Full form of CISF

Full form of CISF
Full form of CISF

The full form of CISF is Central Industrial Security Force. It is a police force or police organization created to help ensure the safety of the nation’s industrial facilities. In order to protect businesses from theft and other crimes, it is made up of policemen who are well-trained. The largest industrial security force on the planet is this one.

The Central Industrial Security Force, which oversees over 300 industrial facilities, furthermore offers the highest level of security to each one of them. This covers guarding against fraud, theft, and other offenses. It is the world’s largest industrial security force, employing about 170,000 people. In the article below, candidates may learn more about the Central Industrial Security Force’s full name and other facets.

The full form of CISF is Central Industrial Security Force.

What is CISF?

The Central Industrial Security Force of India, or CISF in full, is a division of the Central Armed Police Forces. It is in charge of making judgments that would ensure national security and safeguard India’s industry and government sectors. In addition, the CISF is governed by the Indian government’s Ministry of Home Affairs. The Indian Parliament passed an Act in 1969 that established it.

The CISF is responsible for protecting approximately 356 industrial units (including 13 private sector units), as well as government infrastructure projects, buildings, and businesses spread out over India. In addition to mines, oil fields, and refineries, major ports, steel plants, barricades, fertilizer units, airports, and currency note presses, these also include hydroelectric/thermal power plants owned and controlled by central public sector undertakings (PSUs), atomic power plants, space installations, mines, and oil fields.

New Delhi serves as the Central Industrial Security Force’s headquarters. Applicants may find out more information about the selection procedure and CISF test, which are administered annually by the authorities to choose candidates for various posts.

Salary of the CISF

The pay of the CISF serves as an incentive for applicants to join the organization. Candidates who are selected for the CISF Constable position would be paid between Rs 21,700 to Rs 69,100 per month, in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission. In addition to receiving a monthly income, applicants will also be eligible for a number of benefits and benefits, such as transportation allowance, dearness allowance, HRA, and more.

The C ISF’s role and responsibilities

Candidates must have a basic understanding of the Central Industrial Security Force’s functions and responsibilities after learning the CISF Full Form.

  • The protection of several corporate and key institutions is the responsibility of the CISF.
  • It is also in charge of the security of the significant private institutions that support the nation’s economic development.
  • Nearly 150 metro stations in the city are guarded by the CISF, which is in charge of the security of the Delhi Metro Rail.
  • The Central Industrial Security Force is in charge of stopping trafficking and smuggling at airports.

The full form of CISF is Central Industrial Security Force.

CISF Eligibility

Candidates must be inquisitive about the qualifying requirements given that they are aware of the CISF Full Form and how well-known this profession is. Candidates may apply for the CISF test as long as they are at least 18 years old and have finished secondary school.

The maximum age to apply for the exam is 23 years old. Candidates from the restricted categories will, nevertheless, receive some age relaxation from the maximum age restriction. To learn more about how to get appointed as a CISF Constable in the Indian force, look at the CISF Constable Syllabus.

Full Form of CISF Height Male applicants in the General, SC, and OBC categories should be 165 cm tall, with an unexpanded chest measurement of 77 cm. Candidates that fall under the ST group should have a chest measurement of 76 cm and stand 162.5 cm tall.

Age – The applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 23.

Nationality – Indian educational requirements for the 12th grade with a science focus

The quantity of tries – The number of tries is unrestricted.

Experience – No prior knowledge is required.

Several crucial considerations regarding eligibility

By the application deadline, applicants must have finished their educational prerequisites.

If a candidate doesn’t match the minimum physical height and chest girth standards, they cannot be deployed to the military.

Main Branches of CISF

  • Northern Sector: The headquarter located in New Delhi
  • Southern Sector: The headquarter located in Chennai
  • Eastern Sector: The headquarter located in Patna
  • Western Sector: The headquarter is located in Mumbai
  • North Eastern Sector: The headquarter is located in Kolkata
  • Airport Sector: The headquarter is located in New Delhi

Interesting Facts about CISF

  1. By way of an Act of the Indian Parliament, the CISF was established in 1969.
  2. The CISF’s main objective is to provide industrial facilities and vital infrastructure, such as atomic power plants, note presses, and power plants, with security.
  3. Additionally, CISF offers consulting services to important government and private sector organizations.
  4. The companies NBRI, TISCO, Orissa Mining Co., and IB Thermal Power Plant are among its clients in the consultancy sector.

The full form of CISF is Central Industrial Security Force.

Other CISF Full Forms

Center for Innovation in Finance and Housing

The full name of CISF is the Centre for Innovation in Shelter and Finance.

Senior Fund of Central Indiana

CISF, or Central Indiana Senior Fund, is a type of fund.

A central security force institute

Education and institutions are where the Central Institute of Security Force, or CISF, is officially classified.

Centralized Integrated Support Facility

The abbreviation CISF stands for Centralized Integrated Support Facility in its entirety. It is a Colorado governmental entity.

Centralized Temporary Storage Area

The full term of CISF is generally referred to as Centralized Interim Storage Facility. It is a specific kind of location where nuclear waste is kept.

Climate Integration Support Facility

The full name of CISF is Climate Integration Support Facility, and it belongs to the climate category. It is a company that has a significant impact on weather forecasting.

IRC Services Framework for CoderNet

The full form of the CoderNet IRC Services Framework is CISF. It belongs to the information technology category.

Framework for Connected Information Security

The technology-based complete version of CISF is the Connected Information Security Framework. It is a style of framework that makes network security easier.

The Central Industrial Security Agency of India is a police force that works to safeguard various governmental and industrial sectors in the country. It has a large geographic reach. It plays a significant role in the Indian parliament as well. The Central Industrial Security Force consults with and supports every decision made to safeguard India’s security. There are several full forms in addition to this, as we have learned from the article.

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