Bottle Screen Printing How to Print on Glass Bottles

Bottle Screen Printing How to Print on Glass Bottles
Bottle Screen Printing How to Print on Glass Bottles

1: Prepare Your Equipment

The first thing you’ll need is an empty bottle. It can be a plastic or glass bottle. The second thing you’ll need is a bottle printer. There are a number of different kinds of printers. The most basic is the roller screen printer. They are relatively inexpensive, but they don’t produce as sharp of an image as some of the more expensive models. You can use any type of printer that will fit inside your kitchen or garage.

2: Prepare Your Materials

The materials you’ll  need include a bottle, a bottle brush, an ink pad, a piece of sandpaper, and a squeegee.

3: Place Your Bottle On A Flat Surface

To place your bottle on a flat surface, take off the cap and lay the bottle on a table. It is important to place the bottle so that it doesn’t have any curves.

4: Turn On Your Bottle Printer

Start the bottle printer by turning on your computer and the printer. This will be the same computer that you use to create your artwork. Once the computer is turned on, open up the bottle printer software.

5: Choose Your Ink Pad

Ink pads are used to apply the ink to the bottle. There are two main types of ink pads. One is made of cloth. They are easy to clean and last longer. The other is a sponge-like material. You’ll have to decide which one you prefer based on your needs.

6: Pick Your Inks

Choose the colors you want to use for your artwork. They can be solid colors or patterns. It is also possible to use a combination of colors and patterns. For example, a white background with black designs.

7: Pick Your Squeegee

Squeegees are used to spread the ink evenly across the bottle. There are different styles and sizes available. It is recommended that you pick one that works best for your needs.

8: Print Your Design

Click the “Print” button. It will open up a box with your design. Pick a position where you want to place your bottle. The software will tell you how big the bottle should be to fit your design. Click the “Place Bottle” button.

9: Adjust the Position

Once the bottle is placed on the screen, you can adjust the position by clicking the “Edit” button. You can also move the bottle around by clicking the handles.

10: Repeat Steps 4 – 9

Once you’ve finished printing your design, you can start printing again. You can click the “Print” button multiple times if you want to print multiple copies.

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