. Hiring a software testing company is a good way to improve any company’s business. Software testing companies provide QA solutions to customers to test software. These companies are considered as the important part of any company that wants to serve quality products to its customers. There are several software companies in the USA, but here, we are going to discuss the top 10 software testing companies in the USA. Please check the companies below.

List of Top 10 software testing companies in the USA:

Sl. No. Name Founded website
1 Quality logic 1986
2 QA Source 2002
3 QA Mentor 2010
4 QA Wolf 2019
5 Mindful QA 2018
6 Science Soft 1989
7 A1QA 2003
8 Sauce Labs 2008
9 Global app testing 2013
10 Logic gear group 1994

Quality Logic:

Quality Logic is one of the top 10 software testing companies in the USA, founded in 1986 headquartered in Idaho, USA. It is a world leader that provides software testing services to businesses of any size. Their key services include mobile app testing, web app testing, API testing etc. They focus on flexible services that can offer a customized approach to support agile & lean development environments. They provide test solutions and test tools according to industry standards. Quality Logic recognizes the improvement of integrating onshore software testing services early into the development process. They have a passion for helping their clients release great, high-quality software. Their onshore testing lab provides amazing values at economical cost without the culture, distance and time zones. Their clients include Verizon Wireless, Cisco, Open ADR, Hawaiian electric etc. They have successfully completed 5000+ projects.

QA Source:

QA Source is one of the recognized software testing companies in the USA founded in 2002 headquartered in Pleasanton, CA. It is one of the top 10 software testing companies in the USA that delivers high-quality QA outsourcing services of a distributed agile model that merges offshore and nearshore technical talent with US management & QA engineers. They offer on-time delivery and customized solutions to help their partners to manage the quality of their products while keeping costs low. QA Source provides a broad range of services, including automation testing, manual testing, API testing, mobile QA security testing, performance testing, QA analysis, sales force testing and many more. Their key clients include eBay, ford, Tech smith, IBM, Facebook, Oracle, Adobe, Prudential etc. QA Source service various industries like cyber security, health care, finance, retail, startup, legal etc. They have a team with deep knowledge of different user scenarios and better experience in various technologies like Java, my SQL, VBS script, Apache etc. Their core objective is to deliver services on time and help clients to develop a quality assurance program that launches their products bug-free in the markets. They are helping their clients to meet their sales force development requirements.

QA Mentor:

QA Mentor is one of the top 10 software testing companies in the USA, founded in2010 headquartered in New York. It is a multi-award-winning ISO certified company leading in the software testing sector. QA Mentor’s core services include mobile testing, functional testing, automation testing, crowdsourced testing, API testing, AI testing, big data testing, internet of things testing, compatibility testing, security/ penetration testing, regression testing, migration testing, local/stress/performance testing and more. They provide free security assessment, performance assessment, QA audit & process and improvement assessment. They have 15 offices globally that offer 32 quality guarantee testing solutions. QA Mentor’s major clients include HSBC, Citi, Experian, Amazon, Zyto, Brain match, Chef Mod, ITC InfoTech etc. They have 1200 talented testers serving 82 countries in the world.

QA wolf:

QA Wolf is an American software testing company among the top 10 software testing companies in USA.This company is headquartered in Seattle, WA, founded in 2019. Their specialties include they get engineering teams to 80% end to end coverage within three months, and they change a flat rate based on the size of companies and not hourly or percent created. 80 % end to end test coverage within 12- 16 weeks is a unique feature of QA Wolf. This is done by their talented people writing and maintaining clients’ tests. They offer unlimited access to their QA Wolf platform, including unlimited tests and test runs. QA Wolf offers full web application testing, including APIs, integrations, IFrames, emails, SMS, salesforce, multi-lab, chrome extension, drag & drop and many more. QA Wolf helps technology companies who need help with automated QA.

Mindful QA:

Mindful QAis a leading software testing company in America founded in 2018. It is one of the top 10 software testing companies in the USA, headquartered in Los Angeles. Mindful QA provides software testing services to businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. Mindful QA provides a wide range of services, including manual testing, automated testing, performance testing, API testing, software testing, website testing and more. They also provide services including express testing, regression testing, agile consulting, backup testing, backup coverage, QA for digital agencies, user experience consulting, QA recruiting and more. Their key clients include Google, Microsoft, Zillow, Clorox, H&R, Block, Taco bell etc. Mindful QA has a team of 100 % experts in QA with years of experience. They provide flexible and on-demand services with years of experience. Mindful QA is an award-winning company known for 10 % of its profits for charity purposes.

Science Soft:

Science Soft is the number one software testing company founded in 1989 headquartered in the USA. Science Soft’s key services include functional testing, integration testing, compatibility testing, localization testing, accessibility testing, security testing, release testing, compliance testing, penetration testing and more. They provide services to major clients, including Walmart, Nestle, eBay, NASA, JPI, T mobile, Maxter etc. They have completed 700 + successful testing projects. They have a team of 75 test engineers experienced in 30+ different industries. Science Soft provides a full range of manual and automated testing services to its clients. The quality of services and customer data security are assured by ISO9001 and ISO 2700 certifications.This is among the Top Software testing companies in the USA.


A1QA is one of the top 10 software testing companies in the USA, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Colorado, USA. They are focusing on maintaining their values of constant innovation, collaboration and teamwork etc. they offer a full package of QA services. Their major services include full-cycle testing, consulting, web application, automation and more. Key clients of A1QA include Adidas, QIWI, Plarson, Karpersky, Inter call, Forex club etc. They have successfully completed 1500 projects across the world. They provide top guarantee and software testing services for all types of software, including any PPAs Or custom-developed software deployed to any domain on different flavours of agile from simple ones to SAFe. Their full-cycle testing services include QA consulting, software lifecycle, QA managed testing services, Adhoc testing, test automation, pre-certification testing, documentation services etc. They have 800+ trusted clients from 39 countries.

Sauce Labs:

Sauce Labs is a leading software testing company founded in 2008 and headquartered in California, USA. They offer cloud-based test platforms that perform continuously automated and live web & mobile application testing for businesses of any size. Their core services include test analysis, visual testing, cross-browser testing, real device cloud and adding simulators and emulators. Sauce Labs offers a complete continuous testing functionality, visual regressions and front end testing. It is scalable for continuous development and continuous integration. They follow values such as transparency, respect, individuality, constant improvement and ownership mentality. They have 3200 active customers across the world and are one of the top 10 software testing companies in the USA.

Global app testing:

Global app testing is one of the top 10 software testing companies in the USA, founded in 2013. Their app testing solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with Dev Ops and CI/CD tools that are already used by their clients and enhance their workflows. Their major services include crowd testing, mobile app testing, localized testing, exploratory testing, test case execution and functional testing. Their solutions empower clients to focus on CI/CD to improve confidence. Their key clients include Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Instagram, Depop, Verizon, Citrix, Ever note and many more. Global app testing uses a merge of crowd testing and intelligent automation to assist deliver high-class software anywhere in the globe.

Logic gear group:

Logic gear group is an American software testing company based in California, USA, founded in 1994. They give services to startups as well as entrepreneurs. Logicgeargroupoffer solutions include mobile testing, test architect and test automation, selenium automation and continuous testing. Their core services include API testing, functional testing, game testing, automated testing, cloud & performance testing. Logic gear group offer flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions to their clients such as Cisco, Disney, Ever note, ADP, Amazon, AM way, linked in etc. They provide absolute software testing and development projects for leading companies across the world. Along with software development services, they provide leading-edge software testing technologies and expertise. They help customers to accelerate business growth. Global app testing is outstanding in QA strategy & consulting, QA training & curriculum, offshore & onshore QA and test automation.This is one of the Best software testing companies in USA.

FAQs about Top 10 Software testing Companies in the USA:

What is software testing?

Software testing is an activity of examining a system with the motive of spotting any errors. Software testing helps companies to provide bug-free solutions to customers.

Which are the three types of software applications?

Web applications, mobile application and desktop application

What is a software testing company?

A software testing company is a company that is engaged in analyzing and verifying software/ applications with the purpose of identifying errors made by its developers.

Which is the major purpose of a software testing company?

The major purpose of a software company is to identify software failures so that defects may be exposed and corrected.

Which are the levels of software testing?

Unit testing
integration testing
system testing and acceptance testing

Which are the types of software testing?

Installation testing, compatibility testing, smoke & sanity testing, acceptance testing, regression testing, functional & non-functional testing, alpha & beta testing, continuous testing, distinctive testing, software performance testing, usability testing, security testing, development testing, output comparison, concurrent testing, property testing, VCR testing, black-box testing end to end testing and more.

What are the types of the testing process?

Traditional waterfall development fall model
agile or XP development model a sample testing cycle.

Which testing tools are used in software testing?

Program monitors permit full or partial monitoring of program code, including instruction set simulator, hypervisor, program animators and code coverage reports.
Formatted dump or symbolic deploying tools
Automated functional graphical user interface testing tools
Benchmark, performance analyze or profiling tools

What are the artifacts produced by the software testing process?

Test plan, traceability, matrix, test case, test script, test suite, test fixture or test data, test harness, test run.

What are the fundamental steps involved in a software testing company?

Create a test plan according to the application requirements
Develop manual test case scenarios from the end-users perspective
Automate the test scenarios using scripts
Perform functional tests and validate if everything works according to requirements

Which are the top 10 software testing companies in the USA?

Quality logic
QA Source
QA Mentor
QA Wolf
Mindful QA
Science Soft
Sauce Labs
Global app testing
Logic gear group


Software testing companies play a key role in supporting all software development companies and other companies to develop quality bug-free solutions. If you want to build a reputed company, it is important to approach software testing companies to ensure the quality of your services. If you are looking for the top 10 software testing companies in the USA, you are in the correct place. According to us, these are some of the top software testing companies in the USA.

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