NTA CUET PG Exam: A Comprehensive Guide


Now, you have set your intention to pursue PG? Ok then, you must plan to qualify for CUET examination as it will be the gateway to your dream college. This entire blog will equip you with all the essential information, you want to navigate the CUET with self confidence.

CUET was introduced with the aim of reducing the inequality of opportunities between students studying under different educational boards and academic structures from different parts of India. All exam requirements are uniform, so students  across India can apply to multiple universities with one standardized exam without having to write multiple tests for each university.

NTA CUET PG Exam Eligibility Criteria:-

  • Completed a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university.
  • Secured a minimum aggregate percentage as specified by the desired university.
  • Belong to the specified age group as per university guidelines.

NTA CUET PG Exam Pattern:-

Key features of the exam pattern include:

  • Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are designed to test the candidate’s understanding of their chosen subject areas.
  • Section-wise time limits to ensure efficient time management.
  • Negative marking for incorrect answers, emphasizing accuracy.
  • Language options: English and Hindi, catering to diverse student backgrounds.

Important Dates:-

EventTentative Date
Registration commencementDecember 26, 2024
The last date for application submissionJanuary 24, 2025
Last date for fee paymentJanuary 25, 2025
Application correction windowJanuary 26-29, 2025
Admit card releaseFebruary 2025 (tentative)
Exam datesMarch 2025 (tentative)
Result declarationApril 2025 (tentative)

How to prepare for the NTA CUET PG

 Understand the syllabus and examination pattern-

Before you start your preparing for any competitive exams as like of CUET exam, it is crucial to understand the whole syllabus alongside with examination pattern. This will help you to be focussed and exercise question-solving in the aame pattern that are commonly asked in the exam.

Create a study plan-

Once you have found the ideal materials, you want to create a study plan. This will help you continue to remain on track and make certain that you cover all of the vital topics. Your study plan has to be practical and achievable, and it needs to encompass proper time for each reading of a new topic and revising what you have already learned.

Practice regularly-

One of the best approaches to put together for the CUET examination is to practice answering questions regularly. You can do this by solving exercise papers and taking mock tests. There are many special exercise papers and mock tests available on the Internet and also in books.

Stay motivated-

Preparing for the CUET exam can be challenging, but it is important to be stable and motivated throughout this journey.

Collect the essential study materials-

Once you comprehend what you want to study, you want to collect the essential materials. This may mean collecting books, online resources, and the previous year’s question papers. There are many extra materials accessible for the CUET exam, so you can pick out the ones that go well with your thoughts and budget.

Focus on your weak areas-

As you start answering questions, you will perceive your weak areas. Once you are aware of your weak areas, you can focus your research on these topics. You will additionally need to get additional exercise material for these topics.

Stay up-to-date on current affairs-

The CUET examination also asks for current affairs. Therefore, it is essential to be updated on modern events. You can use newspapers, observing information channels, and following information websites and social media pages to be updated.

Syllabus of the NTA CUET PG exam

1. Section A: General Test

  • It focuses on assessing your skills in English, quantitative reasoning, analytical reasoning, and general awareness.
  • Common to all candidates, regardless of their chosen subject(s).

2. Section B: Domain-Specific Test

  • Covers the core concepts and knowledge base of your chosen subject(s).
  • The specific syllabus varies depending on the subject you opt for.

3-6. Other Sections:

  • Additional sections may be applicable, depending on your chosen subject(s). These could include language tests, professional skill assessments, or specific subject areas related to your field.

Which books should I prefer for the NTA CUET PG exam?

1. Section A: General Test

  • English:
    • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (9th Edition)
    • Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy
    • Wren & Martin’s High School Grammar & Composition
  • Quantitative Reasoning:
    • R.S. Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations
    • Arihant’s Quantitative Aptitude for CAT
    • Arun Sharma’s The Quant Section
  • Analytical Reasoning:
    • R.S. Aggarwal’s A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning
    • M.K. Pandey’s Analytical Reasoning
    • Manhattan GMAT Official Guide: Verbal Reasoning
  • General Awareness:
    • Lucent’s General Knowledge
    • Manorama Yearbook
    • Arihant’s General Knowledge 2024

2. Section B: Domain-Specific Test

For this section, the best books will depend on your chosen subject(s).

  • Humanities:
    • Oxford History of India (5th Edition)
    • Arihant’s Essential Sociology
    • McMahan’s Political Theory for UPSC
  • Science:
    • Trueman’s Objective Biology for Engineering Entrance Exams
    • Arihant’s Chemistry Objective MCQs for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams
    • HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics (Vols. I and II)

Common mistakes to avoid in the NTA CUET PG

Not understanding the syllabus and examination pattern:

 The first step to getting ready for any examination is to understand the syllabus and examination pattern.

Not managing time effectively:

Time management is very essential in any competitive exam. You must prefer  to manage your time effectively, so that you can attempt all of the questions in the limited time.

Not practicing regularly: 

One of the excellent methods to put together for the CUET examination is to practice answering questions regularly. You can do this with the help of solving exercise papers and taking mock tests.

Making common mistakes: 

In any competitive exam, it is crucial to be concentrated and keep away from making careless mistakes.

Not focusing on weak areas:

 As you practice answering questions, you will become aware of your weak areas

FAQs About NTA CUET PG Exam:

1.What is the maximum marks for CUET PG Exam?

CUET exam will have a maximum of 100 questions and each question will be of 4 marks i.e.  a total of 400 marks.

2. What is the minimum eligibility marks to apply for the NTA CUET PG exam?

The minimum percentage of marks is 55% i.e. needed in bachelor degree from a recognized university to apply for CUET PG exam.

3. Are there any scholarships & financial help available for NTA CUET PG students?

Yes, there are many scholarship programs are based on:-

  • merit, 
  • financial need, 
  • specific program or subject areas.

4. Can I retake the NTA CUET PG exam if I don’t score well the first time?

Yes, there’s no limit on the number of attempts, although age restrictions may be there for some universities.

5. How many times, the NTA CUET PG exam conducted in a year?

This exam is conducted only 1 time/ year.


Qualifying the CUER examination is your gateway to achieving your dream college for pursuing PG. This complete blog has equipped you with the information, resources, and techniques to navigate your preparation effectively. Remember, a thorough understanding of the syllabus, strategic study materials, regular practice, and unwavering self belief are your key factors in attaining your goals. Avoid common mistakes, embrace valuable tips, and believe in your abilities to ace the exam. As you embark on this path, devote yourself, prepare diligently, and step up to achieve your dream college and become postgraduate. Let’s starts your journey today!

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