Freelancing, In-House Hiring, or Agency: Which One Is Better For The Content Marketing?

Freelancing, In-House Hiring, or Agency: Which One Is Better For The Content Marketing?
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In this every day developing and rising world, everything changes fast. So is the hiring process and the way employers gather their team. Some business owners prefer the traditional working process with an in-house team and active discussions. Some others tend to outsource the employees. Therefore, they choose freelancers or different agencies. So, we are here to discuss which one is better for content marketing? Freelancer, In-house employee, or agency.

Let’s define!

First of all, let us define these three terms to deeply understand which functionalities they have.


Freelancer– He/She is an individual who is outsourced by the company on a basis of a contract. They can be hired both for a single project and for a long-term job.


In-house employee– This person works directly in the company.


Agency– This presents an already-gathered team. Business owners hire the team through their representative who manages all the contract processes and other details of the cooperation.


Cons and Pros

Now, as you’ve already understood the various definitions of the freelancer, in-house employee, and agency, we can move forward to learn what are the cons and pros of these three.

Cons and Pros

Freelancing Pros

Choosing preferred clients: This is the first advantage of freelancing. A freelancer may choose a client with whom he/she wants to cooperate.


Flexible Schedule: As a freelancer, you may control the workload, select free days and take as many projects as you can manage to do.


Variety of the project: Sometimes you can be bored of doing the same work on an everyday basis. But freelancing enables you to take different projects and topics at the same time.

Freelancing Cons

Amount of taxes: Freelancing sites and platforms keep too many fees and taxes.


Working without benefits: Unlike the in-house employees, freelancers work without benefits almost all the time.


Lack of Stability: This is so far the biggest disadvantage of freelancing. Finding a stable project or cooperation is not so easy.


Working Alone: Freelancers work isolated and alone without meeting their team members.

In-House Hiring Pros

In-House Hiring Pros

Face-to-face communication: This will mostly improve teamwork and promote team building.


Offering salary and an opportunity to grow: This may lead to getting loyal employees. As they will see their career and financial growth in your company,


Confidentiality: Your company’s confidential information will be most likely kept more carefully.

In-House Hiring Cons

Finding a team member with good personal and professional skills can be difficult.


Experienced ones might demand more benefits such as medical insurance, high salary, etc.


The hiring process may take a long time.

Cons and Pros of Agencies

The Pros of Content Writing Agencies

Agencies offer many content writers: This may ease your work. As many experienced and good writers can work on your project very quickly within an agency. They can offer you a variety of services, such as content writing, SEO and keyword optimization, design solutions, video tutorials and reviews of your product, etc. For instance, the WPGlob Content Writing Agency offers WordPress tutorials and reviews with professional vloggers and article writers. Therefore this is more beneficial for WordPress developers than having an in-house staff or freelancer.


You will have a full staff working for your business aims: The agency’s team can involve many professional writers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, vloggers. 


They have been already trained by the Agency: This means that you should not care for the training and will save your time and money.


The Cons of Content Writing Agencies

They may not keep your own style: Each of the writers especially within the agency has his/her own writing style.


The cost of the services: Yes, the content writing services with a full package of services are not cheap.


Summing up

So in this article, we have discussed one of the common topics nowadays. It is important to thoroughly be informed about the three ways of hiring employees or becoming an employer in someone’s business. In the above, we spoke about the cons and pros of freelancing, in-house hiring, and cooperating with agencies. Each of these three has its big advantages. Therefore, you need to read them, take into account all the risks, costs, and benefits, and finally make a choice to hire a freelancer, in-house staff, or an agency to manage content marketing for your company.

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