Brooke Burns Net worth 2022: Life, Salary, Income Source, Car, Asset, and Lifestyle.

Brooke Burns Net worth
Brooke Burns Net worth 2022: Life, Salary, Income Source, Car, Asset, and Lifestyle.
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American actress and model Brooke Burns Net Worth has been estimated as $5 million. She has developed quite a name for herself over the years, not just for acting and modeling, but also for hosting game programs and being a general TV personality. She made her debut in the mid-1990s thanks to a significant part in the Spanish-American sitcom “Out of the Blue.” 

Photo credit: showbiz CheatSheet - Brooke Burns | Michael Tran/FilmMagic
Photo credit: showbiz CheatSheet – Brooke Burns | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

The late 1990s, after participating in every single episode of this show, she moved on to “Baywatch,” where she gained even more notoriety. After that, Burns made an appearance in the spinoff “Baywatch: Hawaii” before leaving because she was pregnant.

After taking a break, Brooke Burns made a comeback with appearances in series like “Just Shoot Me!” At the tail end of the 2000s, she then joined the cast of the soap opera “North Shore” and guest starred in “CSI: Miami.” 

She also began hosting game shows at this time, including “Dog Eat Dog,” “Hole in the Wall,” and “Chase.” She was nominated for two Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Game Show Host, for the latter game show. Additionally, Brooke is well-known for her roles in the films “Where Hope Grows,” “Titanic II,” and “Shallow Hal.”

Early Life of Brooke Burns

Dallas, Texas, welcomed Brooke Elizabeth Burns into the world on March 16, 1978. Brooke was raised in a Christian home with two sisters. She began studying ballet at a young age but had to stop when she tore a cruciate ligament at the age of 15. She was hurt while skiing in an accident. When Brooke was 16 years old, the Burns family moved to Europe from Texas, where her father had previously worked in the oil sector. She resided in places including Paris, Milan, and Munich during this time. 

Photo: Baywatch - Fandom
Photo: Baywatch – Fandom

Brooke Burns’s Career 

Burns gained notoriety for her performance in “Out of the Blue,” and she then landed parts in shows like “Conan the Adventurer” and “Ally McBeal.” In 1998, Brooke made a name for herself with “Baywatch: Hawaii.” She appeared in 46 episodes of the show over its run before quitting in 2001 to deal with her pregnancy. Brooke also made an appearance in an episode of “Mortal Kombat: Conquest” before the conclusion of “Baywatch: Hawaii.” She also secured her first significant film part before her break in “Shallow Hal,” which she played. The Farrelly brothers reportedly liked her combination of good looks and nerdiness during her audition, and they especially wrote the role for her as a result. 

Brooke Burns’s ( source: Master Minds)
Brooke Burns’s ( source: Master Minds)

In 2002, she was back with appearances on TV shows like “Men, Women, and Dogs” and “A Nero Wolfe Mystery.” She then served as a game show host for the first time with “Dog Eat Dog,” earning a Teen Choice Award nomination in the process. During this period, she also continued her acting career with shows like “Just Shoot Me,” “She Spies,” and “Rock Me Baby.” In the mid-2000s, she joined the cast of “North Shore,” eventually appearing in 21 episodes of the soap opera. In 2005, she was considered one of the hottest women on the planet by “Maxim.”

Burns had appearances in programs like “Modern Men,” “Pepper Dennis,” “Miss Guided,” “CSI: Miami,” “Drop Dead Diva,” and “Melrose Place” in the latter part of the 2000s. She has joined the casts of several TV movies, including “Mistresses” and “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” She furthered her hosting career by co-hosting “Hole in the Wall” in 2008 and 2009. She made an appearance in “You Deserve It” in 2011. She went on to host other episodes of “The Chase” and “Motor City Masters.” She presided over “Master Minds” in 2020.

Fans of Nickelback are also familiar with Brooke Burns thanks to her role in the “Trying Not to Love You” music video. Jason Alexander, who starred with Burns in “Shallow Hall,” is also featured in the video. “Smokejumpers,” “Dancing Trees,” “Trophy Wife,” “Art of Travel,” and “Time and Again” are just a few of Burns’ other well-known film roles. She has acted in an incredible number of Hallmark films over the years, and many people consider this to be the most distinguishing quality of her entire career.

Over the years, Brooke has added many brand endorsements to her acting income, including a well-known OnStar commercial in 2001 with a Batman theme.

Brooke Burns’s net worth 2022

According to estimates, Brooke Burns is net worth $5 million. To date, she has been in several critically acclaimed television programs and big-budget films. The films that Burns starred in are listed here, along with how much money they made at the box office. 

Films’ box office takings

Hal Shallow (2001) – 141,069,860, The Salon is a place where people can get together (2005). – $139,084, Hopes Grow Here (2014) – $1,159,072

Along with the movies mentioned above, Brooke Burns has also appeared in a range of other movies like Dancing Trees and Titanic II. Burns is also well-known for her appearances in several TV series, including A Sister’s Revenge, Detective Maggie Price, Gourmet Detective, and its sequels.

From 2013 through 2015, Brooke Burns hosted The Chase, an American television game show, as one of their regular hosts on Game Game Network. She never disclosed how much she was paid to host The Chase, but she might have made a good deal of money.

Presently, the American game show Master Minds on GSN is hosted by Brooke Burns. According to COMPARABLY, a game show host can earn anywhere from $18,000 to $86,780 annually, plus a bonus every year. Burns’ pay for her services may therefore be comparable. Her past roles as a host on various other television programs have also increased her net worth.

Brooke Burns other Sources of wealth

In addition to her income as an actor and game show host, Brooke Burns increased her wealth as a fashion model. Among the fashion magazines that featured her were Bello, Maxim, TV Guide, and Stuff. These photo shoots may have brought in a fortune for Brooke.

Like many other TV personalities, Brooke Burns might be interested in other enterprises. There is still no information available for those who are curious about her sources of income outside of the film industry. We’re hopeful she will soon inform her fans.

Brooke Burns’s relationships

Brooke married actor Julian McMahon in 1999. Two years later, the marriage ended in divorce. Additionally, McMahon is well-known for being the son of Sir William McMahon, a former Australian prime minister. Burns and McMahon had one kid together in 2000, despite ending up divorced. 

Brooke Burns’s Husband
Brooke Burns’s Husband

Gavin O’Connor, the director of movies like “The Accountant” and “Warrior,” married Brooke Burns in 2013. They both reside in Los Angeles, and Brooke and the couple welcomed their second kid, their first child together, in 2017.

The Lifestyle of Brooke Burns

Former ballerina Brooke Burns makes every effort to use her fame to improve the world. She is happy and content that she can help people and give back to the community. To support various causes, Burns collaborates with several organizations.

Brooke Burns suffered a major diving mishap in 2005 that resulted in a broken neck. She was able to fully recover after having numerous plates, rods, and screws placed in her neck. She has claimed that she would likely be paraplegic or dead if it   weren’t for the assistance she received from “the only paramedic firefighter that she knew.” 

After suffering a spinal injury, Burns decided to get more active with the Life Rolls On Foundation, which assists those who have experienced spinal cord injuries. She is also associated with the North American Spine Society and the Think First National Injury Prevention Foundation. She was hurt in a car accident in 2014, but the specifics of her injuries are unknown. Brooke Burns, Master Minds’ anchor, is active in her community.

 Brooke Burns
Brooke Burns

In addition, diving accident victim Brooke Burns promotes awareness of spine injuries with the support of the Think First National Injury Prevention Foundation and the North American Spine Society. Burns suffered a neck injury in a pool accident in 2006, narrowly averting paralysis. She openly supports those who have suffered spinal cord damage as a result.

While playing Jessica “Jessie” Owens in the TV series “Baywatch,” Brooke Burns was one of the contributors to Camp Baywatch. She instructed inner-city children in swimming and other skills. Burns additionally backs the Life Rolls On Foundation, which aids those who have suffered spinal cord injuries in reclaiming their lives.

Brooke Burns’s other lifestyle

Her $5 million in wealth has allowed Brooke Burns to live a comfortable and secure life. She resides on a lovely estate in Toluca Lake, California. Her famous neighbors include Damon Wayans, Kristen Dust, and Hilary Duff, to name a few.

Burns also enjoys financial stability, which enables her to pay her taxes on time while simultaneously giving her family and kids a pleasant existence. As a result, we anticipate finding out more about Brooke Burns’ engagement in various businesses to support her net worth in the coming days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brooke Burns

What dimensions does Brooke Burns have?

Her 36-25-36-inch hourglass shape is in perfect proportion (breast-waist-hips, respectively). Brooke also has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a weight of 135 lbs (61 kg).

What color are Brooke Burns’ eyes and hair?

She has natural brown hair and blue eyes. She frequently chooses to color her hair blonde.

Has Brooke Burns ever had kids?

She has, indeed. Declan Welles and Madison Elizabeth McMahon are them.

Does Brooke Burns still work in the entertainment industry, and how long has she been there?

As of right now, she has been active since 1996.

When and where was Brooke Burns born?

Brad Burns and Betsy Burns welcomed Brooke into the world on March 16, 1978, in Dallas, Texas. She is a mixed-race woman with American citizenship (English and Scottish).

What kind of education has Brooke Burns had?

Brooke Burns attended Palo Verde High School and Sahuaro High School before enrolling at the university to study broadcast journalism.

When did Brooke Burns achieve success?

She became well-known in 2016 after making an appearance on the Awesomeness TV show LA Story. Her modeling career has been greatly helped by the numerous awards she has received as a result of her amazing hard work.


Many aspiring performers are obsessed with fame and wealth, yet none of those things come easily. In the congested entertainment world, only the strongest endure and go on to become overnight celebrities. On the surface, Brooke Burns might appear to be your typical Hollywood star. It’s interesting to note that she entered the film industry at a young age and eventually rose to become one of Baywatch’s most beloved characters. The enormous work she put into her career is evident in her current enhanced stature.

Brooke Burns is an American actress, model, and television personality. She is from the country. She made her television debut in 1996 with the Spanish-American teen comedy Out of the Blue. Burns has since worked in the American entertainment industry as an actor and game show host. As a result of her rising fame, she is making a ton of money, which she is depositing into her bank account.

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