Full form of WWE

Full form of WWE
Full form of WWE

The Full form of WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE, Inc. is a professional wrestling organization with headquarters in the USA. In addition to professional wrestling, the corporation also generates significant amounts of money from direct product sales, licensing, movies, and music.

Capitol Wrestling Corporation, later known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), was founded in 1952 and sponsored by the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) and eventually the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The same family sold it to Titan Sports in 1982, which subsequently changed its name to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment before changing it again in 2002 to World Wrestling Entertainment and finally to WWE in 2011.

With more than 500 events annually, it is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Television, publishing, films, finance, music, merchandise, streaming network services, home videos, and live events are among its product categories. Vince McMahon is the WWE’s Chairman and CEO as of March 2020, while Stephanie McMahon serves as the company’s Chief Brand Officer (CBO).

The full form of WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment.


World Wrestling Entertainment is referred to as WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., or WWE, is a sizable company that produces professional wrestling shows. It is now the most well-known company in the wrestling sector. WWE is accessible to over 1 billion homes worldwide via TV channels and other broadcasting systems, and it is available in more than thirty different languages.

Like those of other professional wrestling organizations, many individuals do not see WWE events as real bouts. People instead think it’s a manufactured tournament with planned fighting that is entirely produced and half orchestrated for entertainment.

Full form of WWE
Full form of WWE (Image Source: JavaTpoint)

However, games typically entail maneuvers that, if executed incorrectly, expose players to risk of harm or even death. Therefore, it is never advised to undertake similar acts at home. WWE presents its product as sports entertainment because it understands that wrestling has its origins in dramatic theater and competitive sports.

The organization’s previous moniker was the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF. They changed their name to WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, when the Worldwide Fund for Nature, formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund, which was abbreviated “WWF” in the United States, launched a lawsuit. WWE is a global integrated media and entertainment organization that operates in a variety of industries, including American football, movies, and other economic ventures. The business also grants permission to create video games and action figures using its intellectual property.

The full form of WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment.


Founded21 February 1980
WWE Net Worth 2020$6.87 Billion
WWE Executive ChairmanVince McMahon
HeadquartersStamford, CT
CharityMake-A-Wish Foundation

When Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC) was first presented, the history of WWE began in the early 1960s. In 1963, Vince J. McMahon founded the business. Along with Vince’s daughter Stephanie McMahon and her husband, Paul Levesque, who is perhaps best known as Triple H, Vince K. McMahon presently serves as the company’s chairman and CEO.

Titan Sports, Inc., the predecessor of the present company, was founded in 1980. As the parent company of Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd., it launched the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), originally the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), in 1982. Titan changed their name to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. in 1999. It changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. after two years. Despite having the same legal name since 2002, the company has only used the initials WWE to promote itself since 2011.

WWE Net Worth

The full form of WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE’s market value is estimated to be $6.87 billion as of 2022. WWE has been doing quite well in the income sector despite viewership issues. The corporation generated the most money in WWE history in 2022, an astounding US$1.2915 billion. The enormous increases in media and operational income, which amounted to over USD 259 Million, had a significant role in the steep rise in revenue.

SmackDown Live will begin airing on the USA Network and FOX Sports as part of a new broadcast agreement that WWE recently inked with both networks. The average yearly value of WWE will rise by 3.6 times more thanks to this agreement than it did thanks to the previous one with NBCU.

The WWE performers’ pay are another intriguing issue, given that the company’s current net worth is close to $7 billion. Roman Reigns, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar are presently the three WWE wrestlers with the highest salaries. In terms of female WWE wrestlers, Ronda Rousey, a former UFC fighter and current Raw Women’s Champion, is first, followed by Charlotte Flair and Nikki Bella.

WWE Historical Net Worth

YearMarket capitalisationnChange
2023$6.87 Billion34.89%
2022$5.09 Billion36.28%
2021$3.74 Billion0.08%
2020$3.73 Billion-26.65%
2019$5.09 Billion-12.59%
2018$5.83 Billion147.25%
2017$2.35 Billion67.73%
2016$1.40 Billion3.82%
2015$1.35 Billion45.39%
2014$0.93 Billion-25.2%
2013$1.24 Billion111.11%
2012$0.58 Billion-14.96%
2011$0.69 Billion-34.18%
2010$1.05 Billion-6.43%
2009$1.12 Billion39.64%
2008$0.80 Billion-23.89%
2007$1.05 Billion-8.52%
2006$1.15 Billion14.23%
2005$1.01 Billion21.92%
2004$0.83 Billion-7.17%
2003$0.89 Billion58.07%
2002$0.56 Billion-40.82%
WWE Historical Net Worth

Significant changes in WWE shares during the previous ten years

2014 saw Vince McMahon lose his billionaire status.

Vince McMahon, the chairman of WWE, suffered a total loss of $350 million in 2014 due to investors undervaluing WWE stock. Vince McMahon’s net worth has now decreased to an estimated $750 million as a result of the stock’s more than 40% decline, which instantly removed him off the list of billionaires.

Vince McMahon became a billionaire once again in 2016

Vince McMahon surpassed the $1 billion mark in 2016 after accumulating more over $100 million in only seven weeks. Since the second week of February, WWE shares have also climbed by 18%. Vince McMahon’s net worth rose to $1.1 billion due to his 52% ownership of WWE.

Vince McMahon is back on the Forbes 400 in 2018

The full form of WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment.

On the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans in 2018, Vince McMahon was at the head of the returnees. After seeing a rise in his net worth of $1.6 billion, the WWE Chairman was included on the list for the first time since 2002.

Family McMahon’s wealth

Vince McMahon, the former chairman of WWE, still owns 42% of the company’s outstanding shares and 83% of the voting rights. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, the son-in-law of Vince McMahon, are also stockholders in the business. After her father resigned from the firm in July 2022 at 77, her daughter assumed the role of chairwoman. But Stephanie McMahon gave notice of her departure from the firm on January 10, 2023.

The World Wrestling Federation, Inc. (WWF), which was later renamed to WWE in 1998, was once known as Titan Sports, Inc., and was established by Vince McMahon and his wife Linda McMahon. The business changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) in 2002.


The World Wrestling Entertainment, sometimes referred to as WWE, is a famous name for an American entertainment business that specializes in professional wrestling. WWE has expanded outside of professional wrestling into various prominent endeavors, including movies and real estate.

The full form of WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment.

The WWE was established in 1952 by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt and was once known as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. It is well known for its Pro Wrestling promotion. WWE is the biggest professional wrestling organization in the world as of 2023, staging more than 500 live events annually and boasting a roster of more than 200 wrestlers from several well-known brands.

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More than 150 nations across the globe have access to WWE, which has more than 40 million viewers. Additionally, the business has a Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Stamford, Connecticut, serves as the home of the WWE Global Headquarters.

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