Meghan Trainor Net Worth 2022: Cars, Salary, Assets, Income Source, House and Lifestyle

Meghan Trainor Net Worth
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The estimated value of Meghan Trainor net worth is $10 million. A household name in the music industry is Meghan Trainor. She is among the most prominent young people in America. She is a very popular television personality and songwriter. Meghan is well-known for her songs and albums, which have received countless honors and awards.

Meghan Trainor Net Worth
Meghan Trainor Net Worth (Image Source:

Additionally, she has a Grammy award, which suffices to demonstrate the type of person she is. She has received criticism for the lyrics she utilized in All About That Bass, the best of her songs to date, despite the fact that they are good. The US Billboard 100 chart includes this song at the top. Additionally, over 11 million copies have been sold worldwide, which is a remarkable accomplishment.

Meghan Trainor Overview

NameMeghan Elizabeth Trainor “Meghan Trainor”
Date of birthDecember 22, 1993
Place of BirthNantucket, Massachusetts, United States of America
Age29 years old.
Height164 cm – 5’5”
Weight68 kg – 149 lbs
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ProfessionSinger-songwriter, television personality
EducationNauset Regional High School
Net worth 2022$10 million
Monthly Salary $150,000 +
Annual Salary$1 Million +
Last Updated2022
Meghan Trainor Overview

Meghan Trainor Early Life

 American celebrity Meghan Elizabeth Trainor is well-known. On December 22, 1993, she was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts, in the United States. She was born and raised in Massachusetts  with her parents, siblings, and other family members. She has two brothers, one older and one younger. Meghan’s parents, who are both jewelers, have given her a lot of support throughout her career.

Meghan Trainor Early Life
Meghan Trainor Early Life (Image Source:

When she was just six years old, she started singing. Because to her parent’s unwavering support, she never stopped singing, which helped her get better. Later, she started creating songs so brilliantly, which only increased her arsenal. She’d always wanted to start her own record label. GarageBand, a digital audio program, was used by her to create music and record songs.

Meghan Trainor Net Worth is estimated to be $10 Million as of 2022

Meghan Trainor Education

In her education history, Meghan Trainor hasn’t got much to show for it. She began her singing and songwriting careers when she was very young, which significantly distracted her from her studies. Although later information is unavailable, she graduated from Nauset Regional High School with her early education.

Meghan Trainor Career

Trainor independently published her own music that she had composed, recorded, produced, and performed between the ages of fifteen and seventeen. She issued three distinct original albums during this time: “Meghan Trainor” (2009), “I’ll Sing with You” (2011), and “Only 17.” (2011). In April 2010, she also published the song “Take Care of Our Soldiers,” and she gave the USO and Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops 100% of the song’s revenues.

Meghan Trainor Career (Image Source:

Trainor received a full scholarship to enroll in the institution there after she graduated from high school in 2012, after participating in the Berklee College of Music’s Summer Performance Program in 2009 and 2010. She made the decision to enter into a contract with Nashville-based music publishing company, Big Yellow Dog Music, instead. Al Anderson, a former member of the NRBQ, had recommended her to Big Yellow Dog after she had met him at a music conference and impressed him with her songwriting abilities. 

Trainor used her songwriting abilities on Big Yellow Dog to launch her career as a songwriter-for-hire. She started her career penning songs rather than as a recording artist because, among other things, she lacked confidence in her ability to be successful. She moved from Nantucket to Nashville at this time and began penning music for performers including Hunter Hayes, Rascal Flatts, and Sabrina Carpenter.

Meghan Trainor
Meghan Trainor (Image Source:

Trainor and producer Kevin Kadish collaborated on the single “All About That Bass” before the end of 2013. They sent the song to a number of record labels, but each one turned them down. Following her performance of the song for Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid, she was almost immediately signed to the label. On June 30, 2014, “All About That Bass” was released, and it quickly became popular. In addition to the viral success of the music video, the song lasted eight straight weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list. It received RIAA diamond certification after selling 11 million units globally. “All About That Bass” peaked at No. 1 in a stunning 58 different nations throughout the world.

Trainor released her debut EP, “Title,” in September 2014, following the success of “All About That Bass.” She then released her second song, “Lips Are Movin,” in October 2014. It reached at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and shared the same throwback vibe as “All About That Bass.” All three of Trainor’s prior independently released albums were taken off the market before the release of her debut studio album on a major label. On January 9, 2015, she released her album “Title,” which took the place of her former EP with the same name. 

Meghan Trainor Career
Meghan Trainor Career (Image Source:

The album arrived at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 and was given a triple platinum certification by the RIAA despite receiving mixed reviews from critics. Trainor began her first headlining concert tour in February 2015 with the That Bass Tour, which opened with the Australian band, Sheppard. However, Trainor was diagnosed with a vocal cord hemorrhage for the remainder of 2015 and ultimately required surgery in August of that same year.

Trainor received the Grammy Award for Best New Artist at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards in February 2016. She released “Thank You,” her second major studio album, in May 2016. The album received a platinum certification and debuted at No. 3 on the US Billboard 200. “Treat Myself” (2020) and “A Very Trainor Christmas” are some of her previous albums (2020).

Meghan Trainor Awards

  • ASCAP Awards – Most Performed Songs (‘All About That Bass’, 2015)
  • Billboard Music Awards – Top Hot 100 Song (‘All About That Bass’, 2015)
  • Billboard Music Awards – Top Digital Song (‘All About That Bass’, 2015)
  • Music Business Association – Breakthrough Artist of the Year (2015)
  • ASCAP Awards – Most Performed Songs (‘Lips Are Movin”, 2016)
  • ASCAP Awards – Most Performed Songs (‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’, 2016)
  • Billboard Women in Music – Chart-Topper (2016)
  • Grammy Awards – Best New Artist (2016)
  • Japan Gold Disc Award – Best 3 New Artists (2016)

Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Net worth (Per Year)Income
Meghan Trainor’s net worth in 2021$10 Million USD
Meghan Trainor’s net worth in 2021$9 Million USD
Meghan Trainor’s net worth in 2020$8.3 Million USD
Meghan Trainor’s net worth in 2019$7.3 Million USD
Meghan Trainor’s net worth in 2018$6.5 Million USD
Meghan Trainor’s net worth in 2017$6 Million USD
Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Meghan Trainor is a prominent American personality. She is a well-known television personality as well as a singer-songwriter. She has published numerous songs and four albums, garnering many accolades to date. Given her age, she has a respectable net worth of $10 million thanks to her job.

Meghan Trainor Personal Life/Relationship

At a home party in Los Angeles in 2014, Trainor and actor Daryl Sabara were introduced. They started dating in July 2016, and on December 22, 2017, they got engaged. One year later, on December 22, 2018, Trainor’s 25th birthday, they were wed. On October 7, 2020, the couple made their first pregnancy announcement.

In March 2015, Trainor partnered with plus-size retailer FullBeauty Brands as a consultant for the creation of clothing for women with varying body types. According to Billboard’s Jada Yuan, Trainor’s image is defined by her “curves” though she is not “curvy” like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, but “she’s not model-thin like many other stars”. The author described Trainor’s use of social media as “upbeat to goofy, with little soul-baring or soapbox lecturing”.

Meghan Trainor Husband
Meghan Trainor Husband (Image Source:

Some detractors have labeled Trainor as anti-feminist and claimed that she bases her sense of worth on what men think about her. In a 2014 Billboard interview, Trainor did not identify as a feminist, but two years later, she had altered her mind. Trainor claimed in a 2020 interview that she was “simply… stupid and young,” that she did not identify as a feminist because her mother had advised her not to do so if she did not grasp what the term meant, and that feminists were “those people that hate [her]”.

Meghan Trainor Physical Appearance

Meghan Trainor is an incredibly pretty, sexy, and gorgeous woman with a charming demeanor. She also has a cute smile. She has an attractive body type with a thin, well-proportioned figure that is both lovely and hot.

Meghan Trainor Physical Appearance
Meghan Trainor Physical Appearance (Image Source:

Her approximate body measurements are 39-29-39 inches. She stands about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 68 kg. She has stunning blonde hair that is long and shiny, as well as stunning green eyes that are enchanting.

Is Meghan Trainor Broke?

Trainor made news in February 2015 when she admitted to a British tabloid that she was “flat broke” and surviving off assistance from her record label. Given that “All About That Bass” had sold over 6 million copies and that her most recent single, “Lips Are Movin,” had just reached No. 1, this was certainly stunning news. 

Meghan Trainor
Meghan Trainor (Image Source:

The truth was that Trainor simply hadn’t received payment. A standard recording contract requires musicians to wait nine months after the release of a single or album before they get their share of the proceeds. In the case of Trainor, she most certainly obtained a SIGNIFICANT check in April 2015. She was able to purchase Los Angeles real estate worth $7 million within a year, as you’ll see in a moment.

Meghan Trainor Real Estate/House

In Toluca Lake, California, Meghan and Daryl spent just under $5 million on a house in 2016. They sold this house for $5.5 million in July 2021. Meghan also spent $1.7 million in 2016 on a house in Valley Village, California.

Meghan and Daryl purchased a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Encino, California, for $6.6 million in December 2020. The house has a cutting-edge recording studio, and the former owner was a hip-hop producer/artist.

Meghan Trainor Net Worth is estimated to be $10 Million as of 2022

Meghan Trainor is an extremely accomplished woman who rose to popularity and notoriety at a very young age. She has a large number of possessions in the United States, including homes in Massachusetts, New York, California, and other states. She achieved great success at a very young age, which is really admirable. 

Meghan Trainor Car collection

Meghan Trainor has a sizable collection of vehicles that she owns. She enjoys driving and collecting extremely opulent and expensive vehicles. She has a Porsche Panamera, a Range Rover, a Jaguar F type, and numerous more vehicles.

Meghan Trainor Quotes

“I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I’m down for my first opportunity to say something to the world to be so meaningful. If you asked me, ‘What do you want to say?’ it would be, ‘Love yourself more.’” – Meghan Trainor

“Any body type is beautiful. It’s all about loving what you got and rocking it.” – Meghan Trainor

“I totally agree with equal rights and women’s causes, and most of my songs are woman-power, but I don’t want to be labelled at 20 years old.” – Meghan Trainor

“At 18, I got a publishing deal, so I was like, ‘I can do this for real and not go to college.’ When I was a teenager, my parents dragged me to a lot of songwriting conventions.” – Meghan Trainor

“I just think women should love themselves more than they do. Because I think – with all the social media stuff – we look at ourselves too much, and we just destroy ourselves when we’re way cooler than we know.” – Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor Video

Meghan Trainor Net Worth| Meghan Trainor Income| Meghan Trainor Assets| Meghan Trainor Career| Meghan Trainor Husband | Meghan Trainor Biography

Meghan Trainor on Social Media

Meghan Trainor’s InstagramLink
Instagram Followers15 million
Meghan Trainor’s TwitterLink
Twitter Followers2 million
Meghan Trainor’s FacebookLink
Facebook Followers4.7 million
Meghan Trainor on Social Media

FAQ’s about Meghan Trainor Net worth

Meghan Trainor: Who is she?

An American singer and songwriter by the name of Meghan Trainor. Numerous honors and nominations have been given to her work, including two Billboard Music Awards, the Music Business Association’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year award, and a Grammy.

How much money does Meghan Trainor make?

The overall wealth of Meghan Trainor is estimated to be $10 million.

What is Meghan Trainor’s age?

Meghan Trainor is 28 years old at the moment (22 December, 1993).

What does Meghan Trainor get paid?

According to estimates, Meghan Trainor makes $1 million a year.

What is Meghan Trainor’s height?

Meghan Trainor is 1.64 meters tall.

What is Meghan Trainor’s husband’s name?

Since 2018, Meghan Trainor has been wed to Daryl Sabara.


Meghan Trainor is an incredible young talent who has already accomplished a lot at a very young age. She has accomplished many career milestones, which is extremely exceptional for someone her age.

Meghan Trainor Net Worth is approximately estimated to be $10 Million as of 2022

She started her career when she was 15 years old, and as of right now, she has put out numerous excellent songs and albums. The estimated value of Meghan Trainor net worth is $10 million. She has also received a number of excellent accolades, including a Grammy. She also leads a very respectable personal life. Millions of people from all around the world follow her.

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