Michael Jackson Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Cars, Houses, Assets, and many more

Michael Jackson Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Cars, Houses, Assets, and many more
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Michael Jackson net worth was believed to be over $600 million USD at the time of his death. Michael Jackson was making more than $100 million a year from his song royalties.

He is known as the “King of Pop” and is considered one of the most influential cultural personalities of the twentieth century. Michael Jackson is one of the most successful musicians of all time, with over 400 million albums sold worldwide.

In 2016, his estate earned $825 million, the biggest annual sum ever recorded for a celebrity. 

Real Name Michael Joseph Jackson 
Nick Name MJ, King of Pop 
Profession(s) Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor, Record 
Producer, Businessman and Philanthropist 
Date of Birth 29 August 1958 
Cause of death Cardiac arrest due to intoxication with propofol and benzodiazepine. 
Zodiac/Sun Sign Virgo 
Birth Place Gary, Indiana, US. 
Home town Gary, Indiana, USA 
Parents/ Father Joe Jackson (Ex-boxer, worked in US Steel) 
Mother Katherine Jackson (Worked at Sears) 
Brother Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy. 
Sister Rebbie, La Toya and Janet. 

Personal Life 

School Home-schooled 
College/Univarsite Not Known 
Education Qualification High School 
Cars Rolls Royce Limousine, Sedan Barret, Ferrari, Super Hot Car, Ford Explorer, GMC Yukon, Cadalac Escalade, Lincoln Town Car, Ford Econoline E 150, Cadillac Fleetwood, GMC V Jimmy, Neolann Coaching Tour, Mercedes 
Benz, Chevys 
Phone Number Not Known 
Cast Not Known 
Address Not Known 
Controversies • Michael Jackson was charged with child 
sexual abuse in 1993. The case was settled out of court and the settling amount was not disclosed. No charges were pressed against 
• He was accused for the same cause again 
in 2005, in addition to several other charges. The court pronounced him innocent on all 
Religion Christian 
Nationality American 
Hobbies Basketball, Reading 
Debut Album – Got to be there (1972) 
Film – The Wiz (1978) 

Marital Status/Affairs 

Marital Status Divorced (13 years before death) 
Affairs Broke Shields 
Marriage Date Not Known 
Spouse Lisa Marie Presley (m. 1994–96; divorced) 
Debbie Rowe (m. 1996–99; divorced) 
Children Son- Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. 
Daughter- Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II  

Michael Jackson Net Worth 

Michael Jackson, the best-known American singer-songwriter in the world, with a net worth of $600 million. The most successful American singer, songwriter, and dancer has a net worth of over $600 million, according to several internet sites (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB). 

Net Worth $600 Million 
Assets $340 Million 
Music Royalties $100 Million 
Investments $270 Million 

Earnings and Expenses 

Jackson earned almost $500 million through his own songs, performances, films, and sponsorships during his career, yet he was virtually $500 million in debt at the time of his death in 2009.

After spending all of his money on an intricately sophisticated and lavish lifestyle, Jackson was left bankrupt. He ran up large unpaid debts with his attorneys, agents, and publicists, spending between $30 and $50 million each year on his lifestyle alone. Here are a few highlights: 

  • $17 million to purchase the Neverland Ranch plus $5 million in annual maintenance costs 
  • $20 million to settle a child molestation lawsuit. 
  • $65 million on a variety of video projects, including the 35-minute film “Ghosts” that he co-wrote with Stephen King 
  • $12 million divorce settlement with girlfriend Debbie Rowe. 
  • $5 million in annual interest payments on his debts. 
  • Tens of millions spent on Bentleys, antiques, art, clothes, chimpanzees, diamond-encrusted gloves and other trinkets. 

Jackson took out a $380 million debt against the value of his song collection to pay his continued luxurious lifestyle.

When it came to money, the pop singer was famously naive, and he had an exaggerated sense of his new value. In an effort to preserve his lifestyle while staging a professional and financial comeback, he entered a spiral of financial transactions with banks, hedge funds, and other unscrupulous people at the end of his life.

Michael had burned through the whole $380 million debt before his death, and he had no chance of making the interest payments, much alone repaying the principle. This debt was the primary reason Michael was obliged to perform the “This Is It” return tour, which many believe was the cause of his death. 

Who Inherited Michael Jackson’s Estate? 

Michael Jackson’s executors have made an ambitious financial comeback in the years after his death. One of their main aims was to get the estate back on track so they wouldn’t have to sell his valuable music collection. 

Michael’s will specified that 40 percent of his assets be divided equally among his three children. Another 20% was given to other children’s organisations, with the remaining 40% going to help his mother Katherine. When Katherine dies, the 40 percent balance passes to Michael’s children, which means his three children will ultimately share the wealth 80 percent. 

Jackson Estate Net Worth Post Death 

Surprisingly, Michael’s death was arguably the finest thing that ever happened to his fortunes. He has continuously been the highest-earning dead celebrity on the earth in the years after his death on June 25, 2009.

Michael’s executors began working to shore up the pop star’s finances almost immediately after his death. They promptly sold Michael’s future music rights to Sony for $250 million, the highest record deal in history at the time.

His attorneys also went through hundreds of hours of personal home footage from the last year of his life to develop “This Is It,” a film that was released in cinemas all around the globe. The film has grossed more than $500 million worldwide.

Many more endorsers came calling after the film’s popularity and the record deal. Michael’s picture was licenced by Pepsi in an agreement. Cirque du Solei created two performances in Las Vegas-based on his music and image.

On both shows, Jackson’s estate is a 50/50 partner with Cirque du Solei. In addition, Michael Jackson left tens of thousands of personal belongings and mementoes in three massive warehouses in Southern California. The artefacts will be kept until all three of his children reach the age of 18, at which point they will be able to chose what they want to retain and what they want to auction off. 

To this day, his estate receives eight-figure profits from his 50 per cent ownership in the Sony/ATV music collection. 

Michael Jackson’s estate has made almost $700 million since his death in 2009. In comparison to any other living artist at the time. His executors have simply repaid Sony’s debt and ensured the survival of his multibillion-dollar music library. Milestones in earnings: 

  • 2018: $400 million 
  • 2017: $75 million 
  • 2016: $825 million 
  • 2015: $115 million 

Michael Jackson’s Net Worth Post Death 

Jackson’s estate has worked hard to pay off his debts after his death and has been successful. Since his death in 2009, Michael Jackson’s estate is said to have raked in more than $700 million. 

This money came from a documentary on the period building up to his upcoming tour, This Is It. Despite the fact that the tour was cancelled due to Jackson’s death, the documentary has grossed over $500 million. 

Jackson’s image has been licenced by firms like Pepsi and Cirque du Soliel, in addition to continuous music sales. His estate continues to generate a sizable sum of money from a variety of sources. 

Michael Jackson’s House (Neverland Ranch) 

The mansion was acquired for $20 million by Michael Jackson. The ranch hosted a number of events, including Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding to Larry Fortensky in 1991 and Michael Jackson’s live Oprah Winfrey interview in 1993. Micheal Jackson subsequently sold this mansion to Tom Barrack due to financial difficulties. 

A Ferris wheel, Carousel, Zipper, Octopus, Pirate Ship, Wave Swinger, Super Slide, roller coaster, bumper cars, and an amusement arcade are all available on the premises. A concealed safe chamber for security was also located in the master closet. 

As part of the United Nations’ 50th-anniversary celebrations in 1995, Jackson and his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson invited children from across the world for a three-day World Children’s Congress, a series of lectures and workshops on problems affecting children throughout the world. 

After Jackson was accused of many counts of assaulting a child in 2003, police officials examined Neverland Ranch extensively as part of the People v. Jackson trial. Jackson was found not guilty on all counts. 

Michael Jackson Net Worth Growth Rate 

Net Worth in 2009 $600 Million 
Net Worth in 2008 $570 Million 
Net Worth in 2007 $550 Million 
Net Worth in 2006 $508 Million 
Net Worth in 2005 $490 Million 

Michael Jackson’s Annual Income 

Michael Jackson, widely regarded as one of the greatest musicians of all time, was earning millions of dollars from royalties on his work. Michael Jackson made $112 million each year in the 12 months leading up to his death. His estate has earned nearly $800 million in revenue from his songs since his death, which will be distributed to his heirs, Paris Jackson, and others. 

Micheal-Jackson-net-worth-2022Cars Collection 

Micheal Jackson, the pop icon, had an armada of high-end automobiles. A grand total of 75 vehicles of types ranging from luxury limos, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Chevys, Ford Explorer and pickup trucks were registered in Jackson’s name.

The highlights of his luxury car collection were four limousines and the most expensive car in his garage was a 1999 dark blue colored Rolls Royce Silver Seraph, the insides of which was extensively designed by the superstar himself and extensively bore his footprint in the form of a 24-carat gold embossed interior.

The Seraph’s opulent furnishings were believed to be very similar to the extravagant Palace of Versailles. A 1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II was another exotic limo Jackson had. This car’s seats were upholstered in black cloth and white leather. There was also a special bar featuring some of the world’s most costly alcoholic beverages.

A silver white-colored 1988 Lincoln Town Car was quite modestly decorated compared to some of Michael’s limos and featured a mixture of leather and fabric upholstery alongside walnut wood paneling.

The fourth limo in Jackson’s ownership was a 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood that was utilised as a prop during the filming of “Driving Miss Daisy,” which won an Academy Award. Jackson’s passion for huge automobiles didn’t stop at limos; it also included vans.

A 1993 Ford Econoline van was extensively modified and several luxury features like a video game player, personal TV screens located in front of at all the passenger seats and high end seat leather upholstery were fitted inside.

A 1909 Detamble Model B Roadster and a 1988 GMC Jimmy were among the other intriguing automobiles in the Jackson collection. 

Exclusive Facts about Michael Jackson 

Zodiac Sign Virgo 
Favorite Food Fried Chicken 
Favorite Colour Green 
Favorite Sport Football 
Favorite Music Artist Bob Dylan 
Favorite Holiday Destination South Korea 

Highlights of Michael Jackson’s Music Earnings 

  • Jackson’s revenues from record sales, sponsorships, and performances were projected to be worth $125 million in 1989. 
  • For the years 2002, 2003, and 2007, estimates of Jackson’s net worth varied from negative $285 million to positive $350 million. 
  • Concerts, music publishing (including his half of the Beatles repertoire), sponsorships, merchandise, and music videos may have brought in another $400 million for Jackson. 
  • Jackson’s total career pretax earnings in life and death were $4.2 billion, according to Forbes in August 2018. 

Michael Jackson’s Awards 

Michael Jackson was welcomed to the White House three times by US Presidents and recognised each time. Ronald Reagan presented him with a “Presidential Public Safety Commendation” medal in 1984 for his humanitarian efforts. 

He has 39 Guinness World Records to his name, including the title of Most Successful Entertainer of All Time, as well as Grammy Awards, including the Grammy Legend Award and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Jackson was honoured into the Hollywood Walk of Fame both as a member of the Jacksons and as a solo artist in 1980 and 1984, respectively. As a member of The Jackson 5, he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1997 and 1999, respectively. 

Who influenced Michael Jackson? 

James Brown, Little Richard, Jackie Wilson, Diana Ross, Fred Astaire, Sammy Davis Jr., and Gene Kelly were among Jackson’s musical influences. Jackson’s vocal approach was inspired by Diana Ross; from an early age, he employed the oooh interjection, which Ross had done on several of her Supremes songs. 

Jackson saw the musical West Side Story virtually every week, according to choreographer David Winters, who met Jackson while choreographing the Diana Ross TV special Diana! in 1971. 

Michael Jackson’s Sales after his Death 

Jackson’s albums sold more than 16.1 million in the United States and 35 million globally in the year after his death, more than any other artist in 2009. Following the rise in sales, Sony Music negotiated a $250 million contract with the Jackson estate in March 2010 (equivalent to $310,659,240 in 2021) to extend its distribution rights to Jackson’s back catalogue until at least 2017. 

Jackson made history in 2014 when he became the first musician to have a top ten record on the Billboard Hot 100 in five decades. The next year, Thriller became the first album to be certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for 30 million units sold. 

Michael Jackson Favourites 

Favourite Food Mexican (Taco and Burrito), Sushi, pizza, 
chicken, fish, fresh fruits, popcorn, vanilla ice with cookie pieces, sunflower seeds, glazed doughnuts, frosted flakes with milk, M&Ms 
Favourite Actor Morgan Freeman, Marlon Brando 
Favourite Actrees Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn 
Favourite Films ‘Peter Pan’, ‘E.T.’, ‘Star Wars’ 
Favourite Color’ Red, Black, White and Golden 
favourite Composer Claude Debussy (‘Afternoon of the Fawn’), Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky, Sergei 
Sergejewitsch Prokofjew 


  • Yes, Michelle Jackson smoked. 
  • Is It True That Dis Michael Jackson drank alcohol? : Yes, Michael Jackson was an average student who struggled with writing and grammar but was imaginative, timid, and well-dressed. 
  • Michael Jackson was physically (beating) and emotionally abused by his father. Joe acknowledged to hitting the kids, persuaded Michael to have a flat nose, and threatened to smack them with a belt if they didn’t do it during practise. 
  • All of Michael Jackson’s children believe that beatings were common at the period, and that they were used to keep them in line and capable. 
  • Michael acknowledged that his father’s tough discipline helped him thrive, but he also said that he was uncertain because of his terrible conduct as a result of his appearance, sleeplessness, nightmares, hypercompetitive behaviour, and adult life in childhood. 
  • The Salvation Army was represented through the outfits worn in the thriller. 
  • He adored children, most likely because he missed his own and the abuse he endured as a youngster. He donned a black ribbon as a reminder of child abuse. 
  • Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo studio was where Beat wound up, and Eddie performed for free. 
  • He went out and purchased himself an Oscar! In 1999, David O. Selznickas received the Academy Award for Best Picture for “Gone with the Wind.” 


How did Michael get famous? 

Given his musical background, Michael Jackson’s professional debut in 1964, when he joined the Jackson 5 band alongside his brothers, was an early start. He was elevated to lead singer due to his inherent musical abilities. 

What is the name of the Jackson 5’s band? 

When Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5 debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, the Jackson 5 band displayed the quality of their music. Following that, the brothers established a reputation as exceptional songwriters in a dynamic and promising band. 


This was a discussion on Michael Jackson’s net worth, as well as all of the other features and information about his personality. Despite the fact that his music career was not as long as many people would have hoped, it was a big success. 

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