How to Help Your Child Get Adjusted at Their New Kindergarten School

How to Help Your Child Get Adjusted at Their New Kindergarten School
A young child pointing at words on a book, concentrating on learning how to read at home.
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Kindergarten school is the stepping stone to a child’s educational journey. It is the place where the child learns not only the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic but also important life lessons. Virtues, such as compassion, confidence, hard work, patience, helpfulness, courage, and sociability are learned at a kindergarten school and stay with the child all their life. 


As it is an essential phase in a child’s life, it is necessary to choose the right school for your child so as to ensure their holistic growth and development. International Indian schools are some of the best schools for the little ones courtesy of the curriculum and the teaching methods they follow. However, admission to such a school is only the beginning. The most important part comes after enrolling, which is helping the child get adjusted to school life. 


Children are bound to feel intimidated by the idea of leaving the comforts of their homes and entering strange surroundings. But a little help in adapting to their new school will go a long way in assisting them at this important juncture. Here are some simple tips to help your child get over the fear and get adjusted at their kindergarten school:

7 Tips to adjust your child in Kindergarten school

Taking The First Step:

Every child is unique. Their reactions to the new environment and the people at their new school won’t be the same. Some children take to their new school like fish to water. However, some children need a little help and motivation to take their first step. Therefore, the first thing to do is to introduce the new school to your child. 



Once the admission process is complete, visit the kindergarten school with your child to help them get a feel of the environment they will be in. This will help the child grow accustomed to the place and the new faces. Introduce the child to the teacher and allow the child time to explore the classroom and interact with any other kids present there. Talk to the child about this new phase in their life and about all the fun and exciting things they will be doing at their school.


Teachers—Their New Friends:

While talking to your child about their new school, talk about their teachers and how they will be the child’s new friends at school. Instilling this confidence in them about their teachers is one of the best ways to help the child get over the fear of teachers. Refrain from frightening them with stories about punishment for wrongdoing. This can send the wrong signal and alarm the child. Always remember that your approval of their teachers makes all the difference.


School Activities:

Activities for kindergarten at the International Indian schools focus on the uniqueness of every child. Talk to the child about the interesting activities they will be doing at their new school. If your child loves to use crayons and pencils, then involve them in coloring activities at home. Once school begins, the child will feel comfortable participating in similar activities taking place at their institution and will settle down faster. 


Accept The Change:

It is important for you, as a parent, to accept the new phase in your little one’s life. Children staying away from parents not only causes anxiety in children but parents, too. Furthermore, children are quick at sensing the anxiety of their parents. Therefore, it is important for the parents to be comfortable with the idea of staying away from the child. 


First Day of School

First-day Jitters:

However much you prepare your child for school, they are sure to feel nervous when the first day of school arises. So, when you reach the classroom, reintroduce the teacher to your child. Allow them time to get to know each other a little more. Finally, say a loving goodbye to your child and then leave, promptly. Never leave without a goodbye as then your child might feel abandoned. 


After-school Conversations:

Refrain from asking too many questions about school as soon as the child returns home. They, too, need a break! Give them some time before inquiring about their day, or anything special that took place at school. Allow them to share their school stories at their own pace and time. You will be surprised how many things they would love to share with you.


Kindergarten school is one of the best phases in your child’s life. How they adapt to their new surroundings and acclimatize to the new environment depends largely upon how you deal with it as a parent. Observing your enthusiasm for this new beginning in their life will instill in them confidence and love for their school. It will make school-going a happy occasion for them, which, in turn, will help them develop into confident individuals in their later years.

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