How to pass the exam? Tips and tricks

How to pass the exam? Tips and tricks
How to pass the exam Tips and tricks
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What do you need to pass the exam?

Everyone knows how to get high scores on the exam. To do this, simply prepare well and learn the subject. But students are not easy people. They always have many more important and interesting things to do than sitting over textbooks. Therefore, they often ask the question of how to pass the exam if you do not know anything? The main rule of the record book has not been cancelled

: “First the student works for the record book, then the record book works for the student”. Freshmen find it hard to believe that the record book will work for them in the last few years of study, but this truth has been confirmed more than once. Almost all teachers pay attention to the performance in other disciplines and in past courses, this information directly affects the result of the exam. The same applies to the current grades in the subject. If the magazine is decorated with deuces and absenteeism,

Senior students know how to pass the exam well – you just need to be the owner of a “beautiful” transcript. But there is also a little trick for those who have a record book – not a reason to be proud. Just secure the first sheets of the transcript with a paper clip so that the teacher is not comfortable flipping through it.

Exam “automatic”

Responsible and diligent students will love this way of passing exams. Everyone knows: to get an “automatic”, you need to regularly attend lectures and practical classes, participate in olympiads and conferences on the subject, be active in the classroom and have good current grades. The teacher will surely notice such a student throughout the semester and will put grades in the credit book without additional testing of knowledge.

But whatever one may say, this way of passing exams is difficult and requires a lot of effort. We, on the other hand, are interested in how to pass the exam if you don’t know anything and don’t want to learn.

Cheat sheets are a must!

It is also important to ask yourself in time: will I pass the exam? If there is still a little time left before the “doomsday” day, then you need to urgently start writing cheat sheets. Whether you can use them is a completely different question, but you definitely need to cook them.

It is important not just to download ready-made spurs from the Internet, print them and cut them out, but to make them yourself. Writing prompted notes involves reading, choosing material, and involuntarily memorizing the information you are working with. After that, during the exam, it will be easier for you to navigate in those cheat sheets that you yourself have compiled. If the teacher controls the environment in the classroom so strictly that it becomes unrealistic to write off, memory will help. It is much easier to remember what you recently wrote on your own cheat sheet.

Remember that cheating is a risky business, and it is important to know how many times you can take the exam with this particular instructor. Consider whether you will be allowed to retake if the deception is revealed.

We use modern achievements of science and technology

The Soviet film showed how students used headphones and a radio transmitter to successfully pass the exams. It is much easier for modern students in this regard. Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, dictaphones are much more compact than Soviet radio equipment, and the connection to the Internet gives unlimited access to any information. Many people choose this way to pass the exam without knowing anything about the subject. The USE, most likely, will not be able to be mastered using gadgets, because there are very strict checks for the availability of telephones and other technical devices, but they may well save the situation at exams in universities.

A good reputation will save

How to pass the exam well without making any special efforts to study the subject, but using only charisma and good authority? You need to think about the fact that you are going to take the exam in advance and from the first meeting with the teacher, start creating a good impression of yourself.

This can be participation in amateur performances, assistance in organizing subbotniks, writing articles for a student newspaper. You also need to create the impression of an inquisitive student. Ask questions often in lectures and share information that you have heard from TV programs and read in magazines if it concerns the topic of the lesson. You can also be interested in the teacher’s scientific works and his dissertations.

How to behave on the exam

So, the day of surrender comes. How to pass the exam if you don’t know anything? It is important to follow the rules of conduct that will help you get good points for dubious knowledge: Be confident, do not betray your lack of knowledge with your appearance. Come to the audience in the top five. In this case, when you get lost in the answer, it can be argued with excitement. Speak without stopping, use introductory words and constructions, if you do not know the exact answer, try to smoothly translate the topic into a question familiar to you. Be interested in answering, give examples from personal experience, TV shows or films. Fight to the end, even if the teacher wants to fail. Ask for more questions, cry, press on pity, blame it on feeling unwell or anxious.

Extreme measures

If despite all your efforts to pass the exam, without knowing anything, you understand that the only grade that shines for you is not good, you need to go to extreme measures. You can invite the teacher to resolve the issue amicably. Some of them agree to increase the score if you can be of help to him. For example, clean up the classroom, or buy a new set of flasks for chemistry experiments. Some teachers are able to exchange anger for mercy if you show up to them with a bottle of good brandy. In this matter, it is important to be very careful and try to find a personal approach to everyone. Remember that if the teacher refuses this option, it will be more difficult for you to pass the exam on your knowledge. Perhaps you are waiting for high requirements for the quality of answers and additional tricky questions.

Helpful tips for those looking to do well on the exam

Eat a piece of chocolate or some chocolates before entering the classroom. Sweets stimulate the brain and help concentration. The day before your exam, read or watch the latest news that may apply to your subject. If you pass economics – study economic news, political science – familiarize yourself with the political situation. By showing that you are familiar with the material being studied in a modern setting, you can make the most positive impression on the teacher. Don’t overdo it with energy drinks. During exam preparation, students often consume energy drinks. Remember that no matter how hard you prepare, you need to spend the night on the eve of surrender in peace, forget about coffee and other energy drinks and just get some sleep.

You learned how to pass an exam if you don’t know anything, and you saw that using a certain strategy, it will not be difficult to get a high score with low knowledge. But it should be remembered that the lack of knowledge outside the classroom can turn into a more serious problem than the “stake” on the exam.

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