Full form of TWS

Full form of TWS
Full form of TWS
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Last updated on July 22nd, 2023 at 11:44 am

Using Bluetooth wireless technology to produce real stereo sound quality is known as real Wireless Stereo (TWS), also known as Truly Wireless. The technique enables Bluetooth audio device pairing and transmits the Left and Right channels independently. This enables a kind of wireless stereo headphones and headsets that don’t need wires or cords. Full form of TWS

When commuting or working out, an increasing number of users are choosing Bluetooth® earbuds over traditional earphones due to the recent removal of the 3.5mm headphone socket design from many mobile phones. Wireless earphones have developed into a very compact size and cordless form factor known as True Wireless Stereo (TWS) with the advancement of Bluetooth® technology.

Since TWS devices are so tiny and have a considerably smaller antenna than traditional Bluetooth® earphones, the Wi-Fi coexistence issue is a key one for them. You should prepare for the TWS button function to have a lengthy delay and choppy music owing to issues with frequency coexistence. Poor user experiences will result from these connectivity issues. Users may post unfavorable evaluations on the online store, which will have an adverse effect on the items’ sales performance as well as the brand’s reputation.

Full form of TWS

DefinitionWireless audio technology for earbuds.
FunctionalityCable-free, independent earbud operation.
ConnectivityBluetooth connection to devices.
FeaturesLeft and right channels are wirelessly transmitted.
Stereo SoundCable-free, convenient, stereo experience.
Battery LifeHours of playback with charging case.
Popular ApplicationsMusic, calls, streaming, gaming.
AdvantagesCable-free, convenience, stereo experience.
LimitationsBattery life, Bluetooth range.
Popular Brands/ProductsApple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, etc.
Full form of TWS

TWS test setup

To preserve test uniformity, all testing is conducted in a shielding chamber to exclude other external radio interference. Using an accurate method, we used the Audio Precision analyzer to test the sound quality. Figure 2 depicts the setup environment in its entirety.

For this specific test, we provide many coexistence situations. Different frequency utilization may be mimicked or developed, and there are several wireless communication protocols (WiFi, BT, and LTE). In this coexistence scenario, we used three mobile phones in communication with three Wi-Fi APs as sources of interference.

TWS test setup
TWS test setup (Image – Allion)

The TWS’s Principal Benefits

True wireless technology has several benefits, but its primary appeal is that it is practical and simple to use. Users are free to roam about with no need to worry about cords becoming caught in pockets or catching on door handles thanks to cable-free functioning. The majority of TWS devices have a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet while maintaining a strong connection, making them perfect for outdoor activities like gardening or exercising. Additionally, TWS earbuds are astonishingly simple to connect, use, and have a battery life that is 75% longer than that of conventional wireless earphones.

True wireless technology also provides immersive audio and stereo sound of the highest caliber. TWS assigns the left channel to the left earbud and the right channel to the right earbud in order to send the left and right audio channels to the connected device independently. Users will experience clear, sharp surround sound with both earbuds in. Users will still get a full audio experience even if they just use one earbud since the audio isn’t divided, making it appear as if instruments and voices are being transmitted to different earphones.

Standard TWS Applications

Although true wireless earbuds are now the most widely used product, TWS is not only for earphones. The newest advancement in Bluetooth speaker technology is TWS. TWS stereos use a laptop or smartphone to connect to the main speaker, and the main speaker then uses Bluetooth signals to connect to the secondary speaker.

One TWS speaker might be placed in the living room and another in the dining room to project the music over the whole floor if a user wants to play music throughout their house during a party, for example. Without a home theater system, the portable batteries can provide surround-sound audio for up to 15 hours. Additionally, the majority of real wireless audio systems have Bluetooth-enabled remote controllers that let users change the volume, skip songs, and fast forward from a distance.

Charging devices have also been equipped with true wireless technology. The WattUp technology, which is being developed by wireless charging startup Energous, will enable customers to charge their gadgets by merely positioning them within 15 feet of the charging pad. The Federal Communications Commission certified WattUp in 2018, and genuine wireless charging may be available shortly.

Telink’s True Wireless Technology

The demand for Bluetooth TWS goods like wireless earbuds will increase as the comfort, audio quality, and ease of setup advantages of TWS become more apparent. The opportunity for innovation is there for device developers.

Telink chips matter where it matters, whether you’re trying to improve on TWS headphones or find new applications for real wireless technology. Our Bluetooth chips help increase the battery life of the devices they power and are both economical and energy-efficient. Our tried-and-true Bluetooth stack delivers better audio quality at scale when used with audio equipment.

The TLSR9518 Series is the newest addition to Telink’s portfolio of comprehensive connection solutions that are developed to enhance device performance. It is a RISC-V-based multiprotocol chip for the next generation of TWS audio systems. To enable high-efficiency basic Bluetooth TWS solutions with inbuilt keyword wakeup, acoustic echo cancellation, and TWS mode for music streaming and voice communications, Telink offers turn-key product design references and charging case examples. Additionally, the TLSR9518 offers support for ultra-low latency Bluetooth LE 5.2 TWS solutions that use either a connected isochronous stream (CIS) or broadcast isochronous stream (BIS) approach, as well as electronic noise cancellation (ENC) and active noise cancellation (ANC) capabilities.


  1. Cable-free design
  2. Independent operation of earbuds
  3. Bluetooth connectivity
  4. Portable and lightweight
  5. Individual earbud control
  6. Stereo sound experience
  7. Long battery life
  8. Charging case for additional power
  9. Built-in microphone for calls
  10. Noise isolation or cancellation (in some models)
  11. Compatibility with various devices
  12. Touch or button controls
  13. Water and sweat resistance (in some models)
  14. Auto-pairing and quick pairing
  15. Compact and ergonomic design

Differences between True Wireless Stereo (TWS) and Tactical Warning System:

FeaturesTrue Wireless Stereo (TWS)Tactical Warning System
PurposeAudio technology for wireless earbudsMilitary system for detecting and alerting of threats
FunctionalityWireless audio transmissionThreat detection and warning
IndustryConsumer electronicsMilitary and defense
ConnectivityBluetooth wireless connectionSpecialized military-grade communication protocols
UsageMusic listening, calls, multimediaMilitary operations, defense strategies
PortabilityPortable, lightweightTypically integrated into military systems
FeaturesIndividual earbud control, stereo soundDetection sensors, data analysis, alert mechanisms
RangeLimited range (typically up to 30 feet)Varies based on the specific system and technology
ApplicationsConsumer electronics, entertainmentMilitary operations, threat response
Commercial AvailabilityWidely available in the market for consumersRestricted to military and defense organizations
Differences between True Wireless Stereo (TWS) and Tactical Warning System

Full form of TWS

TWS (Full Form)Industry
True Wireless StereoAudio Technology
Tactical Warning SystemMilitary, Defense
Temporary Workforce SolutionsStaffing, Human Resources
Time and Attendance Workforce SystemWorkforce Management, HR
Two-Way SplitFinance, Investments
Trading WorkstationFinance, Trading, Investments
The Workforce SolutionsHuman Resources, Workforce Management
Track While ScanRadar, Military, Aerospace
Thin Web ServerWeb Hosting, IT
Task Workstation SystemWorkforce Management, Task Management
Full form of TWS

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