Lakshmi Mittal Net Worth: Biography, Relationship, Lifestyle, Career, Family, Early Life, and many more

Lakshmi Mittal Net Worth
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Lakshmi Mittal Net Worth is $18 billion. As a wise man once stated, “Hard work does go a long way.” These days, everyone works hard, therefore you need to put in even more effort and be completely dedicated to your tasks and goals. With such a strong conviction and the will to work harder, this man, none other than Mr. Lakshmi Mittal, genuinely deserves to be at the summit of his career. Mr. Lakshmi Mittal, a steel magnate and one of the wealthiest billionaires in the world, is the second-richest Indian.

Lakshmi Mittal
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Net Worth:$18 Billion
Born:September 2, 1950
Height:1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Country of Origin:India
Source of Wealth:Entrepreneur

Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion

Lakshmi Mittal Wealth

Here, we’ll discuss Mr. Mittal’s international businesses, his hobbies and interests, and—most importantly—his wealth. Mr. Lakshmi Mittal is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of “Arcelor Mittal,” which aspires to be the largest steel producer in the world.

Initially working for his father’s steel business, Mr. Mittal went on to found the LNM (Laxmi Niwas Mittal) Steel Company, a multi-billion-dollar global corporation with a 42.1 million tone’s per year steel production capacity. He also contributes significantly to the Queens Park Rangers F.C. soccer club. Around the world, Mr. Mittal sits on the boards of numerous companies, executive committees, and councils, including:

  • The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Corporation,
  • Kazakhstan’s Foreign Investment Council.
  • Global Advisory Council of the Indian PM,
  • Cleveland Clinic,
  • World Steel Association,
  • International Business Council of the World Economic Forum,
  • Goldman Sachs,
  • Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in the US

Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion

Lakshmi Mittal Net Worth

NameLakshmi Mittal
Net Worth $18 Billion
Net Worth In USD1,830 crores USD
Net Worth In Indian Rupees1.33 Lakh Crore
ProfessionBusinessmen (CEO of ArcelorMittal)
Monthly Income And Salary400 Crore +
yearly Income4800 Crore +
Born15 June 1950
Age72 years old
Spouse:Usha Mittal

According to estimates, Lakshmi Mittal is worth 18.3 billion dollars, or nearly 1.33 lakh crores of Indian rupees. Mr. Mittal founded the Mittal Champions Trust to help Indian athletes realize their full potential. He also contributed to the 2007 Comic Relief fundraising effort.

Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion

 Lakshmi Mittal Early Life 

Lakshmi Mittal
Image Credit- The Financial Times

Lakshmi Niwas Mittal was born in Sadulpur on June 15th, 1950.

Mittal attended Shri Daulatram Nopany Vidyalaya in Calcutta from 1957 to 1964. He graduated from St. Xavier’s College, which is affiliated with the University of Calcutta, with a B.Com degree in the top class.

Due to limitations placed on the manufacturing of steel by the Indian government, Mittal, who was 26 at the time, founded his first steel factory, PT Ispat Indo, in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia, in 1976.

Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion

Lakshmi Mittal Assets

House: Mittal is a smart investor and money maker. He is the owner of several real estate properties.

Taj Mittal: Rumor has it that the lavish residence in London was constructed using the same marble that was used to construct the Taj Mahal. The extravagant home has 12 bedrooms, a large ballroom, a strikingly jewelled pool, a parking garage for more than 15 cars, and many other opulent amenities. Having paid 128 million USD for the estate, Mr. Mittal currently resides there ( Rs. 817.75 Crore).

Palace Greens No. 6: Mr. Mittal bought the four-story, palatial home in Kensington Gardens, England, in 2008 as a gift for his son Aditya Mittal. It measures roughly 130,000 square feet.

Palace Greens No. 9: This palace was bought by Mr. Mittal, For £70 million, Mittal purchased this home in the UK’s Kensington Gardens for his daughter in 2008. (533 Crores). 

Summer Palace: He also purchased this house. Located in London’s Millionaires Row, Mittal paid £6.75 million for this opulent property in 1996.

Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion

Bungalow No. 22: Mittal paid $7.5 million in 2005 for this lavish colonial home, which is located on upscale Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi, India.

Cotland home: For £4 million, Mittal bought this home in Perthshire, Scotland. He demolished it and will spend around $23 million constructing a new house in its stead.

Penthouse Apartment: This opulent penthouse residence in London is 5,500 square feet large and is located at 148-150 Old Park Lane. The Hard Rock café that is housed in the structure is also owned by Mr. Mittal.

Yacht: Gizmon– Amevi, a 267.47-foot-long, $150,000,000 luxury private yacht, was built in 2007. Laden. Celebrities and their wealthy friends can be seen at yacht parties.

Jet: One of the most opulent high-speed aircraft in the world belongs to Mr. Mittal.

Cars: A collection of 20 luxurious vehicles, including Mercedes and BMW, are owned by Mr. Mittal.

Vanity Van: Mr. Mittal is the owner of two private, opulent vanity vans, each of which has a roomy bedroom, a kitchen, a cosy living room, and numerous entertainment options.

Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion

Facts about Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal
Image Credit- Business Today

This corporate magnate, who is also one of the most powerful people on the planet, is looked up to by many young business entrepreneurs.

On September 2, 1950, Mr. Lakshmi Mittal was born in the Indian state of Rajasthan. In real life, he goes by Laxmi Niwas Mittal. He attended Shri Daulatram Nopany Vidyalaya in Calcutta from 1957 to 1964. The University of Calcutta awarded Mr. Mittal a B.Com degree.

For his daughter’s nuptials to an investment banker, he shelled out more than 78 million dollars or almost 500 crore Indian rupees. The ceremony took a week to prepare for.

Lakshmi Mittal Instagram Link:

Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion

Lakshmi Mittal Charity

After noticing that India had only won one bronze and one silver medal at the Olympics in 2000 and 2004, respectively, he founded the Mittal Champions Trust to give Indian athletes access to world-class facilities.

In 2003, the Rajasthani government joined forces with the self-sufficient non-profit LNM Institute of Information Technology (LNMIIT) in Jaipur to establish a university.

Lakshmi Mittal Highlights 

  • Chief Executive Officer of ArcelorMittal
  • Award for “Person of the Year” (2008)
  • Goldman Sachs employee (2008)

Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Lakshmi Mittal?

Lakshmi Mittal has an estimated $18 billion in total wealth (Rs.1.33 Lakh Crores).

What is the real age of Lakshmi Mittal?

The age of Lakshmi Mittal is 72. (15 June 1950).

What is the Salary of Lakshmi Mittal?

Lakshmi Mittal makes an annual salary of around Rs. 4800 crores.

What is Lakshmi Mittal Height?

Lakshmi Mittal is 1.75 meters (5 feet 7 inches) tall.

What is the name of Lakshmi Mittal’s Wife?

Lakshmi Mittal Usha Mittal is the wife’s name.

Who is the steel king of the world?

Lakshmi Mittal, whose full name is Lakshmi Narayan Mittal, was the CEO of ArcelorMittal, the largest steel producer in the world, from 2006 to 21. He was born in Sadulpur, Rajasthan, India, on June 15, 1950.

Who is Lakshmi Mittal’s daughter?

Vanisha Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion


ArcelorMittal, the biggest producer of steel in the world, is led by Lakshmi Mittal. In Indonesia, Mittal founded his own steel company, which later changed its name to Arcelor Mittal, which he turned into one of the most prosperous businesses in the entire globe. Lakshmi Mittal net worth is $18 billion.

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