Detailed analysis of SSC cgl exam

SSC cgl exam
Detailed analysis of SSC cgl exam
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Every year, the SSC CGL exam is held to recruit candidates for various Grade’B’ and C,’ posts in the Government of India’s numerous departments and ministries. This post will offer you information about SSC CGL and will assist you in developing a strategy that will provide you with the motivation you need to ace the exam. For the latest updates on the SSC CGL examination, kindly visit sarkari result.


The SSC CGL recruitment process is divided into four stages. The first two tiers are computer-based objective tests, while the third tier is a descriptive pen-and-paper test administered in both English and Hindi.


How to Prepare General Intelligence and Reasoning for SSC CGL Exam?


SSC CGL Practice is to be solved. Set as many of last year’s question papers as you can.

Every day, practice GI and Reasoning questions.

Puzzles, figure-based problems, analogies, coding-decoding, and series are all high-scoring topics. Start with these and continue your way up to more versatile questions. If you practice regularly, you will see a considerable improvement in your accuracy within a few weeks.

Image assembly, figure counting, and other nonverbal reasoning issues require you to use your visual imagination. These questions should not be skipped or ignored, even if they appear to be time-consuming at first. The greatest method to make them take less time is to practice with them.


When practicing, try to complete at least 15-20 questions with reasonable accuracy in 20 minutes. Attempting to finish this section on the exam takes no more than 20 minutes.

If you are having problems answering a question on the exam day, or if you require a lot of time to answer one, you should go on to the next one. Do not squander your time by attempting to answer a single question. If time allows, return to the last question and solve it.


How to Prepare General Awareness for SSC CGL

In recent years, General Awareness (GA) has been the top-scoring component of the exam.


If you start studying two months before the exam, this section will take you no more than 10 minutes to finish. You can put the time saved here to good use in Quantitative Aptitude computations.

Rather than current happenings, this part consists largely of questions from static GK. As a result, focus on static GK while keeping current happenings in mind.

Prepare the subjects in the order of priority listed here, which corresponds to recent trends.


Culture, Indian history, economy, geography (India + world), politics, and the environment are all topics covered by static GK.

As much as possible, avoid cramming. To assist you in remembering facts, make notes and mind maps., dates, and a timeline of historical events.

Every day, try to complete at least 75 GA questions in 30 minutes.

App for Current Events:¬†You can look over the well-structured notes and capsules in this program for SSC CGL preparation suggestions when you’re doing a review. It offers high-quality daily, weekly, and monthly quizzes to applicants.

When it comes to General Awareness, practice makes perfect.

Regularly reading newspapers, blogs, and periodicals should be a habit for hopefuls.


Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for SSC CGL

The most difficult and time-consuming section of this exam is Quantitative Aptitude (QA).



It is recommended that you study the SSC CGL study materials to comprehend each idea and learn time-saving strategies for tests fully.

Start with percentages, profit and loss, speed, distance, and time, questions about boats and streams, ratio and proportion, data interpretation, and so forth.

Make a list of all the shortcuts, equations, concepts, and tips you can think of. In Quantitative Aptitude, shortcut tactics might be extremely beneficial.

Simple and easy-to-score themes include simplification, age problems, interest, percentages, ratios, and proportion.

All critical equations should be memorized by heart. Solve a variety of questions to determine your strong and weak points.

Aspirants should focus more on the fundamentals and acquire shortcut approaches to boost calculating speed to learn effective time management.

Allow yourself at least 2 hours per day to practice QA questions.

Do not spend more than 25 minutes on this section of the exam.


How to Prepare English Section for SSC CGL


When studying for the SSC CGL, the three most crucial aspects to examine are vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension Tier 1 English test. If you master vocabulary and grammar, you’ve already won half the battle.

Reading editorials and magazines for featured stories and opinion pieces, for example, might help applicants improve their comprehension skills.

This exam’s pattern and questions are repeated over and over. As a result, proper preparation can enable you to finish this section in less than 20 minutes.

Every day, practice at least two comprehension pieces. Look up the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of any new words you come across.

Every day, skim over the newspapers.

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